Blog SEO Tips That Pay Off Big

Now that I've gotten your attention about these great blog SEO tips, let me start by asking you a question. Would you rather create blog posts and pages that will get great rankings right away with minimal promotion efforts on your part? OR Would you rather create those posts and pages that will require countless promotions over a period of time and still may not achieve any kind of decent ranking? I know - I've set this question up so that the answer is a no-brainer. But within this question lies a wealth of good advice and lays the foundation for the blog SEO tips I'm going to provide.


Blog SEO Tips You Shouldn't Ignore

1) Keyword Research determines the outcome every time. There are a gazillion methods out there for finding keywords, but in the end, this will determine your success. In a nutshell, a crappy piece of content that has targeted the right keyword will outperform a meticulously written article that targets the wrong keyword. Of course, our measure of success here is how well your blog post or page ranks, which obviously affects our profits and bottom line.

Now let's get back to my original question. Why use highly competitive keywords that already have tons of sites which are trying to target them? Why not use low competitive keywords that will achieve good ranking with very little effort - other than writing the content itself? I recommend that you use the Google Keyword Planning Tool with two filter settings: Monthly searches less than 500, and Competition settings at “Low”. If your blog is new, then use Monthly Searches of 100 or less. None of these blog SEO tips will work very well if you don't get a good keyword first.

2) Use Solid On-Page SEO methods. These really haven't changed much over the years and the same principles still apply. After you have identified your primary keyword phrase, then you need to use it as follows in your blog post or page:

  • Title - Don't your keyword phrase as the title, rather you want to use it in the title. BUT put it at the beginning of your title. “KEYWORD PHRASE is one of the best”
  • META TITLE - I usually just use the post or page title here. Some people like to use “KEYWORD PHRASE | BLOG TITLE”
  • META Description - Make the description user friendly, but you need to include your keyword early in your first sentence
  • META Keywords - Many gurus now say that this section does not help or hurt you these days, I like to hedge my bet and put a few in there - but only a couple.
  • HEADER TITLES - Use as many header titles as you can. They help make your content more readable and they also help your SEO. Use your phrase in them, but mix it up.
  • CONTENT - Use your keyword phrase in the first sentence and the last sentence of the first paragraph. Also use it in the last sentence on the page or post. You can also sprinkle it throughout the middle of your content depending on how many total words are used. I like to use it once per 120-150 words. For instance, if my post contains 600 words, then I would use my phrase 4-5 times.

3) Authority Link. You should include at least one external link to an authority site as defined by Google. Why? It has been proven that posts containing these links are viewed favorably by the search engines. It shows that you are attempting to be a resource for your readers - which is what you should be doing. These links could be to .edu or .gov sites, they could be to wikipedia or Google, and just big players in your niche.

4) Internal Link. Next you should point 2-3 links to your new post or page from other posts or pages in your blog. DO NOT use your keyword phrase, instead use anchor text that is relative to your phrase.

5) Announce It To The Social World. As the very least, you should have a Facebook and Twitter account. Immediately submit your new post or page to those communities. This is how pages get indexed by the search engines these days. It is also a huge factor in the ranking criteria used by Google.

Most bloggers should post content at least 3-4 times every week. If you use low competition keywords which rank quickly and rank high, then your blog will begin getting some nice traffic. The key is to be persistent and post constantly. When you do this, these blog SEO tips are worth their weight in gold.

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