You’re reading a guide for 'League of Legends' about Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem! I’ll be going over when you should pick Blitzcrank, since he’s banned in ranked a little less often now thanks to his nerfs and since the champion, Thresh, is a king. I’ll also go over his runes and masteries, how to be a good support Blitz, what items you should buy, and a brief overview of support match-ups, as well as what you should be doing. He’s one of the most fun champions to play because of the ability to pull champions out of position and into your team, which usually results in a lot of raging from the opposing team and a lot of cheers and commendations from yours.

I’m a Diamond V S3, and a Plat S2. My favorite support Is Blitzcrank, along with Thresh. I’m writing this guide to explain how to play Blitzcrank, a fairly hard to master champion due to understanding how his Q works (I still miss grabs after playing many games with Blitz…), and the fact that as a support, Blitzcrank only has his grab up once every 20 seconds or so, which means most of your zoning power does come from being an active threat while that grab cooldown is available.

Beep boop.

Blitzcrank was created by a team of scientists in Zaun, who created an intelligent steam automaton (robot), who had the ability to learn/grow so he could judge situations for himself during hazardous waste reclamation without human supervision. Blitzcrank became a celebrity, but another group wanted credit for his creation. After a legal battle, Blitzcrank wanted to be his own being, owned by no one, and the judge granted him his individuality. Actually, I think I read somewhere that the champion Viktor actually created Blitzcrank. Blitz wandered into the League while he was doing soul searching (as much soul searching you'd expect a robot to be able to do) and finally found a place he belonged! Aww, wasn't that a cute story. He has been nerfed a few times because of his popularity to get banned in ranked (that grab can turn games!), mostly hitting his starting mana pool and health pool and not really affecting his abilities.


  • Blitzcrank is most well-known for his Q, which is a long range grab that can pull enemies from a distance into him.
  • He has quite a few types of crowd control: a stun during his Q, a knock-up, and a brief channel-breaking silence.
  • He has one of the highest movement speed buffing abilities in the game, allowing him to reposition quickly.
  • He’s a giant yellow robot, what else could you want?


  • His mana pool is very small in the beginning of the game, so you’ll run out of mana fast if you don’t spend conservatively.
  • If you pull the wrong thing into your team, or at the wrong time… Have you ever seen what happens if a Blitzcrank pulls an Amumu?

Blitzcrank is played as a support, which means he’ll go bot lane with his AD Carry and they’ll try to kill the enemy bot lane. He’s a dangerous, dangerous champion who is best played in solo queue, because in teams his grabs aren’t exactly reliable and enemies are much less likely to put themselves in bad positions to be grabbed. If you play him with an AD carry who has an advantage over the enemy AD carry, you’ll be able to apply zoning pressure to the enemy just by existing and hiding in a bush sometimes, and not even doing anything else! And when you do grab, you'll almost always blow a flash, or get a kill, or cause ultimates to be used. However, you need to be careful - sometimes grabbing an enemy can turn sour, as the enemy jungler will want his team to bait you into grabbing someone.

Runes for Blitzcrank

A support champion will usually use similar runes to other support champs, Blitzcrank has a bit of variety in his diet.

Most Scenarios

  • 9x Greater Mark of Armor
  • 9x Greater Seal of Armor
  • 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

With a high range AD Carry, you’ll be harassed a lot for missing grabs or if you grab their support. I do not run any gold per 10 runes if that happens, instead choosing extra armor to protect more from all the autoattacks Blitzcrank will probably have to eat. Unfortunately, enemy supports love to ward bushes with vision wards when there's a Blitzcrank on the enemy team; that means you won't be able to hide in the bush without being hit. I prefer Scaling Magic Resist instead of Flat since it’s against an AD bot, which means you don’t have to worry too much about AP burst damage. Lastly, movement speed quints are the best quints to use on Blitzcrank to allow him to reposition to get that game-changing grab off.

If You Hate Being Poor

  • 9x Greater Mark of Armor
  • 9x Greater Seal of Gold/10
  • 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 3x Greater Quintessence of Gold/10

I sometimes use this page, but it’s not ideal so I wouldn’t suggest it often. This is a page that basically says “Hey, I’m a passive laner.” And you’re Blitzcrank, who wants to pull enemies into him and force them to fight. However, there’s a few scenarios where this does work: when you fight low range AD Carries, you can afford to run this page because they’re not as able to harass you. Just know that you might have a harder time landing grabs, without the movespeed quints. You can't afford to get harassed by autoattacks if you use this runepage, since you'll take much more damage and be forced to back, which leaves your poor AD Carry alone in lane. This page works out however if you picked Blitzcrank and the AD Carry can't afford to go aggressive in the lane match-up (for example, Tristana vs Draven, and you were supporting Tristana. Tristana will lose trades against Draven, even if you grab Draven, so you can take gold per 10).


