Are we cyborgs yet?

Are we still human or have we become cyborgs yet?

A cyborg is a cybernetic organism which is a biological entity with cybernetic parts. Darth Vader for instance would be a cyborg. It does not necessarily matter which part of the human being is cybernetic, the point is that it's the merger between the organic and inorganic. The man and machine are currently merging through technology.

A human machine system is a system which is coupled with a human operator and which relies on human computer interaction. We have exoskeletons for instance and in the near future we will have working brain to computer interfaces. The brain to computer interface will allow us to control our computers with our thoughts. Artificial intelligence will eventually be guided by our thoughts, exoskeletons will eventually allow people who could not walk such as those who are confined to a wheel chair to walk again. An individual such as Stephen Hawking is an example of this and as technology becomes more sophisticated and much cheaper this technology will become more wide spread.

A human augmentation system can take that which is human and enhance it. We can become more human, we'll be able to see better in the dark, we'll be able to hear better, we'll be able to think more clearly, it is all currently possible. Google has Google glasses which will potentially bring augmentation technology to the mainstream. The thinking cap has also been shown to work and is real, yes you can buy a cap to make you think more clearly, faster, to make you better smarter. One method is trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. Another method is trans-cranial direct-current stimulation.

Trans-cranial direct-current stimulation is more effective than nootropics with no known side effects. It works by focusing an electric current on certain areas of the brain to activate the brain. There are many questions surrounding this technology such as, if this technology really is as effective as it seems to be, with no side effects, wouldn't it be safer than our drug based nootropics such as Ritalin? So once again I have to ask, are we cyborgs?

But if we are cyborgs…

If you've decided that we are cyborgs what rights should cyborgs have? What about robots? If our robots are to take care of us, if that artificial intelligence is created by simulating an actual human brain, does that simulated human brain have any rights?

Human beings will rely on robots to do the work, but in order to make the transition we have to use cryptocurrencies to compensate the robots for the work. This would be because robots would be owned by human beings and those human beings will need compensation. Robots will do work on behalf of human beings, be compensated on behalf of human beings, but what other roles do cryptocurrencies play in this epic dynamic?

To evolve the human species, extend the human lifespan from around 120 years to thousands of years and eventually to immortal we must get smarter, develop our knowledge, leverage our artificial intelligence, and alter the course of our evolution. The universe is large and complex and 120 years is not enough time for any of us to have a deep understanding of it. We must make more time, that is the reason to work.

We also must reduce suffering for all sentience, starting with human beings because we have the deepest understanding of ourselves. We must start by relieving from our individual self, then focus on relieving it for our collective selves. We are not smart enough to do this on our own, and only with the help of artificial intelligences will we be able to manage it.

Currently we do not have the knowledge or intelligence to guide or own evolution. We are not smart enough to genetically engineer ourselves better bodies. The paradigm shift will start once we begin developing superintelligent machines. These machines once developed will be able to guide us into becoming Gods, extend our lifespan possibly to near immortality. The superintelligent machines would be so intelligent that they would be able to redesign themselves continuously and get exponentially smarter. At some point we will have to merge with it, just as we are currently in the process of merging with the Internet.

Once a superintelligent machine is constructed, there will be no need for capitalism, no need for humans to work in any traditional form. The superintelligent machine would be smart enough to design it's successors and it would evolve at an exponential rate. Robots under the control of these machines could terraform and build entire planets or solve space travel for us. These machines would become so much more intelligent than us so quickly that we would be unable to understand the output and would spend years studying that until of course the machine learns how to teach.

Once we can be taught by these machines we wont have to go to school, we'll go to virtual worlds constructed by the machine to teach anything we need to learn and those worlds would be photo realistic. In the media it has been mentioned that Ray Kurzweil now works for Google. We all know Ray Kurzweil as the man behind the idea of the technological singularity. The technological singularity however if it does happen will eventually result in the birth of superintelligent machines.

Google could be onto something and the fact that they have recruited Ray Kurzweil could be a clue into the mind of Google itself and an indication of their next move. Google functions as a mechanism which could theoretically organize all the information on the Internet and possibly all the information in the universe itself. Just organizing this information isn't the same as comprehending it, but if a superintelligence were to be constructed it would need to be fed all the information on earth. If the superintelligence were to start with the Internet then it could result in very interesting possibilities both for all of us in that it could help us all greatly, but also for whomever controls that superintelligence and the information it analyzes.

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