Scene by Scene Description of Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 3

__And the Bag’s in the River__

Walter and Jesse wear gas masks as they clean up the bloody mess in the hallway. Flashback: A younger Walter, no glasses and a fuller head of hair writes numbers on a chalkboard. Beautiful young woman read the numbers out lout to him. They are talking about the components of the human body.

Present day: Walter Jr. and Skylar paint the nursery while Marie complains about the white shoes she has to wear for work. Walter Jr. gets a phone call from his friend Lewis and steps outside to take it. Skylar tells Marie that she’s writing a short story about a stoner character and was wondering how much Marie remembered pot changing her mood. Marie assumes that Walter Jr. is on pot.

Walter and Jesse stand in kiddie pools and hose each other off.

In the house, Jesse reaches under his bathroom counter and pulls out a zip lock bag of crystals. He smokes.

Downstairs, Walter empties Crazy 8’s toilet bucket. He finishes and begins to walk upstairs, but Crazy 8 calls him back. Crazy 8 demands that he looks at him. He tells Walter that he wouldn’t do this to his worst enemy. He tells him it’s degrading and Walter softly apologizes, without looking at him. Crazy 8 tells him he isn’t going to drop dead like Walter hopes so Walter either needs to kill him or let him go. Crazy 8 calls Walter by name, which turns him around immediately. He asks how Crazy 8 knows who he is and Crazy 8 tells him that Jesse told him everything about him. Crazy 8 tells him that his partner’s got a big mouth and that this line of work doesn’t suit Walter. He tells Walter his real problem is sitting upstairs.

Walter rushes upstairs. Jesse is still getting high in the bathroom. Walter knocks and the door and when Jesse asks for privacy, he breaks the door with his foot and barges in. He accuses Jesse of telling Crazy 8 his name and where he works, and about his son. He snatches the crystal from Jesse’s hand and tells him it’s going down the toilet. The two have a scuffle and Walter manages to throw the zip lock bag into the toilet bowl. Jesse fishes it out before it has a chance to flush. Walter blocks the doorway so that Jesse is trapped inside. Jesse throws the bag out the window into the yard. Both he and Walter race down the steps. Jesse beats him down and Walter collapses on the steps, coughing. He gets back up and rushes outside to find Jesse starting his car to leave.

Walter pulls Jesse out of the car. Jesse tells Walter that he did his part and that the coin toss is sacred. He tells Walter to, “Fucking do it already,” before driving off.

Marie is shoe shopping. The cashier talks on the phone and is dismissive of her when she asks for help. Hank calls her back and she tells him that Walter Jr. is smoking marijuana and needs to be scared straight. She asks Hank to talk to him. Hank tells her that’s his parent’s job and then reluctantly agrees. They hang up. The cashier goes to the back. Marie walks out of the store wearing the high heels, leaving her sensible white work shoes behind. She doesn’t pay for the new shoes.

Hank drives his black SUV into the parking lot of a shady hotel. As soon as he pulls up, people who had been hanging out outside retreat into their rooms. Walter Jr. sits shotgun. Hank tells Walter Jr. this hotel is known as the Crystal Palace and asks if he’d like to live there. Walter Jr. tells him he thought they were going to Coldstone Creamery. Hank tells him that this is a detour and that the gateway drug for the meth heads is marijuana. Walter Jr. asks why Hank is telling him this and Hank says it because he loves him. Hank notices a woman at a vending machine and calls her over to the SUV. The woman obliges and immediately tells him she isn’t holding. He makes her stand on the same side of the car where Walter Jr. sits as they continue their conversation. Hank asks her if she’s on a needle or the pipe and she quickly says neither. He asks to see her teeth and she shows the yellowed and decaying teeth in her mouth. Hank says it’s definitely the pipe. Hank asks if Walter Jr. has any questions for the woman, and of course, he does not. Hank dismisses the woman. Hank asks Walter Jr. what he thinks. Walter Jr. replies, “I’m cool.”

The meth-head woman walks into a second story hotel room where Jesse Pinkman awaits. Alarmed and worried he asks her if they had been looking for him. She replies that they just wanted pot. They have sex.

That night at Jesse’s house, Walter makes a pro and con list weighing the options of killing Crazy 8 or letting him live. He calls Skylar and tells her he’s working late at the car wash. Skylar tells him she seriously doubts that since he quit two weeks ago. He tells her she will come home so they can talk about it. She tells him that wherever he is, he should just stay there tonight, and hangs up on him. Crazy 8 calls to Walter from downstairs.

Walter makes a sandwich. He cuts off the crusts and places it on a yellow plate. He walks down to the basement, coughing violently. He collapses sending the plate crashing to the ground and shattering. Crazy 8 stands up. Some time later, Walter regains consciousness. He asks Crazy 8 how long he had been out. Crazy 8 replies that it’s been ten or fifteen minutes. Crazy 8 says he’s never seen anyone knock themselves out just by coughing. Walter tells him he has lung cancer. He goes back upstairs to make another sandwich.

