Bearing Life In Your Womb Is a Privilege

Life is such a miracle. Consider these facts… A woman has two ovaries, which at the time she was born had 1,000,000 cells of which only 300,000 remain at puberty. Each of these 300,000 cells could develop into a follicle which produces an egg. Normally, only one egg is produced each month. During a woman's child-bearing years, about 400 of those cells actually turn into an egg, while the rest degenerate.

In sexual intercourse, a man deposits between 600 million and 1 billion sperms at the upper end of the vagina, but only a few hundred will reach the end of the woman's fallopian tube near the ovaries. And only one sperm will penetrate the outer layers of and unite with the one egg produced.

Life. The amazing union of an egg and a sperm, each from among millions or hundreds of thousands of their kind. Chosen, therefore special. No longer two distinct cells, but a singular special cell. A future man or woman. Chosen and special - even before he is born.

By 14 weeks, all his limbs and internal organs are made. By 38 weeks, he is a full-grown baby ready to be born - all of 6 million cells from that one special united cell. And how has His Creator made him?

He has a hundred million receptors in his eyes that enable him to see. He has 24,000 fibers in each ear to enable him to hear. He has 500 muscles and 200 bones that enable him to move. He has 7 miles of nerve fiber that enable him to sense and to move. He has 18 square feet of skin that protects his body. He has a heart that can beat 36 million times a year to pump blood through more than 60,000 miles of veins and arteries. He has a brain with 13 billion nerve cells within its 3 pounds, whose processes he himself can but minutely understand. And most of all, he has a soul in the image and likeness of his Creator. How could this be? How can this be? A miracle, simply a miracle.

What divine privilege it is for woman that this takes place inside her body, in that special place called womb. There God's hand gently plants a united cell and allows it to develop and grow and be nourished. It is a blessed site for there God imparts life. There a miracle takes place.

Bearing life in your womb is a privilege, Mother. It is not your right.

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