Black & White 2

Black & White 2 is the 2005 sequel to Lionhead's 2001 game Black & White; just like its predecessor, it is a real-time strategy god game.

Plot Summary

The game begins when the player is awakened after many years of slumber by a “pure prayer” that turns out to be a cry for help from his/her people. The player rushes to the homeland isle of the Greeks, accompanied by his/her conscience (manifested as an old man and a demon) to find out what the problem is, and sees the island being invaded and ravaged by an enormous Aztec army. The player is then told to save some people by placing them in a portal leading to another island; unfortunately, the Greek island is lost, and the player goes to where the few survivors have been sent.

The player then has to conquer his/her first island, owned by the Norse, either through peaceful means (building an impressive city) or by invading and taking over enemy towns militarily. The player is then sent to several islands, including another Norse island and several Japanese islands, before reaching an Aztec island, and finally the Aztec capital city.


The player manifests themselves in the game as a disembodied hand, which is able to place buildings, pick up objects and people, and cast miracles (such as water, fire, electric and meteoric) upon targets. Throughout the game, all the player's decisions and actions are reflected in the alignment meter, which shows just how good or evil the player is; this also reflects on the player's cities, which will seem to flourish when the player is good and seem miserable when the player is evil.

The player also is in partial control of a creature which he/she chooses at the beginning of the game; one can choose between a wolf, lion, cow or ape creature. The creature can be allowed to do as it pleases, or taught to do or not do particular things. It can also be assigned jobs such as Soldier, Gatherer and Entertainer.

One of the new innovations Black & White 2 introduced is the ability to have a military, which is a feature that the first game in the series did not have; soldiers are drafter from the general population, and require twice the food that a regular citizen would consume. A platoon can also level up, thus making it more deadly when in combat; they can also engage and be engaged by creatures, or killed by rocks or miracles thrown by the player.

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