Bitads: An Advertiser's and Publisher's Review has been around for a while now and I have gained a lot of experience with the site as both a publisher and an advertiser since its release. You may have checked out my Bitads review from the past; this can be considered as an update to it, going over what I have learned through using the service and its pros and cons for long term usage. With that said, I am not being paid for this review and it is all based on the experience of myself and others (that I have followed through forums and other places). My goal with it is to give the most impartial view of it I can, but it is also important to note that I am still a user of the service. With that said, let us begin!

What is Bitads?

Since I have covered this a bit in detail already in my previous article, here I will just give the run down (as some things have changed; the site has evolved and even if you used the site in the past it may work different than you remember).

So to put it in to simple terms, Bitads is a network that allows website owners (publishers) to sell ad space on their websites. Advertisers are able to purchase that space by paying a flat rate per day to the publisher, regardless as to how many views or clicks there are on said ads. Instead of paying for the entire day up front, however, payments are taken (and paid out to the publisher) every hour. Each payment therefore represents 1/24 of the revenue they should be expecting.

Now, things do get a little more difficult. The site used to be based on who bids the most (a higher bidder would get the ad space). Now each bid gets a relative number of views based on the total bids for that spot. For example, if one person bids 0.00000001 BTC and nobody else does, they get 100% of the views. If one person bids 5 BTC and another does 10 BTC, the first will get 33.3% and the second will get 66.6%. This method has been criticized a bit by some, although it is a pretty good mediator between people wanting at least some views, rather than getting absolutely nothing. On top of this, the website owner earns more since there can be multiple people bidding (and paying) for the same ad block.

How Does it Work for Advertisers?

Really, the network has so few advertisers that it is turning in to an advertiser's market (meaning everything is pretty cheap). There are a few sites with a little competition, but for the most part you can get in with minimal bidding. The only real problem here is that people are starting (due to the very slow network and its load speed for ads) to load up the ads last. So while a site may be getting a ton of views each day, that does not mean that people are actually getting to see said ad. If it takes too long to load, they could be well on their way to another site or page already by the time you finish getting it loaded.

It is also an awesome network for advertisers in that only unique views count. So if a site shows that it gets 1000 views per day, that could be the number of unique users, whereas the site may be getting 20x that in true views (if it is a site where people visit many pages). As such, you get even more exposure for the same price. To figure out which sites are likely run like this, you will have to check out the ones you are interested in (just see which site it is and visit it on your own to see how you like the ad placement and such). This will give you a greater feel of the actual value. At the same time that you may find sites that add more value due to extended views, you will also find some that are nothing but ads (meaning that they have no value at all, since nobody would ever visit their page unless tricked, but nobody is going to click through to your own service or product). So while the network is awesome for advertisers, you still have to do your own research to ensure that you are getting a good deal. Otherwise you may be paying for absolutely nothing.

While not technically a part of the site, you can also publish ads while you are an advertiser. Since the site runs with its own account system and that is where funds are held (until being withdrawn) you can publish ads on your own sites and then use the earnings to set up your own ad campaigns. I have found this method to be very valuable for ad trading, in a sense, while having complete control over the campaigns going both ways. It allows for snagging up cheap deals, while taking advantage of the earnings you make. Since you do not have to keep withdrawing and depositing money to make this work, it is very efficient.

How Does it Work for Publishers?

Since I said that the system is really catering to advertisers right now, you might assume that publishers are at a disadvantage. Well, at this point in time you would be absolutely right (although the publishers do have their own great benefits). On the publisher side of things you get:

  • Full control over your ads. If there are none that are sold, you can use fall back codes, your own advertisements or the default, which is to let visitors know that the ad space is for sale
  • Payments made to your Bitads account every hour. You can also withdraw when you wish, with a low fee of only 0.0001 (which is relatively nothing)
  • The freedom of choosing advertisers by enabling a moderation feature on the site (this allows you to allow people to advertise or not, not to pick people that have to advertise there)
  • Freedom of altering the code as you need to. I have seen some people make different changes to the way the ad code works, and so far everything has been stated as being fine

At the same time, it does suffer from the same slow network problem that the advertisers have. If you do not have the ads set to load as the last thing, it can take forever to load up your site. The Bitads site itself also often runs slow, and it can get a bit irritating. This means less rewards and longer load times, but at the same time they are also the greatest site when it comes to selling your Bitcoin related traffic via a network. Since it is flat rate, that gives the advantage of knowing from day to day how much you will earn (assuming that the advertisers stay on board). On top of this, if you can get many advertisers interested in the same ad slot you can be earning from all of them at once through the competition!

What Does it Need?

There are a few things Bitads really needs in order to push the bar to the next level:

  • Boost the speed of the server. The server should not be our bottleneck when it comes to earning money off our sites. As publishers, we should be limited based on the traffic we can generate, rather than the traffic that Bitads can handle
  • An estimate of how much you are getting paid per hour, and possibly even a timer for when the next payment comes in. This gives more control over keeping up with your finances
  • Allow side wide advertisements. This one would be a bit tough to implement and to do it well, but it could really help out with bringing advertisers on board. The idea behind this is to let someone come with, say 1 BTC, and then offer it up over a period of x time. The system would then choose the best publishers for that range and the value of those publishers, and it would work out the most efficient way to spend those funds. It would then set up the campaigns automatically on each of them. Pretty much it would do what we can already do manually, but without all the extra work and hassle involved. As part of that deal, both advertisers and publishers would win!

There are probably some other changes here and there that could make the service better, but those are the big things I can think of off the top of my head. I do think that the site is going pretty well for how fast it is growing, it just needs some more time to mature and the owner needs some time to start getting some optimizations going on it. As long as it is still evolving and fixes are going in, I will continue supporting the site and recommending others to it.


Bitads is a site I have been using for a while now, and I love it. From both the advertiser and publisher side of things, it is great. It lets us have full control over our campaigns, and also makes it easy to collect or pay out money. On top of this, the withdraw fees are minimal, so you are not going through remorse with each withdraw you make.

The site does need some work, especially in terms of its speed, but based on where it was a couple months ago and where it is now, I would say that it has been doing great. I am really hoping that more advertisers start to jump on board, bringing up some more competition. As it is right now, there are far more publishers than advertisers and that is causing prices to drop (which is awesome for the advertisers) and earnings to drop (which is bad for publishers). In any case, the pricing is based on what the community is charging and paying, so the site itself has no control over it. But with the suggestions listed through this article, we could definitely start swaying things in the other direction for once!

Update : Disappearance of Owner

The owner of BitAds disappeared from the Bitcointalk forums well over a month ago and has not returned. Anyone with funds on the site has been unable to withdraw them, and there is no information as to if they ever will be able to. There have been many talks about the owner running the site as a scam service, though I think that is all just speculation and has no real basis. I can not fathom why someone with such as lucrative business would throw it away just to take a few Bitcoins from people, when they could earn significantly more over the long term by just running it legitimately. As a result, I will hold back on the scam accusation and instead say that something must have gone wrong to cause the owner to disappear.

As of right now there are no alternatives to the site, nor are there any hints that anyone is going to be creating anything similar in the near future. I think that the market is wide open in case someone does, but I do not see that happening as of yet. In any case, it is best to avoid the BitAds site altogether until there is more information known about withdrawals (if that ever happens), and to count any funds on the site as good as lost as of right now.


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