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And We Ran

Ligonier Doug Bio

Doug lived one town over from us. That town was about 15 miles away by highway and a completely different school district. To be honest, I forget how we met Doug. I think Vogle may have met him on myspace and since we were all in to the same music he became a part of the group. Doug was an amazing guitar player but definitely had the least to lose out of any of us. For starters, for as redneck and rural our town was Doug's was upscale country. It may as well have been from the deep south during the 1800's. Those folks had some money but the town was mostly run on the old money that kept vacation homes and a country club nearby. Basically the town was a model train set brought to life.

The first time I met Doug I went with Vogle to visit him. Vogle was a big fan of potato guns and fire in general. It was so cold that night the rivers froze solid. Which, I didn't know at the time, but was the whole point of visiting Doug.

Surprisingly we unloaded the potato guns without any problems. Vogle told his parents Doug's parents didn't care and Doug just didn't tell his parents… or care. Doug's mom yelled quite a bit but we ended up just leaving. Like I said, the river was frozen so we walked out to the river and hung out beneath the bridge shooting the potato gun at the bridge.

During summer vacation I kept odd hours. I still like staying up late and sleeping until the late afternoon but real life kind of prevents that. I didn't consider high school to be real life so I slept through most of it. One summer night Doug decided to visit me. I didn't know he was coming but I found out that afternoon. When the neighbour called.

Doug had walked through the night alongside the highway. By dawn he had made it to our town. I don't know if this was part of his plan when he started but when he got to my house and I didn't answer when he knocked on the window he decided to take all of the neighbours porch furniture and put it on my parent's porch. Then he walked back to his town. He didn't tell me it was him for a few days.

Doug didn't really have a senior prank at his school. He went to a private school. It was just normal for him to terrorize that place. One day he realized thousands of crickets in the school. The kind you order to feed your odd pets. He had a goblin mask and would hide under the manholes in the street. He'd jump out and run around screaming and making noises on busy days when people were walking around the shops.

He was the only one of us to be arrested outside of McMullen but that was much later.

Doug set a real estate sign on fire. He was wearing the goblin mask too. It all came down to poor planning and bad timing. Doug waited until the middle of the night and hopped out from behind a house and ran up to the sign with a can of hair spray and a lighter. At the exact time that Doug jumped out a cop pulled around the corner on to the street from behind him.


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