Bad Cops, Or Bad Rap?

Bad Cop, Good Cop

Are there bad cops working for departments all over this nation? Absolutely! Do they make up the vast majority of the men and women sworn to protect and serve the citizens of their jurisdiction? Not even close. I have seen quite a bit of negative press, comments, and posts about law enforcement on the news and social media. While police officers becoming corrupt and violating their oaths of office is the most betraying act I can think of, by and large the majority of officers are good, patriotic men and women who honestly want to serve their communities and society.

Bad Apples

So called media outlets and “patriotic” Facebook pages are quick to label all cops as jack-booted thugs, but it is few and far between that a mention is made of the sacrifices most cops make to ensure the safety and security of their citizens. I know, first hand, how devastating having a bad cop working in your department is. I have worked with some flat out evil people and in each circumstance their actions were reported by fellow officers and they ended up in the soup line or in a prison. Officers are human and prone to make mistakes like anyone else. It has been my experience that the few degenerate cops are covered more by the press and this feeds into the false notion that the law enforcement profession is riddled with corruption and misdeeds. This is just not the case. 99% of the people I have had the honor of serving with not only were good Christian people, they would rather lose their job than knowingly go against the Constitution or violate someone's rights. Bad cops exist and we detest them as much as the general public does.

The Fix

Fellow officers should be quick to notice and REPORT misconduct by their peers and swift action must be taken by the departments. Bad cops will always be bad and no amount of training or discipline will ever fix them. They got into the job to abuse power and hurt people. In car cameras were the greatest inventions to law enforcement because they protect good officers from false accusations and the fry the corrupt ones for violating their oath. The more videoing the better in my opinion, as long as the entirety of the situation is filmed not just highlights of misconduct. Any incident can be edited down to the good or bad sections. Not all cops are bad, just like all citizens are not evil. But when the bad cops are discovered and found to be in breach of their oath, they should be served with the harshest, heaviest justice our society can level against them. They make it so extremely difficult for all the other officers trying to make a difference and their community a better place. Evil always gets attention over good. Godspeed Roughmen.

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