Scene by Scene Description of Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 2

__Episode Title: The Cat's in the Bag__

Episode 2 opens just where episode 1 left off - Skylar and Walter in bed, post-coital. They sweaty, breathing heavy, and Skylar is clearly surprised, and watches Walter with some disbelief as he walks naked into the restroom. Walter washes his face and stares in the mirror.

A title card takes us back to 12 weeks earlier. Walter and Jesse are in the desert with the RV. Walter wears his green shirt, no pants. Jesse’s eye is swollen shut. A tow truck pulls the RV back to the road. Walter makes up story about accidentally driving off road while reading his map, and spilling coffee on his pants. The tow truck driver stares at him, silently. Jesses reaches into a brown paper bag he holds in his hands and pulls out 2 bills. The tow truck driver continues hi silent star and Walter pulls out two handfuls of cash from the bag, punctuating them with his gratefulness.

Walter and Jesse sit in the RV. The two bodies in the back are covered by a tarp. The RV refuses to start. Walter and Jesse yell at one another and Walter says after this, he and Jesse will go their separate ways and never speak of this again. Walter starts the RV again, this time successfully. The two men hear groaning from the back of the vehicle. The peer back to see that one of the guys has survived and is regaining consciousness.

Walter lays on his bathroom floor, naked. He’s awakened by Skylar’s voice through the closed door asking if he’s all right.

Walter, Walter Jr., and Skylar sit around the breakfast table. Skylar peers at Walter curiously and plays with the top of her shirt. Walter makes awkward small talk about how the school is having to turn down the yearbook photos kids are bringing in because all the girls are showing cleavage due to some type of new brassiere. Walter Jr. chimes in that it’s called the wonder bra. Skylar continues to eye Walter with skepticism. The phone rings, but Walter ignores it. It rings again and the answering machine picks up. The family listens in silence as Jesse’s voice claims to be an AT&T service call. Walter picks up the phone and tells Jesse he isn’t interested in these types of calls. Jesse informs him that the guy is awake and trying to get out of the RV and that he needs Walters help. Walter communicates that he won’t be able to come until after school, but tries to keep his voice down so his family doesn’t hear. Skylar walks into the kitchen, clearly trying to figure out what’s going on with Walter. Walter hangs up the phone. Walter Jr. and Walter leave for school. Walter tries to kiss Skylar goodbye, but she deflects and offers him her cheek instead. As soon as Walter is out the door, Skylar rushes to the phone and redials. Jesse’s ridiculous voicemail picks up and she’s extremely confused.

Walter teaches his chemistry class. He’s distracted even as he teaches. His lesson is about chemicals that are mirror images and the concept of chirality. A student raises his hand and asks if this information will be on the murder. Shocked Walter asks him to repeat himself. The student asks if the information will be on the murder. Walter shakes his head and tries to gather himself as the students leave.

Walter goes into a closet at school and pulls out to jugs.

At home, Jesse searches through his Aunt’s drawers until he finds foundation. He dabbles some on his swollen eye. A noise outside catches his attention. He leans out the window and see the door of the RV is open. Freaked out, he rushes downstairs.

Jesse rushes outside with a baseball bat. The RV is empty.

Walter drives down the street. He eyes the jugs of chemicals sitting on the floor next to him. He sees Crazy 8 stumbling down the middle of the road. Crazy 8’s eyes are barely open and his breath is haggard. Walter pulls up beside him and tries to calmly get his attention but Crazy 8 recognizes him and takes off running. The young man runs directly into a tree, knocking himself out. Walter loads the unconscious drug dealer into the back of his mini van.

At home that same day, Skylar searches the Internet for phone tracing software. She types in the number from earlier that morning and Jesse Pinkman’s info pops up. She clicks on his website which leads her to Jesse’s page which lists his interest as weed and MILFs.

Back at Jesse’s place, Walter and Jesse have places Crazy 8 in the basement. He lies on the floor, unconscious, but wheezing. The two of them go upstairs. Walter tries to make sense of the situation. He asks Jesse if Crazy 8 is a businessman and would he be willing to listen to reason. The hear movement from the basement and realize they forgot to tie him up. Jesse reasons that Crazy 8 may have been faking unconsciousness in an effort to put them at ease and be ready to pounce. The partners walk back down into the basement and see Crazy 8 wheezing motionless on the floor, just as they left him. Jesse runs upstairs to his bike and takes the lock off. He places it around his own neck to test it. He runs back inside. The place the lock around Crazy 8’s neck and lock him up against a pole.

Upstairs, they argue about what to do next. Jesse looks to Walter for answers and blames him for the mess, but Walter blames Jesse for bringing the guys to the desert in the first place. Walter reminds Jesse that the body in the RV might be the most pressing issue. He suggests dissolving the body in acid so that no one will ever find it. The suggestion completely freaks Jesse out but Walter points out they don’t have any other options. He tells Jesse they’re partners and both have to do it. He says that the most fair way to handle the situation would be for one person to handle the body and the other person to handle the Crazy 8 “situation.” Immediately, Jesse volunteers to handle the body, but Walter insists that they flip a coin for it. Jesse chooses heads and the coin lands on heads.

Walter sits at Jesse’s kitchen table drinking a beer. The phone rings but he makes no move to answer it. Jesse’s voice is heard on the answering machine asking him to pick up because he has a container question. We see Jesse in a hardware store looking at large plastic bins. Jesse asks which one he’s supposed to get and Walter reprimands him for not listening the first time. Jesse argues back and questions whether the container will be able to withstand acid. Walter tells him that he’s done teaching him chemistry, considering how much he jerked off in school. Jesse asks if Walter has done the “thing” and Walter tells Jesse that he’s “working up to it.” Jesse tells Walter Crazy 8 probably won’t wake up and that he should just look at it like he’s doing Crazy 8 a favor. Walter hangs up the phone. Jesse picks up one other large blue bins and goes into an aisle. He checks to see if he can fit in the bin.