There’s two main paths to how to do your masteries for Blitzcrank. You can choose to go Utility, or Defensive. You can run either one, and it really depends on your team composition and the enemy's.


With this mastery page, I choose mostly utility. You should be running this page when your team has enough tanky champions, so that you can run extra movespeed for those grabs. You’ll want to always take the Explorer’s Eye and Biscuiteer masteries to get that extra 60 seconds of vision and health potion. Take 2 points into reducing your activated item cooldowns – chances are you’ll get Twin Shadows or Shurelia’s Reverie and you’ll want to use their actives as often as you can. I picked 8 pts into the defensive tree, although I know some prefer 9 in offensive. I’d rather have the extra armor and extra health come late game, with the exhaust mastery to help pick up kills. The health regen mastery is mostly there to fill in a space - it's slightly more useful than the magic resist mastery during lane. However, you could get more cooldown reduction and a bit of damage in offense, to pick up kills. I’d say figure out which one applies more to your playstyle.


This mastery page takes mostly defensive masteries. I would only use this when the enemy team is mostly bruiser champions who have large amounts of health, or if your own team lacks bruiser/tank champions who can take punishment for the rest of their team. I like to take slow reduction, but not tenacity – who would waste crowd control on a support? Slow, on the other hand, comes in AoE often and the 15% reduction can come in handy. I also take the early health regen mastery to help offset early harass from the enemy bot lane. This mastery page offers less movespeed and less utility in general, since you would no longer get passive gold gain, or the extra ward. Although it’s do-able, I would actually run something like…


Now this mastery page Is probably the most ideal if you needed to be tanky. This specs you closer to an off-tank but keeps utility, especially by including the reduction in slow. Now you’ll keep your passive income and be able to trade off a bit of your movement speed for the increase in survivability. It's important to note that you will not have your tasty biscuit nor your 60 second ward to start, so you'll need to play a little safe, and your invade will be weaker (more about invading later!).



Passive: Mana Barrier: PASSIVE: When Blitzcrank drops below 20% health he converts 50% of his current mana to a shield that lasts 10 seconds. Mana Barrier is unaffected by cooldown reduction. Cooldown 90 seconds.

Oooh, this is a really good passive. When your health gets low enough a Mana Barrier will appear, which is a shield. It is calculated by your current Mana, so of course the more Mana you have the more powerful this skill is… can you guess what items would be good on Blitz? Banshee's Veil, Tear of the Goddess, and Frozen Heart are all great choices - that extra Mana provides you with up to a thousand more hitpoints in a teamfight. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've baited enemies into diving me under a tower… only to see a 400-500 HP Mana Barrier suddenly pop up. Then they try to retreat, because they can't take those tower hits, but the hand of fate reaches out to pull them back in, hehe. Late game, you'll be able to get a LOT of shield from this passive, making you very tanky, especially if you build Tear/Frozen Heart.


Q: Rocket Grab: Blitzcrank fires his right hand, if it encounters an enemy unit it will stun them for 1 second and deal 80/135/190/245/300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage while he pulls them to himself. Cooldown 22 / 21 / 20 / 19 / 18 seconds. Cost 110 mana.

The infamous Blitzcrank ability that all fear and worship. This single skill has the ability to completely turn a teamfight around, or even determine which team will win/lose a game. For instance, if the Q lands on the AD Carry past the 40 minute mark, the team with the Blitzcrank will probably win right there. And I don't mean the fight, I mean the game. The pull itself is a long-ranged skillshot that travels fairly slowly - a lot of practice will determine how good you are at landing this skill. The hitbox of the fist itself is not very big, and you can make it pass through minions (such as between the casters and melees) and land on an unsuspecting champion. You also want to make sure you grab the RIGHT thing, and I cannot stress this enough. Imagine a big late game fight. Both teams are fed, both teams are ready to go at each others' necks. Your team wants you to make a godly hook that will decide the match. You launch your fist, and it goes out and pulls in… AMUMU. OH GOD HE'S SNARED EVERYONE IN THAT MUMMY ULT. Now your team is dying. Look what you did. Of course, that was just a hypothetical scenario, but that can easily happen if you make a bad pull. Time your pulls, make sure you aim for a good target, and make sure you Power Fist them right after, or else that pull wasn't worth much.


