Army of God – Part 2

His father's son, Patrick Frias, set the vision in the 1st talk, “Born To Be A Hero”: All around us we see the destruction of the human person, the human family. We see corruption, but the problem is, it is becoming to be seen as normal. But it is not like that and it should not be like that.

Who are the heroes? Those who keep their word. Those who keep pure before marriage. Honest, hard workers. A brother who respects his girlfriend. Children who respect their parents. A person who says no to temptation. A caring, responsible Household Head. A person who helps the less privileged.

Bambi Urgino sung the reflection song, “The Hero” but, most of all, shared in the first of the brave bold sharings of the conference; Patrick honored him by praying over him and his promise to be pure.

SFC fulltimer's “The Dance of the Cadres” depicted the gallant fighting that preceded the fall of Corregidor in World War II when hundreds of thousands of soldiers were forced to march to their deaths. In the 2nd talk, “Death March,” the problem was introduced by sharers from both ends of the economic spectrum of society: Joy Adduru of Bagong Silang and Jeannette Que of Dasmarinas Village, Makati City. Celso Magcalas talked of the crazy stupid reasoning that leads to our slow march to death: “I can sleep with my girlfriend as long as I don't get her pregnant.” “I can take drugs as long as I can handle it.” “It's okay to steal as long as you don't get caught; but, if you do get caught, deny.” “I'm watching pornography with a pastoral eye.”

Known Philippine movie director Anselle Beluso, following Bambi's bravery, also openly professed purity of heart and mind. While Rica Arambula sung Gary V's “Take Me Out Of The Dark,” Celso encouraged all to pray, “Think of the death marches you're in!”

In the 3rd talk, “Casualties of War,” by Gidget Santos, SFC fulltimers interpreted in a dance “Mi Ultimo Adios” the Consequences - the victims: Big Shot Piega shared, “I've decided to forgive my father because I know the love of God in my heart is bigger than my pain.” Giovanni Tanaid of SFC Cotobato told of how pornography affected his life and relationships and how he is righting these wrongs. Mae Amarante, once a radical feminist, spoke of her own victims, the four children she aborted, and how God gave her a new life with a loving husband when she came back to Him. To top it all, Maybelle Bangayan brought “Amazing Grace” by her singing when all the sharers forgave their victimizers as well as asked forgiveness from their own victims.

Gidget boldly shared her life to bring home the point. Corregidor is a battleground; a lot of people died here. Who are the casualties of war? Drug addicts. Victims of abortion. Victims of frat wars. Jobless people. Criminals. Broken families. Whenever there are casualties of war, there is a trail of death. On a scenario like this, death builds on death. Sin causes death. Our God is a loving Father. He will love you the way you are - wounded and broken. He will continue loving you. No matter how terrible your life is, He will straighten it out. (Prov 3:6)

In the 4th talk, “Freedom,” Terry Savage talked of liberation after SFC fulltimers interpreted the song “Free Your Mind.” Bobby Matthews of SFC Indonesia and Baham Mitra of SFC Palawan/Makati both shared of emancipation from their mistaken paradigms.

“You don't choose once and for all. You choose again and again. The first choice sets the direction in our life. The subsequent choices set the quality of our. life,” Terry said. “Freedom is an attitude. God picks sinners as His servants, flawed people. We can sit back and complain, instead of being the source of solutions. It's an attitude that makes the quality of our life.” During the pray over, he prayed, “I choose for freedom in my life and I will fight side by side with you to win freedom in your life.”

In the empowerment talk, the 5th, “Set My People Free,” Frank Padilla reminiscent of MacArthur said: We have a God who always says “I shall return.” Even when we sin, turn away from Him, and are unfaithful, He will return. Jesus is our hero.

We are in a true life and death struggle. The enemy wants to march us off as his captives. We are healed. We are free. We are victorious in Christ.

But that's not all. When He changes our life, we need to help others live free. How? By living an inspiring life, a life of excellence. By being honest - Honesty is not the best policy; it is the only policy. By saying no to sin - Sin is always around the comer; the flesh might be weak, but the Spirit of God acts on us. By saying yes to the cross of Christ - If we know Christian life is a life of cross, then we know what we are facing and will be prepared. By being humble and kind - Accept who we are and what we are; we need to be kind, generous, affectionate, simply manifesting the graciousness and grace of God. By living a life of integrity - men and women of integrity.

We are a victorious army! We want to tell the whole world 'set my people free!'

Next time, we'll see them riding the horses in the rodeo at Malaybalay, Bukidnon for the next SFC International Leaders Conference.

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