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NB: In this letter, the first five lines is the address of the Applicant The second five lines is the address of the organization that you want to apply to


P. O. Box OS 1145, Osu Accra

+233 274568975

June 10, 2014

The Director – M

Leading Edge Consulting

202 Awolowo Road – 3rd Floor



Dear Madam/Sir: The description you posted for Area Sales Manager in the Daily Graphic No 19480 Monday, June 9, 2014 page 23 parallels my interests and qualifications perfectly.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry, I will bring to your organization unique expertise in marketing and Sales. I will also bring to your organization superb communication skills, attention to detail, and versatility. I have these abilities because I have worked to developed them through education, training and real-world experience. I am confident that my own strengths and work ethics will highly complement your organization team values vision and objectives.

Previously, during my tenure as Key Account Representative, I oversaw the management of Modern markets, Hotels and Fuel Marts for all of Accra and Tema. This position also required extensive efforts to meet immediate and long term goals. One of my greatest strength lies in building consensus. As detailed in my attached résumé, I have been recognized throughout my career for building a sense of teamwork within my area of responsibility. I have also been commended throughout my career for departmental team building and project success. My broad experience and range of skills have made me a superior candidate where I can apply my marketing, managerial as well as selling skills. Please consider me a candidate for the position of Area Sales Manager in your Organization.

Moreover, my work experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods has helped me develop my ability to deal with customers effectively, keep accurate records, pay attention to details and prioritize my time. I have learned being gracious can be more important than being right. I would welcome the chance to spend some time with you-either in person or over the telephone – to discuss how my proven human relations and team building skills can benefit your organization. I look forward to answer any questions you may have.


Raphael Ata Boateng

Education | Work

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