W: Overdrive: Blitzcrank super charges himself to increase Movement Speed by 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 32% and attack speed by 30 / 38 / 46 / 54 / 62% for 8 seconds. Cost: 75 mana. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

This is your movement speed skill, and repositioning skill! You can use this to both position yourself for a good grab, and to scare enemies by simply activating it and running around. If you’re a bravecrank, you can run through the creeps to scare the enemy AD from CSing, but more often than not, they’ll just attack you. You should use this sparingly however, because it costs 75 mana and Blitzcrank’s mana pool isn’t the largest. Also, if you do get ganked, this is your only skill that’ll help you run away, so don’t try to keep this skill running all the time. Also, when it comes time to push towers, keep this skill up as it gives Blitzcrank a HUGE attack speed bonus to help him really put the pain on the tower. The attack speed bonus also becomes quickly noticeable if you build an item such as Muramana, which I'll discuss the viability of later.


E: Power Fist: Blitzcrank supercharges his next basic attack, causing it to deal an additional 100% of his total attack damage and knocking his target into the air. Cost: 25 Mana. Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds.

Your 2nd form of crowd control, in the form of a 1 second knock-up. If you grab an enemy, always have your E active when they’re flying into you, because Blitzcrank will automatically attack the pulled target, and powerfist them If you have the skill ready. If you do use Power Fist and you didn’t land a pull, hit a creep (preferably one with full hp), so you can get it on cooldown immediately. Otherwise, the skill lasts around 8 seconds before it’ll go on cooldown, so you should expend it. Some champions can be knocked up mid-escape move, such as Tristana or Corki. During their jumps to escape, Blitz’s Power Fist can still hit them, although it will be delayed, it’ll knock them up in the middle of their jump and cancel it. In a teamfight, if you didn’t pull something, you can use this skill to protect your AD Carry from an assassin. Also, Power Fist will do double damage to towers as well, so make sure you use it often while pushing (be careful though, if a fight breaks out, you'll definitely want this up).


R: Static Field: Passive: Lightning arcs off of Blitzcrank to hit a random nearby enemy for 100 / 200 / 300 (+20% of ability power) magic damage every 2.5 seconds. Active: Deals 250 / 375 / 500 (+100% of ability power) and silences surrounding enemy units for 0.5 seconds. The passive is not in effect during the cooldown. Cost: 150 Mana. Cooldown 30 seconds.

Your ultimate! You’ll want to use this one of two ways in lane – you can either use it immediately upon pulling someone, to burst them after the Power Fist, or attempt to chase tem around to try to let the passive get a hit off before you ult them. Try not to killsteal with this skill, although it’s very good at it! You want your AD fed as possible, but you can use this to secure a kill that would otherwise run away. A few other notes about this skill: the arcing effect is very powerful, and can push waves if you’re not careful, so try not to stand near creeps. Also, the arc increases Blitzcrank’s damage by a good amount – save your active for when enemies are just about to get out of range to utilize the passive longer. Your Overdrive synergizes with this passive greatly. You can also use this skill to break channels, since 0.5 seconds is just enough to disrupt a channel, but not much else.


Blitzcrank uses typical support start. Use any combination of these items, but I suggest taking the bead, and 2 health potions, along with 1 vision ward and as many sight wards as you can.

+ + +

On your first recall, I prefer to get a philosopher’s stone, and a ruby crystal if I can. It is up to you if you want boots first, or to start building the Sightstone. In most cases, I like to start the Sightstone because the ruby crystal helps a lot with tanking damage from the enemy harass. Boots will help you make grabs, but it’s more than likely you’ll miss a few grabs and suffer a few autoattacks as retaliation. I would also grab a health potion when you can. But, you should always be buying….

WARDS WARDS WARDS WARDS WARDS WARDS! You absolutely need wards in bot lane! There’s simply too many places to ward, and until you can afford the sightstone, you’ll need to buy wards! Both sight and vision are helpful, I usually pick up 1 vision each back, and make sure I can get at least 1 sight ward, even if it delays my build. A ward costs 75 gold, and a death gives up 300 gold. Since you’re accountable for both your life and your AD Carry’s, that’s 600 gold that could be saved from enemy hands by spending 75 gold. Remember… buy a ward, save a life. This is also why I like to go for the Sightstone as soon as possible. Wards cost 75 gold each time, and the Sightstone is 950 gold and the Ruby Sightstone is 1550. A one time investment for 2-3 wards on the map each time is way worth it – the item pays itself back within a few recalls, and can even be worth delaying your Gold per 10 items, just because of the huge utility this adds and money it saves from buying wards. I do prefer the Philosopher’s Stone first because it helps ease off the harass that the enemy bot lane will put on you.

