An Officer and a Gentlewoman – Part 2

MA. THERESA PENA-CORONIA, Plantation Public Facilities manager, started as Packing Shed supervisor. Her experience in managerial posts in Luzon's food processing firms came in handy when she was promoted to her current post. She also went on special training on hotel/restaurant management. A food technology grad of Univ. of the Phils. (Diliman). Tes and husband Raul, an engineer and entrepreneur, take weekend time-outs with children Rosiabell and Carl Phillip, both Del Monte School students.

CHESED MARIA ALCOSEBA-SISON is the lady exec assigned to Plantation's East Cultural Operations. She works closely with a supervisory team that includes five women. She drives through hundreds of acres of pineapple fields on working days in her blue Strada. And yet, she manages to give you her sweetest smile An agriculture grad. of the Univ. of the Phils. Los Banos), she spent most of her 22 Del Monte years with Agri-Research. Husband Pili, an entrepreneur, has been supportive of her career as well as studies of children Leica, Astrid, Jia (all in UP-Diliman), HCHS student Agnes and kinder student Daniel Francis.

REMEDIOS TAMAYO-MISO, manager for Corp. Accounting and Financial Planning, has the distinct record of having worked in all company locations. She started out as accounting clerk in Makati and slowly moved up the corporate ladder over the last 24 years. She's a CPA and a Phil. School of Business Adm. grad. Fellow CPA and husband Bert is also a company manager (Can Plant). The couple takes special pride in daughter Rodelyn's achievements. A Del Monte School scholar and St. Mary's (Cagayan de Oro) valedictorian, she has been chosen among this year's Ateneo de Manila Freshman Scholarship grantees, the school's top 15 entrants from across the country. Sons RJ and Miko are also doing well at St. Mary’s.

Our Men & Women In Makati

Over at our Makati office, it's a happy balance in number between men and women workers. Women as well as men are assigned in sales and marketing, personnel, accounting, purchasing and traffic services, management info system, banking and insurance, and other administrative services.

Over 50 executives make up Makati's total headcount of almost 200. A good number of these are women, most of them assigned at Phil. Market. And this dynamic team of professional men and women in Makati keeps our business in the forefront of a highly competitive food processing industry.

GEN. ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL PLANNING Team. Judith Pascual, Rissa Capada, Michelle Mora, Arlene Muring, Cristina Rosario, Joy Villegas, Nenette Timpug, Caye Sarmiento, Diocel Cometa, Rochelle Castro, Cathy Galiano, Puchit Sangco, Ireen Embile, Capella Magboo, May Sanchez, Ana Elumba, Jon Codera, Aldrin Bemand, Manager Enrico Cruz, Warren Estacio, Benjie Singson, Tonton Benson and Wilson Llorente.

SALES Team. Sherry Rosario, Sharon Reyes, Thelma Lopez, Marian Tan, Jojo Evio and Dino Romano, Joel Lozada, Monette Elcano, Paolo Arugay, Valee Rivas, Jay-jay Deomano, Mogs Mejico, Ring Ferrer, Mitch Muassab, Christian So, Manuel Banocnoc, Ann Aligaya, Dennis Caparas and Paul Salang.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Team. Jinky Justo, Aida Sanchez, Jun Tejano, Director Binky Elicallo, Manager Alexis Corpuz, Rina Roque, Marlon Reyes, Alexander Bacani, Rodrigo Cruz, Jean dela Cruz, Ting Valdepenas, Jonas Lazaro, Minnie Rinoza and Jeng Baguinon.

It’s A Woman’s World

At the Plantation, where men make up the bulk of the workforce in the field, women have found a haven at the Camp JMC Fresh Fruit Packing Shed. It's where thousands of sun-ripened pineapples freshly picked from the field are tagged, packed and loaded in refrigerated vans, ready for a long journey across the seas for markets in Japan, other Asian countries, Europe and the Middle East. Jobs at the shed are tailor-made for women. A woman's tender touch keeps bruises away from export-quality Del Monte pineapples. From the shed's four unloading bays , to drenching conveyors down to the packing lines, women handle pineapples with care. Packing Shed's predominantly female team include supervisors Titit Rivera, Fely Tolentino and Gonggong Tagud, office staffers Viol Lagat and Ludy Torrefranca, and leadwomen Myrna Woo and Saring Coquia.

Precious Diamonds

Almost 300 long-serving and recently-retired employees at the Plantation, Cannery and the Corporate Headquarters were honored in separate diamond service awards programs held at the Luis F. Lorenzo, Sr. Sports Pavillion (Camp Phillips) and the Bugo Social Hall. Leading company officials in congratulating the awardees were James L. Elder, DMPI president; Marco P. Lorenzo, Plantation Operations Vice President; Jaime W. Ong, Corp. Human Resources and Corp. Affairs Vice President; and Godofredo D. Arinzol, Bugo Engineering Group Manager, who represented Factory Operations Vice President James C. Barger.

In his message, Mr. Elder stressed the invaluable contributions of employee-awardees to the company's continued success. Mr. Ong, on the other hand, compared an employee's service to a diamond whose value appreciates with the passage of time. He explained that an employee gains valuable experience on-the-job over the years, making him a most valued business partner.

Serving an aggregate total of nearly 5,000 years, this year's awardees received token items of their choice, including Noritake dinner sets embossed with the Del Monte seal.

Among the honorees were Bugo retirees Hilarion Abad, Carlito Barros, Marcelino Lizada, Carlito Lucagbo, Nelson Babor, Domingo Maoneo, Vicente Acera, Amalia Bactong, Lucila Bemador, Clarito Casino, Sally Dablio, Adelfa Horca, Rosario Mangubat, Cristita Matela, Felipa Nacional, Regina Pepito, Roquesa Rebota, Gertiudes Emano and Ricaredo Gutierrez and Plantation retirees Victoriana Aflora, Caridad Daigdigan, Robert Desamparado, Armando Mantesa, Cristito Macaloso, Clementino Gamayon, Carlos Arancana, Felomino Lasia, Teodoro Petalcorin, Crisologo Serato, Teofanes Tam-ot, Felipe Arquio, Policarpio Badelic, Florido Paluga, Rogelio Cruz, Raymundo Latayada, Laurentino Pagaran, Ricardo Sacal, Roberto Timonel, Esteban Tabaransa Manuel Damos, Casiano Culahara, Gerondio Abonitalla, Patrecio Abonitalla, Lydia Pahunang and Francisco Laspofia.

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