He gives the sandwich to Crazy 8 downstairs, who looks at it skeptically. Walter assures him there’s no poison. Crazy 8 says, “That’d be the way to do it. You being a chemist and all.” He takes a bite of the sandwich. Walter asks him what his real name is and Crazy 8 tells him its Domingo. Walter asks where he’s from and Domingo tells him that getting to know him won’t make it any easier to kill him. Walter asks him to “sell” him. Domingo says that if Walter lets him go, he’ll act as though nothing happened between them, but of course anyone in his situation would make the same promises, so there’s nothing else to be said. Walter tells Domingo he’ll be staying right where he is, unless he manages to convince him. He gets up to leave. Domingo tells him he’s from Albuquerque and that he studied business administration and went to college in town. He tells him he wanted to study music but his father talked him out of it. His father owns a furniture store. Walter recognizes the furniture store and remembers buying his son’s crib there. He sings the jingle from the furniture store’s late night commercial and Domingo joins in singing. Domingo tells him he worked at the store his whole life and probably rang up the crib for him when he was a teenager. Walter remarks on what a small world it is and “the paths we take.” Domingo asks if Jesse knows Walter has cancer. Walter shakes his head. He asks if Walter’s family knows. Walter doesn’t reply, but Domingo surmises that that’s why he’s cooking meth – to earn money for his family. Domingo says he’d write him a check if he let him go. Domingo tells him that this line of work doesn’t suit him and that he should get out before it’s too late. Walter tears up and says with real vulnerability, “I don’t know what to do.” Domingo says, “Yeah, you do.” Walter tells him he’s going to get the key. He walks upstairs.

Upstairs, Walter retrieves the key and finishes his beer. He throws the empty can in the trash and notices the broken plate. He pulls the pieces of the plate out and assembles them like a puzzle on the kitchen counter. There’s a large piece missing. He doesn’t want to believe it. He searches through the trash for the missing piece. It isn’t there. “No, no, no,” he murmurs. “Don’t do this, why are you doing this?”

Walter walks slowly down the stairs. Domingo smiles at him, gently encouraging him. “You’re doing the right thing, Walter, “ he says. Walter asks him to turn around so he can unlock the bike lock around his neck. Domingo obliges and his back is to Walter. Walter asks him if he’s angry. Domingo tells him that he isn’t and that he just wants to go home. Domingo tells him to unlock him. Walter grabs the lock. He watches Domingo’s hang reach into his shirt, ready to pull out the broken piece of plate. “Are you gonna stick me with that plate?” Walter asks. Domingo pulls the jagged shard out and Walter grabs the bike lock and pulls with all his strength, suffocating Domingo between the lock and the pole. Domingo tries to stab him, flailing the piece of plate behind him. He catches Walter in the leg and sticks him three times. But it’s too late. Domingo loses his strength and stops struggling as his lifeless body slumps to the floor. Walter, falls to his knees as well. “I’m so sorry,” he says breathlessly.

Jesse drives into his neighborhood. He sees that Walter’s car is no longer in his driveway and that the gate has been left open. He goes into the RV and sees that its been completely cleaned out. He goes down to the basement. It's empty. He walks up to the pole where Domingo had been held captive. He sees the bike lock sitting empty nearby.

At Walt’s school, the Principal comes in to Walt’s class and tells the students that Mr. White is feeling under the weather and won’t be coming in. She puts in a movie for the kids to watch.

In the desert, Hank and his partner explore the site where Jesse and Walt were cooking meth in the RV. Hank surmises that someone was cooking, a fire started accidentally, and everyone ran away. He wonders why they left their car behind. He searches the car. His partner tells him he’s already searched the car and that it isn’t a trap car. Hank pops the radio out and finds the small Zip lock baggie that Jesse had originally given to Crazy 8. Hank comments on how white the crystals are. He asks his partner if he knows what he’s thinking. Gomez nods and replies, “Somebody croaked our snitch.”

Walter sits in his car, pulled over in the highway. Flashback: Walter is in the room from the first scene of the episode. He looks at the chalkboard and says it seems like something is missing. “What about the soul?” the beautiful woman asks him. “The soul,” he replies. “There’s nothing but chemistry here.” He moves close, as if to kiss her. Walter still sits in his car on the highway. He starts the car and drives away.

Walter walks into his house. He looks exhausted and downtrodden. He walks down the hallway and into the bedroom. Skylar sits on the edge of the bed with her back to the door. He calls her name and she turns around. She’s crying. “Skylar,” he says. “There’s something I have to tell you.”

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