ArcheAge OB Hit By DDoS


The open beta for ArcheAge kicked off on September 4th, and with it came server instability. At first players assumed the issue was due to overpopulation (which is a huge issue among MMORPGs that are in the beta stage – as the publishers work on beefing up their server capacities), but this one was due to a DDoS, as confirmed by Ocho, part of Trion Worlds' Community Team:

“Following last night's ISP maintenance, our overnight team has confirmed a DDOS that is currently aimed at Trion's services. We're actively working with our ISP partners and the authorities on both mitigating its effects and ensuring this group gets caught.

Our live games are up and ArcheAge's open beta is going forward as planned. While the attack persists, there may be some effects on network stability and some website unavailability. You also may need to use the Resend Code option for our login security and RIFT's Coin Lock if the email doesn't reach you at first.”

This has led players to question whether or not a similar thing is going to happen when ArcheAge goes into its pre-release launch on August 12th, but the hope is that by that point Trion will have already prepared just in case. With that said, don't be surprised if there are some issues soon after the launch that still need to be ironed out; DDoS-related or not.


Source ArcheAge Open Beta Hit By DDoS

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