The brisk morning moments

The fleeting of the moon

As silent as the rain

The fog rolls in at noon


Sunlight hidden away

Night breaks into day


Laughing, screaming

In the distance

Children playing

Without resistance


Laughing, crying

In the darkness

In the dark midst


When the days end

Does the night ever begin


Has the hour

Come to devour

Swallow our souls

Injecting us all


Shifting the poison

About the break in

Swallow our souls

Infecting us all


Silencing the mind

Its louder all the time

To be unique is now a crime


That’s the way it has to be

In a so-called-society


Reform to a set belief

The fog has taken hold

don’t believe what you think

Just follow what your told


Just conform to the lies

Children of the dark sunrise


Just go to sleep

Just close your eyes


No more looking to the skies

Now your children of a dark sunrise

So wake up


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