An Amusing Story


A Day in the Life of a Bird

Once upon a time there lived a bird named Steve. It was a peculiar since birds don't usually have names, especially robins. The robin was born many years prior and always stopped by the neighborhood “Planet Pizza” for lunch. His favorite type of pizza was pepperoni, even though he knew it put him at risk of heart disease and stroke. He loved to listen to music and even created his own “Bird Band,” back when he was younger.



Today he was feeling pretty good, for he had met a very nice female robin the night before at the Planet Pizza. They shared a pizza and then went to the “Froyo” place to get some Frozen Yogurt. Steve was planning to meet the female robin later at the movies, but he first had to study.


About Robins

As you may know, robins are a type of bird that usually stays solitary. Same with Steve. He usually either went out by himself or studied classical literature. Robins aren't like finches; they put education and the arts before a social life.



Steve studied his classical literature for a long time: Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Steinbeck. He studied so long that he missed his appointment with the female robin at the movies! He was very disappointed, so he decided to talk to one of his fellow male birds, a “homie” of his.


Talking with his bird friend

Steve talked to his avian friend Jay, who, as his name suggests, is a blue jay. Jay was always the joker and Steve loved to hang out with him, although Jay would not say the same in return. “I didn't get to see my female robin friend again, what will I do?” said Steve. “Yay!” said Jay, in a lame attempt to extract a laugh from Steve. “Let me hear you say 'Yay!' after you break up with somebody.” replied Steve. Jay replied, “You were dating?” “No,” Steve answered. “Well, then,” replied Jay, as he flew away, “you threw away your one chance at a social life, as a frustrated writer would crumple up a failed love story manuscript.”


Steve continued to live his life disappointed, while Jay came up with more metaphors for how Steve threw away his one chance for him to have a social life.


If you are a robin, try to get a social life.


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