Back in the kitchen, Walter looks through the drawers for weapons. He auditions a knife, and a hammer. Remembering something, he goes into the pantry and pulls out a plastic yellow bag that holds two guns. He looks at the guns, then down at the yellow plastic bag. Something dawns on him.

Walter makes his way down the basement steps carrying only the yellow plastic bag. Crazy 8 is slumped against the pole and appears to be knocked out. Walter tries to walk as quietly as possible, but Crazy 8 is startled awake. He’s eyes are half-closed, burned by the chemicals. He hoarsely tells Walter he can see him. Walter drops the bag and runs upstairs. Crazy 8 yells for water. Walter locks the basement door. He goes to the fridge, pulls out a gallon of water, and notices that there’s cheese and bologna as well.

Downstairs Walter slides the gallon of water to Crazy 8 from a safe distance. Then he slides a plate with the sandwich, and an empty bucket and roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Walter notices that Crazy 8 pulls the crusts off his sandwich before eating it. Wide awake now, Crazy 8 looks up and Walter and asks where his cousin Emilio is, and whether he’s dead. Walter makes no reply except to turn his back and walk slowly up the stares. Crazy 8 glares at his departure, rage in his eyes.

Upstairs, Walter slumps at the kitchen counter and takes another sip of beer. He realizes that a pile of weed is right in front of him. Walter rolls a tiny blunt, which he lights using the fire from the gas stove.

Jesse returns home to find Walter baked and lying on a chair. Jesse laughs when he sees Walter smoking but is less amused when he realizes Walter is smoking his weed. Walter asks Jesse what he bought. Jesse tells him that no store in town sells a bin big enough for a human body. Walter suggests that he buy two bins and cut the body in half. Jesse is disgusted. He asks Walter about his side of things. Walter makes no response, but Crazy 8’s coughing from downstairs is reply enough. Shocked, Jesse says, “You didn’t do it?” Suddenly Walter gets up to go. Jesse isn’t pleased, but Walter tells him he has to go to a doctor’s appointment. He promises to come back and do it tomorrow and warns Jesse that Crazy 8 is awake. Jesse looks inconsolable and weakly calls to Walter’s back, “Hey man, but we flipped a coin!” He yells it again, with more force as Crazy 8 coughs louder.

Walter and Skylar watch their ultrasound. Walter clutches Skylar’s hand tightly. The doctor tells them everything looks great and asks if they want to know the sex of the child. Walter defers to Skylar who decides she wants to know. The doctor informs them it’s a girl and both parents look overjoyed. The doctor leaves and Walter tells Skylar that exactly what he wanted. Skylar tells him to remember that when she’s 1 and wants to start dating. This hint at the future gives Walter a twinge of sadness. He pulls a Kleenex to help Sklyar wipe off her stomach, but overcome with emotion, he walks away instead as he tries to hold himself together. Skylar looks at her husband, tense. “Who is Jesse Pinkman?” she asks. Walter looks back at her in shock. Skylar tells him she knows he called the house this morning and asks if he was one of Walt’s students. Walt concedes this but deflects nonchalantly asserting that Jesse is “nobody.” Skylar tells him she visited Jesse’s my shout page and want to know what big secret Walt could possibly want to discuss with a druggie burnout. Skylar reminds Walt that he didn’t come home until 2am, wouldn’t tell her where he was, and spent the entire night in the bathroom. She tells him he owes her the knowledge of what’s going on. She asks again who Jesse is. This time, Walt confidently tells her, “He sells me pot.” Skylar asks him if he’s out of his mind and does he think he’s 16 and he just can’t be serious. Much to her surprise, Walter asks her to get off his ass.

Walter sits in his chemistry class as the class quietly takes the test. He looks unhinged.

At home, Jesse smokes crystal as the three stooges plays in the background. Crazy 8 coughs downstairs. Jesse pumps himself up saying, “Its just meat.” He rushes outside and into the RV but he’s taken aback by the smell. He puts on gloves to wrap the body in the tarp.

Jesse drags the body out of the RV and onto the ground. It falls right in front of his car. Skylar drives up. Jesse looks up, alarmed. Skylar comes to the gate and tells Jesse she wants to speak to him. She comes into the gate, and Jesse tells her he doesn’t want whatever she’s selling. She stands with her back to the body and introduces herself as Walter White’s wife. She tells Jesse that Walter has told her everything and that her brother in law is a DEA agent that she will not hesitate to call. Jesse is in complete and utter shock. Skylar tells Jesse he must promise to never sell weed to Walt ever again. Visibly relieved, Jesse promises. She turns around as she leaves and suggests that Jesse consider a different line of work.

Inside Jesse smokes more. With a great deal of difficulty, he drags the body upstairs. He complains out loud about the unfairness of the situation as he dumps the body in to the bathtub, puts on a gas mask, and fills the tub with acid.

Downstairs, he smokes again. Walter walks in and Jesse confronts him about having a brother in the DEA. He tells Walter that his wife stopped by the house. Walter notices the smell in the air, but Jesse tells him that he smoked a bowl and reminds him that he’s held up his end and took care of Emilio. He asks why Walter had him running around town trying to find plastic bin when he had a perfectly good tub. This information alarms Walter and he walks into the hallway. There’s something dripping. Suddenly the ceiling caves in and a mass of blood and guts and bone comes pouring into the hallway. Walter asks Jesse what he had been saying about the plastic.

Two little kids, a boy and a girl, play in the desert. The little girl notices the gas mask and puts it on.

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