+ +

I think these are the only absolutely essential items for Blitz. You need Reverie for movement speed, which can easily help you chase, grab, and pull back into your team any enemy who is fleeing, even the ones that flash! Plus it gives a bit of Cooldown Reduction, which will let you grab more often, as well as health, which is always good on a melee range support champion. The mobility boots give you an unexpected speed, along with Overdrive, can catch enemies offguard by how fast Blitzcrank is moving. And the Ruby Sightstone Is of course, essential to keeping the map well warded for a low price. I don’t always build these items first (sometimes, I’ll keep the philo stone for the money generation, and not complete Reverie until late game). I’ll go over some other items I think are good:

  • Tear of the Goddess is a debated one. Tear of the Goddess gives mana, and you’ll gain additional mana as you use spells, resulting in 1000 mana when fully stacked – this mana can be used with your Mana Barrier, making Blitzcrank deceptively tanky. That's 500 extra HP from the 1000 mana, which is a HUGE difference. And the item is less than 800 gold. Then, if you can afford them late game, Muramana will give you a surprising damage boost in late game, especially combined with your Overdrive’s attack speed boost. Seraph’s Embrace will give you an extra shield and tank even more damage. I like it, but Blitzcrank has long cooldowns on his skills and can’t spam them, so stacking the item can be painfully slow. You'll need to start using your Power Fist and probably attack minions to get the cooldown to reset. Still, it’s cheap, and if you feel you’ll be taking a lot of damage in late game, it can definitely be worth buying. I've started getting it more and more often on Blitzcrank early in the game now, and I think the pay-offs have been worth it every time I've built it. But, it will delay your Sightstone because this is an item you want to get early so you can start stacking - so make sure your AD Carry is comfortable without the vision, or you might have to buy a few extra wards.
  • Runic Bulwark is essential for your team, and because Blitz remains with the bulk of your team at any time, this remains a really good item for him. If your jungler isn’t getting this item, you should be! The bonus magic resists and armor are too good to be without. It is however, expensive, and if you do need to buy this item, I would suggest you buy it after you’ve at least finished your Ruby Sightstone.
  • Frozen Heart and Iceborn Gauntlet are both late game items for Blitzcrank and I prefer Heart a little bit more. A huge armor bonus from either, cooldown reduction for grab city, and plenty of mana that can be converted into Mana Barrier when you get brought down to low hp! Gauntlet is advisable if you’re playing very aggressively, your team is winning, and you want to secure kills. It’ll stop anything and everything from getting away from your team. Heart, on the other hand, is a highly defensive item. When the enemy team has things like Irelia or Master Yi, or any AD champion who is attack-speed based, Frozen Heart will really shut them down if they dive at your AD Carry.
  • Twin Shadows can be good on Blitzcrank – the movement speed is always beneficial, plus it comes with a little AP that can improve your grab and ult damage, as well as magic resist to help you survive a bit better. The active will slow down enemies and make them very easy for you to get a good pull on. This item will build out of Kage’s Lucky Pick – you can delay your Sightstone if you build this, but make sure you’re able to afford to buy wards.
  • It comes highly situational, but Mikael’s Crucible can mean life or death for your AD Carry. I would get this item if I know the AD Carry will have to eat a hard stun or is likely to become exhausted in a fight, or if they simply don’t have Quicksilver Sash headed into late game. If you do pick up this item, you want to hit it immediately the moment after a root/stun/fear/suppress hits your carry. It will NOT remove champion debuffs, such as Zed’s Mark of Death or Vladimir’s Hemoplague, but it will heal them and hopefully save them with just that. If your AD Carry does get a Quicksilver Sash, you might be able to save your gold and buy something else. Usually the double cleanse is not necessary, and Quicksilver Sash will get rid of abilities like Zed's Mark of Death.

