Crashed on take off, now flying high. That would describe most of the more memorable, enjoyable, significant experiences in my life. We won't talk about my relationships in that regard but at times it has applied to those as well haha. I am starting this article off in such a fashion because if my name ever becomes synonomous with reptile, especially bearded dragon, breeding then this article will document the demonstration of the sense of humor of the cosmos that attended how it all started.

Around June of 2011 I decided to get a bearded dragon. I had decided to do this once earlier but I ended up getting fish instead and ended up with 200 gallons of fresh water fishies.

I looked on Craigslist and I found one complete with tank, lights and everything. I got the people who were selling to make a delivery. Now please take this into consideration… I had acquired two cats in the last six months or so but prior to that I hadn't had a pet for decades. A reptile??? I was excited, I was looking forward to the adventure. Having just moved from Austin Texas to Eliot, Maine and having few local friends I was needing the company lol But… I was also nervous. Would it bite my finger off? Would I kill it accidentally? What did the future hold?

The nice couple brought over my new Buddy. Yes, I know it is not the most original name but I named him after Buddy Holly and… the Crickets haha. Which reminds me that there is a Buddy Holly “curse” that is talked about on the internet. Maybe that is relevant. Anyway, the couple had their kids in tow and the kids were bouncing off the walls and terrorizing my fish, the cats were safely in their favorite hiding places. I asked the fellow who brought the tank etc up my stairs what this beardie likes to eat and he told me that the beardie really likes to eat baby food. I don't have kids so I didn't happen to have any on hand. But after they left I went out to buy baby food which already felt weird. I was so hoping that I wouldn't mess this up. I opened the small tub of baby food and put it in with the beardie. He didn't take to it right away so I stopped staring at him for a few minutes.

Disaster Strikes

I looked back in on Buddy and he had upset the entire small tub of baby food ON HIS HEAD!! I think it was butternut squash all over his head!!! Can you imagine my horror? And what to do now? Remember I was apprehensive about this creature and I was alone. I didn't know anything about how docile that a bearded dragon is and I was sure that if it was docile by nature, that now it would not be. But I couldn't let it sit like that. I mean, looking back at it now I would just pick up the beardie and take it to the bathtub for a swim until it was cleaned off. But not knowing that I had no choice but to apply a wet towel to his face to wipe off the baby food (although i couldn't wipe off the embarrassed look on his face).

I Just Made A Friend

And so an amazing and transformational thing happened to both of us and a bond was made. Buddy was sooo appreciative that I was caring for him and wiping his face off and I could feel the gratitude and he could feel the love (and maybe my apprehensiveness but he didn't judge me for it ha ha). Soon I learned what a docile and decent creature that he was and I was taking him out of his tank routinely and giving him a daily swim in the tub and we were friends. And so my love for reptiles had been born and has now blossomed into a zoo. I have 4 bearded dragons, a dozen or so snakes, other assorted lizards, two veiled chameleons, two turtles and an amazing rhino iguana! But the hobby for me started by crashing on take off!

If you want to know more about Care of Bearded Dragons Click HERE This is my first article here. I hope I didn't crash on take off. Thanks for reading

Gary Konigsberg aka The Garko Factor

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