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With so many casinos in the Bitcoin world going under, it is hard to find a great one that is trustworthy. Luckily, BitStars is the perfect match. Unlike most Bitcoin-based casinos, BitStars offers a quality service that is run by veterans of the casino industry. This allows the site to be top-notch in what it offers, all the way from security and support to the game choices and stability. BitStars is the perfect choice for online casino gaming.

Many Games to Choose From

BitStars offers up many different games to choose from, whether you are looking at slots or table games. On top of this, there are both desktop and mobile variants, allowing you to play from anywhere at any time. These two things help bridge the gap between going to a real casino and playing online, while at the same time making it even more convenient to play. With an ever growing selection of games and updates, BitStars is bound to have something for everyone.

Depositing Bitcoins

To deposit Bitcoins, players need to access their account to get their deposit address. From here, the player's wallet software is used to send a payment to the casino, where it is then deposited instantly. At that point the player is ready to rock and roll, playing the games they are interested in!

Withdrawing Bitcoins

Withdrawing is just as easy as depositing, only it goes in the opposite direction. From here, players use their wallet software to find their receiving address, and then navigate to the withdrawing portion of BitStars. From there, they input the withdrawal address, the amount of Bitcoin they wish to withdraw, and then confirm it. After that, the withdrawal will be immediately processed and will show up in the player's wallet.

The Platform Itself

The platform BitStars runs on is very stable. The games are fast to load, regardless of the devices, and flow very smoothly. This makes playing on the site a blast, and helps alleviate problems that often occur with more slow-running sites. Along with this, the ability to play across multiple different platforms helps make players feel more at ease, knowing that they can jump between devices and continue where they left off at any time.

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