Agony I must Ignore

Last breath until I wake 
Blue visions are of you 
Black harmony he takes 
Forgiveness, never, not for I to do 

And I count the hours 
When the last time I fed my soul 
I, but a coward 
The truths in lies unable to control 

And I knock loudly 
On deaths door 
Eye to eye staring blankly 
I fear thee no more 

For death has a life far worse than I 
A promise of mortality 
For he, so great has no choice to die 
Gods own sarcastic version of brutality 

I wait for sin to be common 
Then and only then will I be saved 
Sinners never smile, too uncommon 
A sinner’s fate nothing more than enslaved 

And still I breathe 
Not a choice 
Forcing my mind to seethe 
And to silence my voice 

Who do I side with 
God has cast me out 
Hell is but a myth 
And now I am filled with mere doubt 

So I sit and wait 
Ask me not what I wait for 
For this I cannot state 
Now, only choice, this agony I must ignore 


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