Ancient Chinese Religions

  • Evidence - Confucianism's core beliefs and writings originate in the writings and lessons of Confucius and were elaborated by key disciples. Confucius did not actually write it down.
    • Analects are his main work - they were his teachings from which Confucianism came from
  • Evidence - Confucius sought to promote social harmony by outline proper rituals and social relationships for all people in China, including the political rulers
    • Confucius is not loved by the rulers but he is loved by everyone else. It then became a government adopted philosophy - these dictate how to act in society
      • Relationships in order of importance
      • Ruler-subject - is the most important
        • father-son; the son is the responsibility of the father and that means that there is no real need of police if every father keeps their sons in line
        • older brother - younger brother; the older one has responsibilities to the younger one - it is patriarchal (the eldest male has more responsibility than the youngest male)
        • husband - wife
        • senior friend - junior friend (the older of two friends have more responsibility than the younger one)
      • The Analects outlined these relationships. All of society can be maintained if all the relationships can be fulfilled
  • Evidence - In the majority of Daoist writings, the core belief of balance between human nature assumes that the Chines political system would be altered indirectly. Daosim was indirect while Confucianism was direct. He knew that Confucians were getting persecuted and he did not want to get persecuted as well and so he just hinted at it. He balanced human needs and the needs of nature.
    • Principles
      • Tao or Dao means the way
        • The way or the flow of the universe
        • The natural rules that everything abides by
        • The Yin and Yang is the symbol - they are linked

one does not exist without another **

  • You cannot have a perfectly good world - you must have evil
  • Evidence - Daoism influenced the development of Chinese culture
    • The Yin and Yang becomes a chinese way of art and how they balance it with nature
    • Examples:
      • Poetry
      • Poem by Yuan Mei
      • Architecture
        • Most Daoism temples were built in natural environments, such as the mountains

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