Animal Experimentation

Experiment: Animals, they are individuals in their own world much like we are, but one every day occurrence humans alone have that no other being has is mirrors to see themselves. Could something so simple as a dog learn the trait of looks. And become self conscious? If taught from birth to look at mirrors and view itself what would happen. If you were to dress them up in something 'stylish' one day and have the control group give the dog attention. Then the next day the opposite, dress it in something 'not stylish' and the control group would ignore the test dog. All along the way the dog will see itself through mirrors and pictures, so it will start to know when it's wearing certain out fits that it will/wil not get attention. How will this affect the dog? Will it start to understand A human trial, looks? Or even an intreverse emotion to the experiment, acceptance and denial of some one for unnatural reasons.

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