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When you think of golf, the very first thing that would come to your mind would be a golf ball! The small white ball is usually filled with several marks. The golf balls are designed to suit its purpose. This is because unlike many other sports balls, the golf ball is expected to cross a huge distance. An average golf ball is expected to cross 3,000 yards, under normal conditions. Moreover, the golf ball must provide better grip and control to the player. This is one of the basic reasons behind the presence of various indentation marks on golf balls.

A marked history

Golf ball dimples have a history that dates back by ten decades! As dimpled balls are paired with extensive damage, players can cover a larger distance with each shot! Conversely, this is why many companies have designed odd shaped golf balls. The unique design has a prominent impact on the golfer’s performance. History states that William Taylor spent several years analyzing and studying golf balls. He studied golf balls to change the flight and path, taken by the small ball during a game of golf! Consequently, today’s picture perfect golf balls are formed as a result of Taylor’s enthusiastic findings and intense research.

Dimples in Golf Balls

Dimples in the golf balls attribute to its aerodynamic effect. As the number of dimples and indentations in a golf ball increases, air would flow through it smoothly. This would decrease the drag effect and trigger a better lift. Conversely, the ball would travel a lot faster and higher. This will in return have a massive impact on the shot made by players. Generally, the number of indentations in a golf ball would range from 300 to 360. As you move across the globe you will find many golf balls with dimples between 300 and 500. However, experts state that golf balls with 360 dimples would confer the player with a better shot experience.

The right speed, the right swing and the extra mile!

Moving on, it is quite interesting to note that golf is a game that depends on the way, the players swing! The swing speed and style is regarded as a critical component of the play. It is quite easy to understand that a stronger shot would move the ball a further mile! But to be more precise, how strong should your shot be?

How challenging is golf?

If you are new to the world of golfing, finding an answer to the foremost question would certainly be a very big challenge. Here is a brief overview on how your golf swinging style, would affect the distance covered by the ball:

  • Indoor golfing versus Outdoor golfing - Initially, you must practice golfing indoors. Remember that too much energy would drive your ball a very long distance. To calibrate on the actual amount of energy that is required to hit a golf ball, you should perform indoor golf training sessions. The indoor training sessions will certainly boost your confidence levels.
  • When speed meets distance - “Greater Velocity results in Longer Distance”. The foremost statement is exceptionally obvious in golfing. When you increase the rate at which you hit the golf ball, you will definitely boost the overall distance covered by it! The swinging pace, age, gender and current golfing stature remains irrelevant! With proper training, novice golfers who shoot their golf balls at the right speed would cross over 10 yards effortlessly.
  • Improved Control in the game - It is quite difficult to remain in control, whilst playing golf. Control must be sustained if you are ought to hit the ball quickly. Patrons who have proper control of their shots will undeniably utilize their power in a productive manner. Moreover, this is why patrons prefer increasing their swing speeds gradually. A gradual increase would tell them the amount of energy required to complete a shot successfully!
  • Cross Training in Golf - Experienced golfers believe that cross training is one of the best ways to master golfing. Cross training is a special collection of exercises. The training session involves lots of stretches and bends! It helps golfers enhance their body parts, for a better game of golf!

Hale and Hearty Golf! Why is the so called simple game difficult?

A large number of people consider golfing as a casual game, which does not involve lots of physical movement. However, you should remember that the “so called simple game” is easy said than played. Casual observers would not understand the complications involved in golfing. Experienced golfers state that golfing helps them stay hale and hearty. The sensational game would benefit your physical wellbeing if you play it properly.

Golf for people who hate extensive movement!

Golfing is apt for patrons who can’t engage themselves in intricate exercises like dancing, swimming and running. This is when they should try gaining the maximum out of a golf course that requires you to walk from one hole to another, by shooting balls! Walking around with a caddy that holds your golf bag will definitely help you burn lots of calories. Also when you play the game for more than six to ten hours, you would lose your hard earned weight effortlessly!

An Art called Golf! Playing Golf for an amazing experience!

It is quite interesting to note that the act of swinging golf balls is an art! It would take several weeks and months, for a person to master the science involved in golfing. If you wish to become a proficient golfer, you must improve your flexibility and movement. Additionally, the game requires lots of stability exercises, which would help you last longer in the golf course.

The presence of numerous golfing sites! Undefined beauty is unleashed!

There is no other game that is as wide, beautiful and scenic as a golf course. Individuals who want to breathe an air of freshness will definitely fall in love with golf courses. This attributes to the inception of several golf vacation sites!

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