I want to make a bank robbing movie, and John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama) has to be the brains.

So I got the idea when I was in jail a few years ago… Someone just put the idea in my lap. I was in county jail for 11 days and this guy was in there for robbing banks. He explained how it works, and explained how he had robbed like 10 (It was in 2010 I don't remember the exact number). And it was like the most CASUAL thing in the world, like ANYONE could do it. Movies make bank robberies seem WAY harder than they are.

So, I don't want to tell everyone how to rob a bank here in this thread, but I will discuss the plot of the movie.

Main character and friend get busted for some small time, big crime. Like a pound of weed, or a bottle of pills or something, not just a DUI. Main character takes credit while buddy is his eyes on the outside, keeping him up to date on everything. So main character gets a lawyer and starts the case. While he's in jail, he meets John DiMaggio (an old school bank robber) who tells him how everything works, and basically schools him in exactly what to do (It's really SO SO simple, the explanation is like 30 seconds literally). One thing I will explain, is no masks, use makeup to change your features so that they don't even know who to look for. If you look up “How To Make Your Makeup Look Like Drake” there's a chinese girl that can literally make herself look like drake, and you would have no idea that a Chinese girl just took shit down.

So main character has his friend on the outside make a business to use as a cover, which is really the hardest part. Because if you don't have a way to get rid of the bank bills, then your walking around with evidence and have to flip it for crack or something. So the business gets going, and main character gets out to a small start up that he half owns. They get everything together, and they go to rob their first bank, but someone else LITERALLY robs it first while they are inside, and the other robbers get arrested because they do EVERYTHING John DiMaggio said not to do. So they watch a few guys get arrested, and have to give their eye witness accounts with guns in their waistbands.

Then they go back out, and they do it right. They are able to hit 3 banks in the same evening, and they put it into the business, expecting to never do it again, but… They realize they can't stop, at first they just realize they are both thinking about it, then they start bringing up ideas on how to perfect the “method”. So now they start taking out dye packs (which takes an entire step out of the robbery) because they can spot them now, and other small things that decrease their chances of getting caught. As well as hitting the armored vehicles for more money.

Everything seems perfect, and like they will never get caught… Then John DiMaggio starts getting questioned, as his old roberries were the same as the current ones, and the police are thinking its a copy cat. But he offers to help them catch the guys in exchange for his freedom…

So that can be the plot, or the second movie depending on how long the rest takes. John DiMaggio could also be the lawyer, and suggest bank robberies is order to pay him. Then go to the police to make more. Instead of being a prisoner, but it works either way.

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