Basement (Horror Flash Fiction)

The cold callous touch of death rattled my foundation and I fear that it might crumble under the excessive weight of the blood soak memory that will evermore be ingrain in my now fragile mind. The air was thick with the smell of blood; I can still taste the metallic cooper taste on my tongue. The grotesque image that was forced upon my eyes has shaken my sense of security and will forever taint my soul.

Well at least, I will not have to live with what I had to witness for long. As I write this letter, I can hear the creature banging on the basement door which is the only thing that is separating me from an inevitable agonizing death. Shooting these monsters in the head is the way that I have found that would permanently drop these blasphemous creatures. I unloaded a whole clip into my friend Ricky but he kept coming. It wasn't until I put lead in between his eyes that his body stood still.

I don't know what these foul creatures are but they were derived from humans. My neighbor Betty, a nice old lady, who used to make cookies for all the neighborhood kids, well the last I saw of her, she had blood dripping from her black eyes and was busily chewing on the neck of a small boy. On my God, the screaming, I can still hear the fucking screaming from the dying young boy ringing strongly in my ears.

The pounding at the door is becoming louder and more forceful. I can see the door grow weaker from each hit. I have one bullet left and it has my name written on it. I wish I had something useful or wise to impart on this world but my mind is scrambled and my soul is not intact. I would like to tell my daughter who is away in college that I love you. I love you Genevieve. Please keep my memory alive. Don't forget about me. And to my bitch of an Ex-wife, well I hate you so I hope you ended up being an appetizer for one of these sadistic monstrosities. I don't have long; better put this bullet in my gun. The door just gave way and they are pouring into the room, it will not be long before they find me. “Fuck you world”……… Bang


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