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Anatomy and Physiology of Tyranny – A Writing Experiment

Tyranny is often spoken of in the abstract and in terms of oppression. It is important to map out the form of tyranny today to begin to address underlying issues. What is being confronted at this time is what some have called, quite rightly, systematic evil. Somehow, the way the systems are set up, abusive authority has pervaded the upper echelons of society and the entire global world is facing systemic corruption on every level.

In this article, an emphasis on the United States will be found. That having been said, the same sort of systems of oppression can be found throughout western civilization. The establishment is surly destructive and deceitful. It is astounding the degree of mental control the media has exerted over the masses. The sheer scope of the lies, spin, and general “reality management” is astounding. As a result, the people have accepted institutions of slavery that they cannot even see for what they are.

Though the System itself can be thought of as a sort of whole network of power and control, it can be seen to be easily described as subdivided into industrial complexes which are subsets of the entire economy. The corrosive nature of profit motive abounds but also a sinister side to humanity uses systems to intentionally cause suffering and death. This will be explored.

Prison Industrial Complex

The prison industrial complex is remarkably pervasive, particularly in the United States. It is a well-known fact that the United States has many times more people incarcerated than any other country in the world. Some reports suggest that the United States has more people incarcerated than all other nations combined.

Not only does the United States hold more of their own people captive per capital than any other country, the raw numbers are significantly higher than any other nation. In addition, the United States, through its unprecedented military ambitions, has more people imprisoned abroad than any other empire in recorded history.

Even the New York Times1), often nothing more than a propaganda rag for the establishment, admits that the US prison population “dwarfs that of other nations.” The Times goes on to state that the United States, “has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.”

Remarkably, the Times suggests that this practice drives down crime even though nobody is sure how much. Absolutely no citations were provided to support this bizarre statement but it gets even weirder. The article claims that the United States has a relatively high violent crime rate, partially due a high availability of guns. Apparently, in the minds of the Times writer, firearms have a magical ability to corrupt otherwise law abiding citizens instigating them to commit crimes. Putting the propaganda aside, the article continues by explaining one of the real reasons, “People who commit nonviolent crimes in the rest of the world are less likely to receive prison time and certainly less likely to receive long sentences. The United States is, for instance, the only advanced country that incarcerates people for minor property crimes like passing bad checks, Whitman wrote.”

Having primed the reader with the “bad checks” example, the article gets to the crux of the issue by bringing up the “War on Drugs.” Truly, this is the main contributing factor along with excessively punitive actions including long prison sentences and the like. Turning back to vacuous unsubstantiated propaganda, the article pushes the idea that, “there is little dispute that America's exceptional incarceration rate has had an impact on crime.” The author goes on to blame the Democracy claiming it is popular demand amongst voters that results in the longer prison sentences.

In regard to the Prison industrial complex within the United States, there are shocking practices taking place. There are cases of private prisons who exploit their inmates for labor2). The inmates are captive and paid very little. There is no better example of outright wage slavery. Naturally, the motive for profit ensures that corruption pervades the entire industry. The more prisons and jails are built, usually by a company like Halliburton, and the more they are crammed with human beings, the more money they get; not just from government funds but also from the exploitation of human labor.

Consequences of prisoner treatment are severe and naked even if the information about it is spun and otherwise not widely disseminated. In California, many prisoners have actually taken up a hunger strike to protest treatment3). This is remarkable when one considers that few would be able to undertake such a radical form of protest. Containing, oftentimes mostly the “dregs” of a corrosive society, the prison system is not a place one would expect to find many people demonstrating Gandhiesque levels of self-discipline. The amazing truth is that conditions of an institution must be absolutely deplorable, like those in Guantanamo Bay, to instigate a massive hunger strike. The prisoners must actually prefer slowly starving to death over having to live with the conditions of the facility and treatment. That these things are going on in the western United States is absolutely incredible but we should expect no less having been inadequately vigilant.

Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of the economic phenomenon is the way the prisoners are sucked dry of time and money in multiple different ways and on multiple different levels. Poverty itself can ensure that, once one has become caught up in the system, they can never get out; not of the Nanny State nor poverty itself. Not having money to pay fines and fees and the like, not having money for transportations, and not having time to make appointments, can create a scenario where repeated instances of incarceration are experienced. Jobs may be lost and addiction issues exacerbated.

