Biotechnology Jobs

Biotechnology can be defined as a branch of science that combines biology and technology. It can also be said that it is a technological application which makes use of living organisms or biological system for the improvement of any products like agricultural products, pharmaceutical products or environmental products and many more. The application of biotechnology is found in a wide variety of fields. It is not an exaggeration to state that branches of studies like biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, genetics, chemistry, engineering, virology, health and medicine, plant physiology, agriculture and animal husbandry, cell biology and seed technology are all parts of biotechnology. Biotechnology has importance in almost aspects of human life and hence career chances in this field are many and varied.

Biotech jobs are diverse and are multiplying in number. With the emergence and growth of other industries, biotech jobs are becoming a high earning dream career. There are different departments in a biotechnology unit with different and unique functions and hence biotech jobs are awaiting professionals in such departments.

Research and Development

Research and development has a major role to play in this field. A biotechnology professional can serve as a scientific director, research associate or a research assistant, molecular modeler, bioinformatics analyst, bioinformatics scientist, veterinarian or a lab assistant in the research department. Other biotech jobs available are in the department of quality control. A professional has to check all the quality problems, stability and timely development in a laboratory. Biotech jobs like quality control manager, quality assurance manager, quality control analyst and validation manager are open to biotech professionals.

Medical Biotechnology

The branch of biotechnology that produces antibiotics, vaccines and hormones is termed as medical biotechnology. If you are interested in medical biotechnology you should study immunology and also specialize in vaccine production. You can work as a scientist or researcher if you have a doctoral degree or as a medical encoder, medical writer, or a medical representative if you are a graduate or a post graduate. Biotech jobs like that of a clinical researcher, clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical representative can also be chosen by biotech job seekers.

Agricultural Biotechnology

Genetically modified and developed plant products and food products are being produced with the help of agricultural biotechnology. Agriculture is the biggest source of income for many countries in the world and the demand for food never ends and it is of course the priority. Biotech jobs are numerous in the field of agricultural biotechnology. The agriculture-based biotech industry is ready with career openings for professionals qualified in biochemistry, molecular biology, pathology, plant genetics, entomology and plant transformation and tissue cultures. They can also work in the fields of poultry farming, dairying, aquaculture, floriculture and horticulture.

Biotechnology plays a big role in the industrial field such as the biochemical industry, enzyme industry and fermentation industry. You can find career openings at breweries, pharmaceutical companies, sugar cane institutes and science foundations where you can work on development of new breeds, biopesticides and new drug development .Biotechnology is a relatively new branch of science and it has never ending possibilities and it is sure to make innumerable benefits to humanity.


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