The American Fantasy

A dream can be defined as an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy. So, if the American Dream is presented as a dream, can it become true? No, it cannot. The American Dream, a goal to find happiness has never been achieved and it can never be achieved.

There are numerous mentions of the dream, perhaps hinting that it may exist but it is a legend to us Americans, a myth. Some reasons why it does not exist is because of the media, the economy, and the generations of people. However, I believe that the media pulverized the dream the most. You are being controlled. Do you not believe me? Just look at what you are wearing. The media is controlling you. In a survey of 153 people, 73% admitted to buying useless items, believing that it will help their dream. Social media also increases spending.

Advertisements from social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter affects what Americans buy. Material possessions, the American Dream, are people’s goals instead of what is important in life. They believe that this is their forsaken dream. Lately, with the media, our dream is now to become rich and famous. That disables us from achieving any dream. Becoming rich sounds like such an easy thing to do but it is actually harder than ever before.

The American Fantasy, becoming wealthy, is nearly impossible in this day and age. The gap between rich and middle class is becoming wider. While it may have been possible to achieve the dream in the 1900’s, it is almost impossible now. The media also affects the decision to become rich. Our thinking is to become wealthy, no matter what. We turn away from good values, disabling the dream.

Finally, each generation is making the dream even more impossible. As the media grows, each generation becomes less intelligent. We, as America are dumbing down. With more people not getting good jobs, and instead working at fast food restaurants or catering, we will further the gap between rich and poor. The rich becomes richer while the poor become poorer in each generation. Our parents are also to blame. Each generation is learning bad morals from the things around us such as MTV, or violent television programs. In conclusion, the American Dream does not exist anymore. I say this because of the media, the classes, and the generation of kids. We will never achieve the dream because it is only a myth. The only way to make the dream a reality is if we, as America, become smarter.


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