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Getting rid of dirt and stains from hard flooring can be a real pain in the neck - and back too! All that scrubbing on your hands and knees whilst your kids, animals and your partner walk in the same place again and you have to start all over. There has to be a better way to get your laminate flooring clean than this. Thankfully, there is a range of Bissell Steam Cleaners that are cheap, very effective and easy to use that will get the job done in minutes, not hours. There are other makes of steam cleaners on the market, but Bissell have constantly been at the top of the best sellers list for their range of portable and convenient steam mops.

All of the models are totally natural and chemical free and do not require anything other than a power supply and water. The Bissell 18677 Green Tea model also features a number of filters and the water based steam ensures that your flooring is disinfected by the hot steam it produces with the pull of the trigger under the handle.

How does a steam cleaner work?

A steam cleaner works in a similar way to a modern iron. You fill it with water and a small heating element inside evaporates the water into hot steam which is forced onto the surface you are cleaning. This process allows for stains to be lifted more quickly and easily and only a small amount of liquid is actually deposited on the flooring, making the whole process quick and simple. The Bissell models are famed for also drying as well as cleaning and are in the upright design, making them easy to use and they will not cause any problems with your back. They are also designed to be very lightweight and easy to carry around and store.

Some of the models of steam cleaner from Bissell also have a unique Flip action (model number 5288E), where you can rotate the head of the device to allow it to also act as a normal vacuum cleaner. This makes them a very versatile product and great to use in nearly all kinds of home. Clean the carpets and then move on to the laminated flooring surfaces, kitchen linoleum, bathroom tiles or real wooden floorboards. The Bissell steam cleaners, such as the 31N1 model, will steam through grime and dirt in no time at all. Imagine using this away from home, in your office, mobile home, caravan or workroom. Where ever there is a flat floor, a steam cleaner will come in handy.

Great For Cleaning Pet Hairs And Mess

A common need for owning a steam mop is when you have a dog or pet. Dirty paw prints, hairs and mud can be a real problem for pet owners and having a mop that you can quickly brush around will certainly help you keep on top of the cleaning. Turn the steam on and it will be ready within 30 seconds and you can whizz around the kitchen floor by the time the kettle has boiled. Muddy footprints from the kids or garden will also disappear as the cleaning solution inside the mop helps lift dirt and grime, making your cleaning quicker and easier.

These steam mops can also be used with Eucalyptus Mint aroma oils that will make your home smell wonderful at the same time it is being cleaned. Alternatively, drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the water and fill your house with sweet smells.


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