Black Poison

Glancing through calm space with that forgone memory
Dancing in their minds a time only few could see
Bright stars dotted a brisk autumnal evening sky
Fluttery lines from white wisps that flew right on by
Beckoning whirlwinds graced soft hands without a trace
Sweet whispering whole-truths flowed all throughout that place
And with sanguine resolution it ventured out
Challenging all foes who dared to question its clout

A fight that would linger on for eternity
For each day reveals a brand new adversity
With bated breath it relented torn asunder
All who knew saw the weakness of vanquished thunder
The woeful blacksmith knew not how one could protect
From ghastly black rain no man on earth could detect
So bloodied venom seeped through cracks without remorse
Tainting once-perfect lakes nourished by pristine source

And as the peasants drank this harsh newborn liquor
To a pointless death they all marched towards quicker
With each flame that is smothered and ashes scattered
Those once strong hopes wither down tarnished and tattered
Now that crystal cup which had never held a stain
Poisons all people so they experience pain
This is why all are cruel and wicked at their core
All drink that dark lacquer a truth much more than lore

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