Before I fall

Is it always my fault? 
To compare want with necessity? 
I cannot hold all the strength in which bounds me 
Nor can you 

We came here eyes open, mind closed 
And did we fall, never 
But Im falling now, after everything 
Are you now telling me you will not catch me? 

Times hands are always so offering 
Moments I could have indulged 
But I didn’t; now I do not know 
Where do I go, when nothing is left? 

I stand alone, arms spread wide 
And I see it, the oceans lifeless movement 
It is ugly, taunting me with ripples 
For your face is all I see now 

My body is rejecting me, for the lies 
My heart has already left me, for you 
And you still blame me 
When all apologies have been laid out 

What do I do now, when faith has runaway? 
I do not care much for selfishness 
But I will if you do not respond 
Please, answer me, catch me 

Before I fall 


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