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Is My Website Perfect?

Marketing your website is always one big headache for you. You can always go on wondering what to do to market it better, to get it even more popular; what to do so that it get further one more step. And, believe me, these questions won’t stop pondering you ever, just like this question that, “how good or perfect is my website”.

Yes, this is a question that most website owners continue to ask themselves and other folks in forums, social media platforms etc, just in search of good and reasonable feedbacks on the site, its design, looks, compatibility, user friendliness, and business appeal. All website designers would want to bring in maximum business and traffic through their webpage’s design and text etc.

Now the answer to their continuous questioning, that if their site looks ok and good to go, would obviously be answered either “Yes”, or “No, as there are many more scopes for improvement”. The second answer would be more expected from any business minded sensible site analyst, because no site is perfect, no plan for marketing is full proof, and no design is the best to get all the traffic in the world, except a few lucky ones like our favorite search engine.

This means that every site owner must need to think and analyze, and then improve elements in their website, to get better business. Thus the inevitable crave for feedback to improve it will never end, and the effort for better designing will always remain. Now here, to help the site designers think better, and get to the right direction for more effective thinking, planning and site building, we have come up with a few tips.

Analyze The Purpose Of Your Site First

You know what kind of a site is your, and what is your product. You may want visitors to click on something on the site, or you may want them to fill a form on the site. You may want to sell something directly from the site, or may just be interested to make your visitors call or mail you for a quote or service. This means, there are several ways you may start reaching to your visitors, and each way has a different approach, thus it will need you to appeal to your visitors variedly to accomplish your target. Thus the best way to start is by analyzing your site type and what you want your visitors to do.

Understanding The Conversion Funnel

Getting traffic and then selling the product aren’t as simple as they look like. You may get the traffic to your website, but when the traffic finally reaches your product sales page or form fill up page, may be only 10 percent of the initial traffic stays back on page to complete the targeted task, and the rest just evaporates. Why this happens? Let me explain.

Your product sales involve certain steps, and every step is crucial that brings a visitor closer to the targeted page. The whole process is actually quite structured. You have a home page or landing page, which takes your visitor to the next page, that gives the service or product description or a form to submit visitor information, and then finally they are taken to the end page for product sales, or some thank you button etc, where the whole process ends. Now this page by page pathway that leads to the accomplishment of your goal is termed the Conversion funnel in ecommerce.

When you lose a visitor, you lose it somewhere in between this pathway. There are one or many such webpage in the way, which has less appeal or insufficient information or design etc, which diverts users or just stops the traffic there. Experts say that it’s very crucial, that you as a website owner inspect every part and step of this conversion funnel, so that all of the WebPages involved are equipped with the most appealing information, design, looks and offers etc, so that no visitor can turn away from the webpage. Remember, funnels should be designed such that it sucks up a visitor up to the end.

Use Analytics To Improve The Conversion Funnel

Many website owners do not know how to inspect and improve the conversion funnel to make their site more appealing to the visitors, so that they do not lose any traffic, and achieve targets even better. The easiest way is to use analytics. Any good site analytics program would tell you how much visitor each page of your site is getting, and then you need to make a flowchart of the figures you are getting to get a better understanding of the traffic flow inside the pages of your site. Once you create a flowchart of the traffic flow, you will see that at which step you are losing the traffic, and can then work on it.

Factors Responsible For Driving Away Traffic

There are a lot of factors that makes visitors fly away from a webpage. Let me list a few of the most highly rated reasons:

  • Pop-up ads and too much of banner ads that may make visitors irritated
  • Dull or unimpressive webpage color
  • Totally black and white pages
  • Too lengthy information which is presented in a boring way
  • Lengthy forms that has several fields – enough to make any visitor tired of filling it up
  • Use of too much of technical or domain specific jargons which won’t be appealing to common man
  • Pop-ups when you try to leave a webpage make visitors even more irritated and annoyed
  • Too much of flashy graphics may also confuse visitors as there are many people who like simple presentations, and you will have to keep the preferences of all types of visitors in mind while building a site.

These are the common reasons, and there are more reasons, that may turn away your visitors. You work too hard to earn the traffic through lots of marketing techniques, and you will not want to go all that effort in vain by losing visitors. Thus you must be aware of the textual, graphical, and designer problems in your site and its internal pages; to make the entire traffic your site receives stick to it only till you achieve your target through every visitor.

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