BBQCoin often abbreviated to BBQ or BQC is a scrypt based blockchain fork of the original bitcoin source code, very similar to litecoin and launched only a short while after Litecoin.

Specs of the coin

  • Each block generates 42 coins
  • Difficulty adjustment 60 blocks
  • block generated every 1 minute
  • Max coins to be created is 201.6 million
  • Block reward halves every 24 million blocks or around every 45 years.
  • Uses the Scrypt hashing algorithm
  • RPCPORT=19323

General discussion / history of the coin

It was launched by user Cubox and in his opening statement on the July 15, 2012, 10:27:01 AM

“This new *coin is not made for be traded, sell/buy. It's just for “fun”. I have spent too much time to share it only with my friends, so i'm saying here his existance The main website will be on (not yet done) We will have an abe explorer too is now opened, thanks to Someguy and D34TH, and if I have time, I will open a PPLNS pool (Merged mining ?)”

However this coin was not seen in positive eyes by some members of the forum (namely Luke-Jr(references needed) and Greedi), so Greedi performed a 51% attack on the chain and stopped people mining coins and rejected blocks from other users.

At the time of writing this I have been unable to see any other malicious work that was carried out during this 51% attack of the coin, but this attack soon meant that people lost interest and faith in BBQcoin.

Then on February 08, 2013, 07:58:05 PM it was announced by user markm that BBQcoin was still ticking along and has been since it started and that now that the attackers have left the alt-currency forum BBQ coin seemed to gain a little support and miners hopped back on in the hope of mining at not such ridiculous difficulties.

The original developer Cubox seems to have almost abandoned the project and the original source code is not available, though look in the downloads section as figroll, a member of the BBQcoin development team, has forked the original BBQ repository and made it available. BBQCoin is now actively managed and developed at the BBQCoin Foundation.


There are plans from more exchanges to support BBQcoin in the future…one of note is but this exchange is currently still in testing phase at the moment.

Mining pools


Other Pools

But with difficulty ever increasing as more miners get on this chain, it is important for more pools to appear in order to secure the network further

Block explorer

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