It would seem that the whole point of the supposed “War on Drugs,” is to help prop up and support the police-state fueled prison-industrial-complex. Since the beginning of the drug war, the prison and jail populations have exceeded all previous numbers to an astounding degree 4). A simple search will reveal plenty of data. Parole and probation has become commonplace and is often believed to be even more undesirable than having to do hard-time in a jail or prison. Parole and probation will sap time and money from its criminal justice victims, crippling their ability to survive in an economic environment becoming increasingly low on employment opportunities and ever higher in cost of living numbers.

Wages are stagnant5) and home and utility costs are higher than ever recorded in US history.6) It does not take much for one to find oneself toppling into financial despair unable to escape. The application of fines, fees, and appointments (such as drug testing for example) is more than enough to crush a person’s life.

To understand the magnitude of the industry, one must become aware of all of the different “cogs and gears” that make up the “clockwork” of the entire system. Every organization in the supply chain must be taken into account. The way prisoners are fed very little and very poorly then offered substandard, overpriced “commissary” is one aspect. There are many others. All of the employees and officials from judges down to jail nurses must be considered. It is generally known that utilities are not free either. These are just a few ways that profit is attained from imprisonment.

Private companies and public corporations profit from, not only the sale or rental of equipment like the ankle monitor, but also the service that is needed to support such devices. Organizations offering cheap, and often dubious, mental health services are subsidized by court orders requiring probation victims pay for “treatment.” Anger management can be incredibly useful but is often required for minor arguments and the like. It is not uncommon for an individual to get into an argument with their significant other over financial pressures only to be required to take time off of work to attend appointments they have to pay for. The healthcare industry supplies subsidized medication for prisoners such as anti-depressants so there are examples of cross-overs between industrial-complexes.

The spider web of profiteering is quite remarkable and it must be understood that anyone can end up in the system in this age though having wealth can make a revoltingly profound difference. By anyone, it must be said, what is meant is that even one’s own grandmother can get caught up in the system; even if she doesn’t do meth amphetamines, or whatever. Naturally, the most brutal and criminal of the poor will often spend time in the jail and prison institutions so when an elderly grandparent goes to jail over some insignificant trite regulation, or whatnot, they get to be surrounded by heroin addicts that commit burglaries and other crimes to fund their addiction, sex offenders, and perpetrators of acts of violence.

Clearly this is clearly an aspect of what can in no doubt be described as tyranny. The opportunities created and taken advantage of to exploit and abuse human beings exist and will persist. A serious look at our values and principals as a civilization must take place.

Military Industrial Complex

From a speech delivered by president Dwight D. Eisenhower, the term “military-industrial-complex” has become commonplace within certain informed circles. The premise is that “war is a racket” like General Smedley Butler once stated7). It involves conspiracies alluded to by John F. Kennedy during a speech he once delivered as well. It seems like it is all just a bunch of sick mobster-like cronyism often perpetrated by members of strange and disturbing secret societies and fraternities like the Brotherhood of Death secret society at Yale University. The Brotherhood of Death is usually called, euphemistically, the “Skull and Bones Society.”

Some even believe that interlocking conspiracies include the “Illuminati” directly influence events like wars and other military actions. The basis for this belief is both historic, with the insidious Jacobins and Bavarian Illuminati influencing the French Revolution8), and it is propagated by the finding of a document supposed to have been authored by a man named Albert Pike9). Albert Pike was a high-ranking Confederate officer during the civil war. It is well known that he had such profound influence over freemasonry world-wide that it is the rituals he devised that are used to this day. He completely changed the way freemasons where initiated into high-level and honorary “degrees.”

The letter cannot be positively verified as having been written by Albert Pike but if it was then it would prove that secret societies have, for some bizarre and demonic reasons, long term plans for global violence and domination that span hundreds of years. Once enough research is conducted, it may become apparent that there is something truly evil about what is going on on this planet. Warfare, a crime that contains within it all other crimes, is a sin against mankind in the form of mass human sacrifice. Often the sacrifice is made by juveniles and even young children. War is an alter dripping with the blood of innocence itself.

