Antigua & Barbuda – A Hurricane Will Not Stop Them

Antigua & Barbuda


Population: 65,000

Ethnic groups: Mostly black African.

Principal language: English (official).

Religion: Predominantly Anglican.


Area: 171 square miles

Location: Eastern Caribbean

Neighbors: North of Guadeloupe

Capital: St. John's (22,500 population)


Type: Constitutional monarchy with British-style parliament.

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II; represented by Governor-General

Head of government: Prime Minister

Bishop Donald Reese of Antigua & Barbuda learned of Couples for Christ (CFC) from his fellow bishop of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Bishop Robert Rivas. A personable cleric, Bishop Reese allowed Joe Duran, CFC Regional Head for the Caribbean Islands, to proceed with the first Christian Life Program (CLP) at the capital city, St. John's. At the parish hall, where it was held, 63 participants came to the Orientation Talk of the first Christian Life Program of the country.

Running for the weekend, from Friday night to Sunday morning, there were 49 graduates: 9 couples, 19 handmaids and 12 singles (7 women and 5 men). All from the place, they were professionals, engineers, businessmen. One is even a magistrate.

The CLP was held when a hurricane (150 mph winds) was threatening the Caribbean. There were strong rain and gusty winds, but the participants came anyway. Even Miami Airport was closed. But God prevailed and Floyd steered away.

Joe Duran created the Mission Team from CFC New Jersey, composed of himself & his wife Monina and myself & my wife Sylvia and our children, Geraldine, 17, and Marlon, 11.

Among the conversions of heart in the CLP, a marriage relationship was healed. When the CLP was brought down to his basic human level of understanding, a participant known to be a womanizer was brought to the awareness of God. He was exuberant in thanking CFC. “There is really joy in following the commandments; it's not just any rule, but it's the rule for being happy,” he said.

Antigua & Barbuda is our 71th country and our 6th Caribbean country. by Mary de la Cuesta

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