Basic Principles of Relationship in Home Building

Being present in a wedding always gives pleasurable happiness to me. The beaming faces, the star-struck eyes, and the atmosphere all radiate optimism joy, and hope. They hide the current state of the economy, the silhouette interspersing with sunlight on the marriage path, and the stresses associated to dedicated homemaking and breadwinning.

I cherish listening to the words of advice given during the rite, mainly when these pinpoint out the sweet things as well as the danger signs of marriage. In one wedding ceremony I have just attended as a guest, I wrote down of some core fundamentals of relationship in home building.

First, “continue making memories”. Remembering initiates a principal task of our brain. It instigates the learning procedure and opens the way going to the utilizing of the intellectual abilities. Events triggered in the brain either strengthens the current life to re-energize the future or weakens experience to soften the upcoming encounters with life.

Parents would be smart to go on creating delightful memories in the home with their children. The birthdays, the family day, the family outing, the small success celebrations, the most significant family council, the most-loved family story, the most-fun family game, the family worships and anniversaries – all have an important part in portraying the emotions and longings of children away from home to home. These assist to stay separation from the principles learned back there in the past. The recollection of these joyous moments can bring on the tears, but they are tears which re-energize the soul and support the threads of the heart.

The second counsel says “keep the communicating”. Family members part ways and go with their individual lives. The connection, to remain, must be fostered. Phone calls, cards, letters, and little indication of remembrances retain the lines of communication always available. The guarantee that family members are praying for each other improves the tie which holds the hearts in love. One eldest daughter speaks from experience, her parents: “Even if we are thousands and thousands of miles away, yet I know we are nearby as we meet at the kingdom of God in prayer.”

Keep distance, the third counsel, indicates discretion. Anything which leans to split the relationship between married couples – being a workaholic, addiction to sports, peer friendship, or an extra-marital affair - must placed out of the way. Any person disturbing the conjugal harmony - be it a child, a friend or an in-law - must give way to the intimate privacy of the husband and wife.

A marriage counselor tells parents to minimize their parental presence over their married children by living nearby, if they wish, but not with the couple to permit the young husband and wife to stand and develop. From anything and any person staying on the way between husbands and wives, the best advice is to stay away!

Happy and healthy marriages do not just occur overnight. They have to be worked with a lot of effort and time. The organization which goes into creating a collection of happy family memories, the willpower to keep the desires burning in the hearts of the family with communication lines, and the responsive actions towards warding off any aspect which endangers family security and peace do pay off in rewarding advantage: a healthy marriage for keeps.

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