Not unlike the prison-industrial-complex, this too is a spider web of profiteering. Some may question the use of the word “privateering” but it is accurate and apt. Corporations making clothing, MREs, and a number of other products and services are paid for under contract by additional debt foisted on the American people to pay the interest on under threat of incarceration.

It goes further in that it actively uses violence against foreign people to hurt, kill, and enslave them into perpetual debt-slavery. John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man(, explains, from his own direct experience, how the common peoples are sold into perpetual debt-based servitude and deprivation by government heads bribed, threatened, and sometimes even assassinated to make the whole thing happen.

Right now, little effort is needed, to find material demonstrating the wonton destruction and suffering perpetrated by corporations rewarded by incredible profit opportunities. Everyone from the corporation that makes the satellite uplinks for the predator drones, to the pharmaceutical company doling out ibupropion at the aid station has a profit to be made perpetuating unbelievable human rights violations. Crimes against humanity, like the wholesale bombing of high-population civilian occupied cites, amount to nothing less that mass-murder of men, women, and many children. Add on top of all of that maimings and other disfigurements, you don’t even need to bring up the many instances of rape and torture to get an idea just how ugly war can be… Or perhaps one “must” bring up the pervasiveness of rape and torture during war to paint a complete picture. War is a nasty criminal venture which, as previously mentioned, is chock full of every other sort of criminal activity imaginable.

The influence, both sought and unsought, by the military-industrial-complex10) is here and it represents a candy-covered pretty veil hiding the most horrifying atrocious activities that can be conducted. War is crime so, when considered government funded mega-corporations like L3 or General Electric they are generating wealth through blood-money. With such wealth, they can build pretty buildings, give their employees cute t-shirts, and put their pretty logos on buildings like planetariums. As an example, let it be known that the Clark planetarium in Salt Lake City Utah is one such place this can be seen. In and on the building, the ATK logo can be found on the IMAX Theater there.

With great wealth, one can easily afford great public relations. When great wealth can be attained through the propagation of vile dehumanizing criminal enterprises, then one will possess a pit of satanic hell painted over with fluffy kittens and puppies dancing on clouds with unicorns that eat clouds and poop rainbows. Somehow the propaganda techniques are so effective that the majority of the public seems blissfully unaware of the serious crimes their own societal systems instigate against foreigners and even their own populations.

Doubtless many would be shocked to find out how much havoc and death is represented by the corporate logo. That the military industry can influence government to authorize acts of aggression suggests that the United States is currently under the rule of fascism. This cannot be overstated as the US is involved in multiple campaigns of aggression and oppression world-wide like the world has never seen. The scope of US military aggression is extraordinary but it is not talked about at all on the news media, itself owned by major corporations and sometimes receiving federal subsidies, often times in the form of tax-breaks not enjoyed by any small business.

Medical Industrial Complex

The medical industry can also rightly be called the “Medical Tyranny” because surely that is what it is. A known issue is overmedication. Frankly, pharmaceuticals are not particularly good for one’s health in general but anyone who has worked in a related field may have encountered scenarios where people, particularly seniors, where placed on over a dozen medication so that it would be clear to anyone that most of the problems being treated where actually side-effects of some of the medication and subsequent interactions.

The way doctors, people that are supposed to be trustworthy, are encouraged to medicate often should be, if it is not, commonly known. Some of the information which can be dredged up about this topic are down-right scandalous. The tortuous way the medical industry, towed along by a nose ring by Big Pharma, sucked the wealth right out of patience while ordering them to take toxic “remedies” is at the height of scandal.

What is not common knowledge, but probably should be, is that the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industry in general, is geared toward a sort of eugenics philosophy not unlike that of Nazi Germany during World War Two. One of the pharmaceutical companies in particular, Bayer, was a part of I.G. Farben11); an integral part of the Nazi version of fascist tyranny. A quick simple search of the web will reveal shocking details about this corporation and their dubious ethics. An often stated example includes the time that Bayer was not allowed to sell a shipment of hemophiliac medicine because it was found to have been contaminated with HIV.12) Bayer then sold the medicine, knowing it was tainted, on the French market resulting in the deaths of multiple hemophiliacs from complications associated with immunodeficiency.