How to Crank

First off, let’s go over his mechanics real quick. Rocket Grab does NOT have to be the first move you start off with. You can Overdrive + Powerfist if the enemy is wandering too close to you, and then as they’re trying to flee, Rocket Grab them back into you. This is preferable actually, because it guarantees a much easier grab. When you’re hiding in a bush, chances are you won’t be able to land a grab if it’s warded, since they’ll know where you are. Use your Vision Wards to clear these wards to play aggressively, and make sure you ward the tri-bush and dragon area when you’re at bot lane! When enemies don’t know where the grab is coming from, the chance of landing it becomes pretty high once you get down how fast the grab travels, what the length is, and how to account for enemy movements. Remember that if you hit a creep with your grab, you’ll pull that instead, but you can aim right inbetween creeps and catch the AD offguard, which is one of my favorite things to do. You can use your ultimate on low health creeps to burst through them, and then land a grab and powerfist. This move was seen at LCS, and since then I’ve tried to practice it a few times, but I’m not a fan of giving up my burst. An interesting play I’ve seen is taking smite on Blitzcrank, and by smiting a creep, you can clear the way for a grab that is completely unexpected. Also, you’ll be able to help your jungler out, get a bit of passive gold from the smite mastery, and have better control over Dragon and Baron. I personally have not tried this, but it doesn’t seem like a bad choice (except you give up the Exhaust that can go down on something trying to kill your AD Carry).

Early game, you’ll want to ward the tri-bush (that’s the triangle shaped bush near bottom lane) and dragon, at the very least. I always ward these two areas if I have wards, since the enemy jungler usually will come through one of these two places (unless they’re doing a lane gank). Sometimes you’ll want to ward the lane bushes – this is seen more often if the enemy team has a counter aggressive support, such as Leona or Alistar. By all means, don’t grab those things, because they will ruin your day. In fact, during laning, grab the AD Carry if you can, and only if the AD carry is running/dead/recalling, grab the Support. By keeping good vision bot lane of any possible ganks, and by abusing the fact you are a giant steam-driven robot, you’ll keep enemies on their toes. Blitzcrank can simply activate Overdrive and run at an enemy to make them back off as well, and by sitting in a bush that the enemy has no ward in, you’ll see them act nervous to even try to get creep score. You should keep a vision ward on the dragon area, or just around the entrance, since the enemy may try to sneak a kill on it for global gold, or your jungler might come to do it and doesn’t want to be seen (which leaves the possibility of dragon being stolen). You can only clear enemy wards near dragon if your lane is pushed up – and the enemy doesn’t have an overly aggressive Leona or Alistar or Taric, otherwise your AD Carry could be in an awful world of hurt faster than you can say, “Beep boop.”

It’s mid-game, you’ve pushed your turret down (Overdrive is a beast for this), and the enemy bot lane is nowhere to be seen. What do you do? Normally, the AD Carry and Support will move to mid lane and help their AP Carry or AD Assassin take out the mid tower. However, you’re Blitzcrank! If you know certain areas aren’t warded, that means it’s time for pull city! You should have your Sightstone or Ruby Sightstone by now, so keep the jungle entrances (that is any point where the enemy can easily wander into your jungle) warded, or to be aggressive, you can push deeper into enemy territory and ward there. You can also ward deep into the enemy jungle at bot lane, preferably near one of their buffs and the other lane entrance closer to mid – this will allow your AD Carry to go bot alone and start split pushing to focus attention towards bot lane. You however, can either run alone or with your jungler, and gank mid and top! Your pulls are absolutely devastating when they hook onto someone, and will always net either a kill or a flash if you grab someone with your team nearby. Pick up any kills you can, complete your items, and head into…

…Late game! This is where Blitzcrank shines, since now his pulls matter the most! 4v5s are always painful to fight, but when it’s late game, and all champions are completing their builds or so, that’s 1/5th of your team’s cc/damage/heal gone! Try to target anything squishy – the AD Carry, the Support (okay, if their support is Alistar or Leona or Taric or something tanky, for christ’s sake, don’t touch that thing), or AP Carry. One grab, one power fist, and one Static Field, and your team will be complimenting you for days and days. Make sure you keep Baron warded, and keep their jungle warded to the best of your ability. I like to buy 1-2 extra sight wards for warding now, in addition to my Sightstone’s wards, as well as at least 1 vision ward for Baron. I will buy oracles if I didn’t die much during lane phase and I have a bit of extra money/think I can hold onto my oracles. You can definitely burn your flash if it means securing a grab or burning an enemy flash. One thing to note here is that the enemy team knows that you’ll be trying to nab one of them and will try their absolute best to not allow you to do that. When you use Rocket Grab and you rocket miss, there’s a large 15 second or longer cooldown and this is when the enemy team could engage on yours. Run away! If a teamfight does break out, your job is to use your Static Field to break any channels that might be occurring, and otherwise, Power Fist either enemies attacking your AD Carry, or their AD Carry, depending on how the fight is moving. Most importanty, if you can afford oracles, use it to clear out bushes so you remain a sneaky, hidden Blitzcrank and always able to catch others off guard.

