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Do you like war? Do you think it’s cool? If you do then this article is not for you. This is for those who think warfare is a sick twisted thing which must be stopped. This is for those who recognize that war is crime of the most extreme.

If you are asking, “what about defensive warfare?” again, this post is not for you. Yes, if you are attacked, you have a right to defend but that is absolutely not what’s been going on in the world at large so the question is moot. It is, however, what the corporate-owned media is selling you.

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” - George Orwell

The following text is from a post I made to facebook. Although the constantly changing algorithms, monetization, and other annoying changes have made it more challenging, social media is still a great way to get information out that will not be disseminated by a news media who has a vested interest in maintaining the ruthless and diabolical status quo. If you aren’t doing stuff like this, at least on occasion, I would recommend you do so.

This sort of activity is but a fraction of the actions we need to be taking, like writing letters to our congressmen for example, but it is still a worthwhile pursuit by my reckoning. So use social media. Don’t stop there but by all means get that information out there in this and any other way you can.

Combat Regret from an Afghan Vet – AVTM

After watching this video I realized that lately we have only been speaking about the wars going on in vague generalities. There have been very little graphic details. This is unacceptable. Even though this letter was written about a situation in the past, it is important to understand that this sort of thing is going on right now.

Sadly, this isn't even the worst of what's going on. As bad as it is, I have heard from combat vets all kinds of horrid details involving everything from torture to rape of children to cold-blooded murder of non-combatants all at the hands of our own troops. This is going on in several places all over the world.

Though a veteran myself, I have never had the displeasure of being directly involved in one of these sorts of situations. My experience in the combat theater was, fortunately for me, quite limited. However, I think we can all imagine what it must be like.

The idea here is not to demonize the troops. There are some good people out there being exposed to these crimes of humanity and even being unwittingly made participants. This gets really bad folks so we need to understand the full scope of the atrocities being committed in our names and expose as many people to it as possible.

They may not thank you for it… I would hope they would not… But they need to know.

The video in question:

Comments Section

As soon as I had posted the above post, I received a comment from a friend about the events of Dresden after WWII had ended. I linked a Wikipedia article about the event and replied that we couldn’t do anything about that and that there was stuff like that going on right now. She complained that people needed to know that the “crap like that Wikipedia” article didn’t reflect what really happened. She stated that we have to understand our real history to understand the present otherwise nothing would or could change.

She was absolutely correct, I believe. However, I made the following case:

Agreed. They should know about how the US military intelligence concluded, overwhelmingly, that the Japanese forces where 100% ready to surrender BEFORE this happened…

I linked to some pictures of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing and then said:

So I agree with you. However, I still must push for exposure of things that are happening right now as much as possible. Do you have any idea how many scholarly and “news” articles there are out there “debunking” that it was known the Japanese forces were surrendering BEFORE the bombing? There are tons and I wouldn't be surprised if there are similar ones about Dresden as well. We could get mired down in that sort of muck if we aren't careful. If we can disseminate stuff that's happening now, before the government-collaborator media can paint over the picture, maybe we can mitigate some of these crimes that are happening right now.


Because I used my personal page, I’m not sure how many people the post is reaching. I do know that at least three people interacted with in within the first hour. You will probably get more “likes” about posts talking about how you saw Sarah at the mall with her new boyfriend, or whatever, but it won’t save lives and it won’t alleviate the suffering of children or their families. Spreading information about the true nature of wars of aggression just might. Certainly we must do more than that but we will do whatever we can.

Good luck and remember: this is not a game of crochet. Rolling over to tyranny will definitely get you and your loved ones hurt but fighting it certainly can too. Nobody’s saying this is without its risks but it must be done.

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