There are also problems with unnecessary medical procedures and costs. Part of this problem has to do with liability. If a doctor does not want to be sued they can recommend unnecessary tests and drugs to push the blame off in another direction if something goes wrong.13) If a drug kills or injures someone down the line, the pharmaceutical company will be sued because they have the deep pockets. They do have to pay out on injuries and deaths from their poisonous concoctions but they are making so much money having doctors push the death causing liquids and powders is more than compensating so business is good for Big Pharma and the doctor is not so likely to be blamed even though he prescribed the dangerous substances.

Not to be outdone by the Pharmaceutical companies, doctors will bombard a person with radiation in cases where there is only a small chance it will find a potentially serious problem but may cause cancer in a future, likely a distant one. A probable reason for this is that, even if the doctor felt it was not necessarily in the patient’s best interest, on the off chance that there might be an issue he could be blamed for overlooking the test will be performed.

Nanny State

This is another industrial complex but is not generally referred to as such. The Nanny State, also sometimes referred to as the Welfare State, is where centralized authority exercises totalitarian control over every aspect of individual and family lives. Organizations involved in this phenomenon are numerous. The department of Health and Human Services, Department of Child and Family Services, the Affordable Care act, welfare programs, the Food and Drug Administration, the CDC, the public Health Department, unconstitutional secret family courts, the National Security Agency, and many many more can be included in this category.

The justification of the Nanny State is that we are, individually and as families, not able to take care of ourselves or make decisions on our own and that the State knows better so will take care of us like a parent taking care of its children. This is a false premise. Throughout history government has been there to exploit and use people, not take care of them. Those who seek governmental power are not interested in the wellbeing of individual citizens and families and even if they were they would be too far removed from each specific and unique case to be able to make appropriate decisions about those lives.

A great movie that demonstrates the fundamental problems with allowing a Nanny State to exist is Stanley Kubric’s A Clockwork Orange. In the film, we are introduced to a full-blown natural born psychopath named Alex. Alex was raised by loving parents and has been assigned a caseworker to manage his life but far from helping Alex or his victims it ends up empowering him to hurt others. The story gets much more involved as Alex is subject to a Pavlovian experiment to condition him with a negative visceral response to sex and violence rendering him unable to defend himself. It is not possible to adequately explain the nuance of this fine work of performing art; it is definitely worth viewing.

It may not be immediately obvious to some what the dangers of the Nanny State really are. It can be assumed that at some point they will. A problem cannot continue to grow indefinitely without it eventually affecting everyone in some way. More and more formally middle-class individuals and families are finding themselves moving in with relatives and even experiencing homelessness for the the first times in their lives. As a result, more and more people will experience the serious problems involved with allowing others to micro-manage their lives.

Industrial Control System

All of the industrial complexes link together forming a gigantic man-eating hydra. This can be thought of at the “control system” or “industrial control system.” Though seemingly separate industries, there is often not a clear separation between them. They interlock to form a web of entanglement choking the life out of everyone in its grasp.

Thus is the nature of post-modern tyranny. Socrates is said to have encouraged us to focus on building the new world rather than fixing the old but we still need to be aware of the past. If we don’t know where we’ve been, how can we know where we’re going?

This article was mostly written in two drafts with only a few minor corrections and changes made prior to publishing. Looking over it, it seems that there may have been some marginal success. In terms of speed, this article was completed in about half the time many of my other articles have taken. In terms of quality, the article seems like it may be an interesting read, but if reviewed it may be found lacking do to the absence of citations though a few links have been added as a substitute. This editorial/publishing experiment may hurt quality scoring (possibly) but the number of words produced is much higher than a time-consuming scholarly article complete with proper citations.

It can be concluded that a good strategy for writing on Devtome could include using traditional composition techniques. Typically, one is to create a rough draft without concerning oneself at all about grammar and punctuation. Next, an article can be proofread and otherwise edited to “polish it up” for publication. Finally, additional references and citations can be added to support the work and “tie up any loose ends.” Organizing one’s efforts in this manner could, in theory, not only ensure a quality product, but increase one’s productivity as well.

Further experiments to develop efficiency and efficacy will be ongoing.

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