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Hayek's Linux Manual

Send active process to the background


If a command is running in a terminal window and you want to free up the window. You can also send jobs to the background if you give bg the PID for the job


 [hayek@localhost ~]$ /share/litecoin/bin/64/litecoin-qt 
 [1]+  Stopped                 /share/litecoin/bin/64/litecoin-qt
 [hayek@localhost ~]$ bg
 [1]+ /share/litecoin/bin/64/litecoin-qt &

 [hayek@localhost ~]$ ps -ef | grep litecoin
 hayek    24797 24711  6 20:08 pts/4    00:00:15 /share/litecoin/bin/64/litecoin-qt
 hayek    26224 24711  0 20:12 pts/4    00:00:00 grep --color=auto litecoin
 [hayek@localhost ~]$ bg 24797


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