Automotive Jobs


Generally speaking, automotive jobs are those that involve working in the automotive industry where the jobs entail working with buses, trucks, bulldozers and buses. In addition, the scope of such jobs can even be further widened by including people who are involved in the maintenance and repair of vehicles or engines; sale of vehicle spare parts, etc.. For those who may wish to work in this industry, the interest in vehicles, engines, manual work, problem solving, diagnosing faults and sales and customer service are paramount.

For those who possess an undying passion for cars, there are numerous opportunities to earn a living in the form of different automotive jobs. Some of these include being a mechanic, designer, fabricator, a sales person or even an automotive electrician. To begin with, the most common of automotive jobs is arguably that of the auto mechanic whose chief responsibility is the maintenance and repair of vehicles. Mechanics can also be specialized in the nature of their job and some may choose to concentrate on a specific area of the automobile such as the body, electrical systems, etc. Having extensive knowledge of vehicles is advantageous because you can sort out any issues that may arise ranging from replenishing various fluids to ignition system maintenance.

Automotive Designer

An automotive designer is yet another of the automotive jobs. It revolves around creating the visual components that give the car its allure. Such components include, but are not limited to exterior and interior style; color; graphics, etc. With the advent of new technologies, automotive designers use computer aided programs to create safe and functional vehicles using various engineering principles and mathematical formulae. To find a footing in this career, one can pursue a degree in automotive design.

Automotive Fabricator

Machinery plays a key role in the production of today's automobiles with the output volumes involved. An automotive fabricator is a class automotive job that deals with assembly line work in a factory. This job requires no shortage of skill as fabricators have to be knowledgeable on computer systems that run the assembly lines.

Automotive Sales

Further, an automotive salesperson's job, which is basically about selling automobiles is an automotive job that is worth exploring if one has an indepth understanding of features, capabilities and characteristics of vehicles. One also has to not only pitch a sale to a potential customer, but to develop and qualify buyers as well. Some of the duties that this job entails include demonstrating vehicle characteristics, including taking drives; closing sales by not only completing sales but by finalizing contracts as well. To qualify for this job, one has to be motivated with highly developed organizational skills so as to meet sales targets.

Automotive Electrician

Lastly, but by no means exhausting the list of potential automotive jobs are automotive electricians. Their principal job is to install electrical wiring components in vehicles. They also carry out maintenance and repair of these systems. Some of the tasks that they undertake include replacing defective parts such as fuses, testing and replacing defective parts such as ignition systems and dismantling defective electrical systems.

The automotive industry employs a large number of people, a majority of whom are involved in maintenance and repair. This sector has in the recent past experienced a strong demand of professionals as a result of new technologies involved. With this, the automotive industry has begun to show signs of recovery not seen since the 2008 recession.


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