Amnesty or Enforcement

The debate focusing on whether amnesty should be given to illegal immigrants or if more effort should be exercised in enforcing current immigration laws heated to new level recently with the House GOP proposing a bill that would in effect give millions of immigrants here illegally, legal status. While some feel this would be counterproductive and that current immigration laws and strengthening our borders would be more effective, others feel that giving legal status to those here with family and jobs would be the prudent path to follow.

"Illegal" Means You Broke The Law

I feel that more than any forces in our country’s history, immigrants are the soul and lifeblood of what makes this nation great. My forefathers came to this great country as indentured servants from Ireland and generation after generation we gave all we had to our God, Country and family. Although we did not originally choose to come here, once here we made it our own and flourished as countless other families have done. The key is these families of the past were here legally. We have a path to legal status and citizenship that is already established and used by thousands of people year after year. These hardworking men and women are fleeing horrible conditions and political persecution to make a better path for their children and their children's children. But they are doing it legally and should be commended for that. What a slap in the face to these people to hand amnesty to people who started their journey in America by breaking her laws. We have laws and rules and illegal immigrants ignore this and show that, first and foremost, they are willing to disrespect our laws and not adhere to our policies. Would their respective countries do the same for use if we were to sneak into their countries illegally? Would we be accepted with open arms? No, we would be in the best case scenario imprisoned and the worst case scenario executed as criminals.

I don't feel that people who show that their first action towards our county is to break our laws should be rewarded for doing so, just because we are lax on enforcement of our existing laws. You broke the law and you get a prize. It is my opinion that these will an incentive to further breaches of our laws and borders, because there is no punishment for committing a crime. And in reality that is what they are doing, they are breaking the law.

The Feds are Failing Us On Immigration

More and more, Mainstreet America is feeling betrayed by their own government's refusal to enforce existing immigration laws. Take for example Fremont, NE.1) Feeling overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants to their town, they acted in their own interests to create laws that they can enforce, because the federal government will not enforce the immigration laws that are in place. They took a stand to take care of themselves and what happens? Another branch of the government stops them with court rulings and red tape. If you are not going to do your job, don't stop small town America from doing it for you. The voice of the people in this town was clear and strong and they should be listened to. Do the job you were elected to do and stop hiding behind political correct bullying and extortion by people who are supporting illegal immigrants. Do you bow down to the mafia or street gangs? No, you don't. Then why would you bow down for other people breaking the law as well?

Changes That Will Work

Weighing in on this topic this week was Senator Ted Cruz (R- Texas).2) Senator Cruz feels the new measures proposed by the House GOP are nothing short of amnesty for criminals here illegally. He suggests a couple of changes that, in my opinion, would go further in solving our immigration problems. Senator Cruz suggests that streamlining the path to citizenship would help encourage those who choose to enter our borders illegally to maybe choose the legal path if it were not so bogged down with bureaucratic red tape. At the same time, he also encourages the increase in securing our borders which not only would battle the illegal immigration problem, but also combat the threat of terrorism entering our borders due to lax security and ineffective checkpoints. He has also pushed measures that would increase work visas for individuals involved with high skill employment. These are the ways we build our country and strengthen it together, not by rewarding criminals who defiantly ignore our laws and policies.

Let me say again that immigrants who enter our country legally should eventually be given every opportunity and assistance that is afforded all Americans. Immigrants are not only wanted in this country, they are greatly needed too. We were founded by immigrants from every corner of the globe and together we built the greatest country in the world. This was accomplished by LEGAL immigrants who showed first and foremost they respected our laws and were willing to endure the difficult pathway of remaining here legally. We have to stop giving our country away for free. Godspeed Roughmen.

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