Blackcoin Value Soars

BlackCoin has seen a major increase in value today (up over twice what it was just yesterday), as well as a big increase in volume across both Cryptsy and Mintpal. This does not come as any surprise, however, with the news that was released about the coin on Reddit. The following new announcements were made (although there was no ETA as to when each thing will be completed, but we will keep you updated on that as it comes):

There is a new Proof of Stake system, dubbed 2.0, being released by rat4. The goal with it is to “further solve potential attacks to vectors that other currencies are vulnerable to” There is a new BlackCoin wallet being released, with an anonymity feature and multi-signature built in. There are also secret features that are going to be part of this that have not been announced publicly yet Dzimbeck, an external developer, is working on things like smart contracts, decentralized markets, anti-malleability and some other things BlackCoin is being added to Point of Sale systems, brought about by Coinkite. Along with this, they are in talks with a national sales team leader that worked for a large Visa and MasterCard point of sale company that is going to be assisting with bringing more things to the market

Overall, this new information has shown that BlackCoin is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and it has been further proving that it is creating its own market, rather than trying to piggyback off Bitcoin's. It is still hard to tell where the coin is going to go at this point, but with the latest news it is definitely heading in the right direction!

Source: Blackcoin News


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