BitGive Foundation – Doing Good With Bitcoin – A Charitable Giving Organization of the Bitcoin Community

The BitGive Foundation, launched in July of this year, has been busy raising funds, increasing their exposure, and working to ‘do more good’ with Bitcoin.

The BitGive Foundation is a charitable giving organization of the Bitcoin community, whose mission is to provide gifts to environmental and public health causes worldwide. While still in the early stages of raising funds, the Foundation says contributions to recipients will be conducted in a financially prudent manner for the purpose of long-term sustainability of the organization to deliver its mission.

While some recent Bitcoin news has focused on regulation, volatility, and illicit activities related to the currency; there nevertheless exists a more positive dimension to the Bitcoin community: – its charitable giving and generosity.

BitGive has received several significant donations from Bitcoin mining companies KnCMiner and Butterfly Labs, as well as in-kind donations and services from Perkins Coie, LLP and BitPay, Inc., who also processes Bitcoin donations to charities at no cost.

More donations in Bitcoin have come in through the easy two-step donation process on their website. The Foundation has a multi-million dollar long-term goal for global giving and is confident that the Bitcoin community can support that bold vision.

BitGive will not require that their gifts be received in Bitcoin, but there are a number of charitable organizations that accept Bitcoin. A list of those organizations can be found here.

To support the BitGive Foundation, donations are being accepted at:

Media Contact:

Name: Connie Gallippi

Phone: 1-916-625-6BIT


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