Beneath the Moon(Poem)

Dare I gaze upon your perfection,
Beneath the moon's pale reflection?
Glorious beauty upon the shore,
Causing my spirits to highly soar.

Glistening water matching my eyes,
As I behold you under night skies.
A perfect memory I'll ever keep,
To remember in my dreamful sleep.

Craving so deep to merely touch,
The one I cherish so much.
Just briefly to have, hold, and adore,
Would fulfill my being to the core.

You don't see how amazing you are,
On this beach, my northern star.
Showing where I should have sailed,
But alas again I have failed.

For that moment I stopped needing,
But my lost love still was pleading.
I adore having you with me near,
Sharing my secrets void of fear.

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