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The words screamed at me from the screen, sent by some random stranger and followed by line after line of accusatory rant. Of all I might have done, I have never been a scammer. Who was this person? What was their problem? Moments later my classified ads were removed and the next 24 hours spent in a fruitless effort to re-instate them, and my account.

I had obviously created an enemy, but 3 days later I thought perhaps I should thank this anonymous vigilante, had they not been so virulent in their attack and insistent in their accusation, it may have taken months to realise I had become a willing “mule” for a scammer.

As part of my business plan, I had contacted manufacturers of mining hardware to on sell here in Australia. From those who responded – and another supplier, I gathered information about shipping times, stock levels, pre-ordering processes and in the case of the other supplier, registered as a reseller for pre-orders.

I had created an invoicing system and process for converting cash to BTC for who only accepted Bitcoin as payment, added their details to my website and started advertising, initially the smaller, entry level USB products on classified websites here in Australia, leading back to more advanced hardware types on my website. I never intended to be the best, or the cheapest, just to round out the services I could offer.

Now this is where we came into my little tale:

After the anonymous vigilante launched his assault I started to have some concerns. I again contacted and told them my concerns and they agreed to let me pay by UK bank transfer, which made me feel safer about the transactions.

When I received an order for over $8000.00(AU) I was so aware of the position I could find myself in that I again contacted Jason at and asked him to provide me an invoice/purchase order which he did. I was so relieved I almost didn’t check further but there again was that accusation:


I looked up the requirements for an invoice in the UK. I desperately wanted that invoice to be right, to be from a legitimate company… there were so many things wrong with the invoice that I really didn’t need to check the address on Google earth but I did anyway, hoping I would find some glimmer that I wasn’t such an idiot. The address was a nondescript block of maybe 50 units in Edinburgh. The invoice showed no unit number.

I emailed Jason from again and pointed out the errors and asked that the invoice be returned with all the information required under UK law, or an alternative method of payment be found. The response was not encouraging, nor was the next email moments later. Neither carried a corrected invoice.

In the meantime I had sold another 3 units of smaller USB miners via another classifieds website, one of which had already paid. I closed the ads, refunded the sale and cancelled the others.

At least I found out early, while all that was at risk was my pride and reputation. I came within moments of sending thousands of dollars of someone else’s money to my scammer overlord and putting myself squarely in the middle of a transaction that would leave me liable to my customer, with no product ever appearing.

Tips for avoiding the traps

  • Do good research before handing over cash to anyone online.
  • Join and do a search for the developer/supplier/manufacturer you are dealing with.
  • Trust that little voice in your head, if something does not seem quite right, it probably isn't.
  • Check for them on

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