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Bedrock City for Your Vacation

When you are on your vacation and trying to make it more colorful you must be thinking of some attractive place where you can enjoy all the pleasure of nature. Everyone tries to find their dreamy place to enjoy some times together. Yes, I am talking about the best places to enjoy your vacation; it’s not an easy task to select the best place near you. I can suggest one place for you. My wife and four year old son really fell in love with this place. This place is full of natural beauty and resources. The name of the place is Bedrock City and it is located in Custer, South Dakota. This place is exciting and it will bring joy to you and your family just like it did for us. Bedrock City is around thirty acres long and the total infrastructure is based on the Flintstones television series. This place is enjoyable and includes a variety of recreation tools which are needed to make your vacation special.

When you enter the park, you will see a large gift shop which may influence you to buy gifts. Then the visitors will get the opportunity to ride a train. This is really interesting for all the visitors. There is a volcano beside the tracks of the train. There are many other features of the park like a theatre to watch Flintstone movies. There is a police station and a dentist’s office in the park. You can also see a fire department and bank buildings in the park. All of these facilities give the park a real city feel. There is no doubt that it is an outstanding park. The main street of the park is really charming. It goes through the hill which is really surprising. There is an outstanding playground in the park. This playground is mainly for the kids. Our son loved the playground and he had a ball there. This playground is one of the main attractions of the park.

If you are a travel lover and want to enjoy a unique experience, then Bedrock City is the place for you. The reservation process is a little old fashioned. We made our reservations by calling the phone number on the website. The reservation process was quite easy, but could have been quicker if we could have handled this online. Bedrock City is budget friendly making it an ideal place for a budget conscious family. The Flintstone theme of the park brought back so many memories as my wife and I grew up watching this popular cartoon daily. You can enjoy the charm of the Flintstone theme cafeteria and food court. My wife and I enjoyed the Brontoburgers and our son the Dino Bites. We stayed in a Flintstone themed Cabin for one night and found the room to be comfortable. Our son enjoyed the opportunity to meet the popular Flintstone characters that stolled throughout the park interacting with the visitors. He even had the opportunity to take pictures with Fred and Barney. We were shocked to find this level of fun. It is in my opinion an untapped goldmine of fun. We recommend bringing the entire family to Bedrock City in Custer, South Dakota. You will be thoroughly satisfied.



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