Laning with the Crank

Lane can be tricky, and it really depends on the enemy support, and less often, the AD Carry. Here’s a few match-ups that I find difficult.

Argh, Leona is an all-in champion, who uses everything at her disposal to try to eliminate either you or your AD Carry. If you pull her, she’ll just use her Zenith Blade to travel to your AD Carry, stun them, and your poor AD will hate you for what you did to them. When laning against Leona, you don’t want to grab her, and you don’t want to get hit by Zenith Blade. Keep the lane bushes warded, because like you, Leona loves to hide in bushes where you can’t tell how she’s gonna come at you. She’s also quite tanky with her Eclipse spell active, so she can be tough to kill. This is a lane where you’re likely going to be forced to play passively. Also, when late game rolls around, be careful about grabbing her still. Unless you can stop her from casting Eclipse after the grab, she'll immediately become a lot tankier and probably counter intiate with Solar Flare, which could end up getting your team killed.

Taric is another tanky champion, and when you pull him, he’ll simply use it as a gap closer to stun and harass your AD Carry. Like Leona, you want to try your best to not pull Taric, cause he’ll ruin your AD Carry’s day. He isn’t as bothersome as Leona though, who has more Armor and Magic Resist, nor does he stun for as long. He does have a heal however - if you grab right after he uses the heal, you won't get baited by it. In this lane, try to aim for his AD Carry, and you can probably snatch a kill straight out of his gem-loving hands. However, unlike Leona, grabbing him late game will ensure his death because he doesn't have the same AoE Crowd Control to really lock up your team.

If you see this champion, try to grab her as much as possible! Sona is EXTREMELY squishy, and will die if she is sneezed on. Before level 6, try your best to land a grab on her, or her AD Carry. Sona relies on passive heals, and she won’t dare to try to harass a Blitzcrank either, so that is on your side. After level 6, she can use her ultimate to provide a long duration stun, so you’ll want to be careful of what you grab. However, if you do catch her, immediately ult and THEN power fist to prevent her from using her ultimate – your AD carry should be able to burst her down if you’re not playing with a Vayne.

Graves is a slippery one, and he has high burst. He can be tough to catch with his Quickdraw, but not every Graves is adept enough to escape from the Blitz. If he does get grabbed, make sure you immediately Power Fist him, or he’ll give you a faceful of his Buckshot, and you’ll take a LOT of damage. His Smokescreen will also keep you from being able to see him, which means you'll have to hook blind - but you can bait this ability out using your Overdrive, and Smokescreen has a long cooldown. You can also Power Fist him mid-Quickdraw, which will stop the ability and waste his cooldown. Overall, he’s still a good champion to grab, but that doesn't make him easy to grab.

Varus has no ability to help him escape, and has only two offensive spells pre-6. This makes him not only easy to grab, but also easy to kill! If you can grab a Varus pre-6, he’ll have to use his flash, or die. Give him the good old Power Fist and Static Field and watch your AD Carry burst him down. On the other hand, if you grab him after he’s level 6, make sure your AD Carry remains behind you so that if he uses his Chain of Corruption ultimate, only you are snared and not your AD Carry (who is dealing most of the damage). Also, if you are snared, you can still use your autoattacks and abilities, so you can still Power Fist him if you haven't already.

Felt Ezreal deserved a special mention here. His Mystic Shot has long range and can poke you down if you’re waiting in a bush trying to be sneaky. If you grab him, make sure his Arcane Shift is down, or else he can actually use it WHILE you’re pulling him towards you, and completely cancel your grab. It’s the weirdest thing, but Ezreal just straight up counters your grab by teleporting away… It’s a pretty bad feeling. Not to mention, even if his Arcane Shift is down, he can still flash away from you. Ugh, such an annoying champion! And your Power Fist won't break his Arcane Shift - it's not registered as a “flash” skill rather than terrain traversing skill.

Fired Up and Ready To Go!

Blitzcrank is a great all-around support pick, although he offers little sustain and can be harassed out. Wards do counter him and you’ll need to carry vision wards to counter enemy wards in your bushes. If you see an enemy pick Thresh, you do NOT want to pick Blitzcrank – they are similar champions but Thresh simply outclasses Blitz with his kit. Making those critical pulls at the end of the game is what Blitzcrank is all about! I hope this guide helps you along your way to becoming a master of pulls, and remember, ALWAYS BUY WARDS.


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