- Review is a relatively new site offering 6% monthly interest on Bitcoin deposits.

From their Website:

“ has been built by a group of bitcoin traders and market makers, gambling site operators, professional miners and venture capitalists trying to bring the bitcoin economy to the next level.”

Unfortunately the level arrives at, is far below anything they suggest in their somewhat fantastical claims of 6% interest and referral bonuses.

My Experience

I had been directing Satoshi there from faucet sites and some advertising revenue, figuring to earn a little interest on top, but a post on Bitcointalk gave me some concerns and I emailed the admin. I have received no response.

I no longer use this address and the small amount I had in there, I must accept is gone. A little reminder to do more thorough research in the future.

So many things should have flagged this site to me. The lack of connectivity to any other sites, organisations or foundations, the limited news releases, the lack of any real bricks and mortar address and no real transparency.

Did I check these things you ask? No. I got the original link from someone’s signature on the Bitcointalk forums and I naively assume they wouldn’t be on there if they were scammers so I leapt on in (as usual). How was I to know the Bitcoin base for all things new and chattery is also the playground for a nest of scammers, skimmers, scrip kiddies and rip off artists?

I did not lose much so really it cost me a little pride but I am sure there must be many out there who lose much more to this particular little version of internet scammery.

Easy Money

This is an impressive scam - if the statistics on their site are to be believed- so far they have taken around $1,227,000.00 worth of Bitcoin from unsuspecting depositors with little more than a webage, a Bitcoin address and a sales pitch convincing visitors to send money.

Easy money if you can still sleep at night with this kind of scam on your conscience but for many newcomers to Crypto Currencies, this site is a nightmare waiting to happen.

The same people behind this scam, were also behind A bogus coin mixing service that was finally shut down around November 2013. Documented on

The truth behind their claims may be far less glamourous, but on further exploration from the wallet address they assigned to me, I found this: the wallet assigned to me shows up in the list paying in, along with a lot of others.

Staying Safe

Unfortunately sites like this are popping up all over the internet and due to the relative anonymity of Bitcoin transactions you can find yourself out of pocket pretty quick if you are not careful. Tips to remember:

  • If it looks too good to be true, it is probably not.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not.
  • Do good research before handing over cash to anyone online.
  • Join and ask all the newbie questions you need to be sure
  • Check for them on
  • Email the administrators of the site and get to know them.

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