Agent of Change: How conspiracy theory can become conspiracy fact, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we took a look at the core difficulties conspiracy theorists, as individuals and as a group, face in achieving the goals. Sometimes its because they try to explain one theory by referencing four other theories and thus losing the listener. Other times they communicate emotional arguments that are riddled with logical fallacies and do little to convince a rational thinker that said conspiracy is indeed occurring. But all of them fall prey to the fact that the very name, conspiracy theorist, is a meme in the minds of the public and it works to the detriment to their goals. Conspiracy theory is a dirty word and conjures up images of ridiculousness and groundless accusations.

The right to self definition

Part 1 of this series also showed that everyone has the right to define themselves on their own terms, and the previous article suggested “agent of change” or possibly agent of integral change, as a more accurate description. Looking at the big picture, the person labeled conspiracy theorist is merely someone who, like an engineer that finds structural weaknesses and fixes them, finds integrity issues within human society and attempts to fix them. They facilitate change by identifying a part of the whole that is lacking integrity and do whatever they can intelligently do to fix it. The engineer usually has direct tools to fix the problems in the bridge. The agent of change is working with a 7 billion person socio-political-economic structure, and thefreore his methods of bringing about change are quite different.

What needs to change

In part 2 of this series, we will stack up the most important conspiracy theories of recent history and weigh a number of factors that lead us to conclude which is the most important to pursue truth now. If the errors of the past “conspiracy theorist” were speaking without a calm, disciplined mind and speaking too much, we must speak of one conspiracy and speak truthfully, decisively, and accurately about that conspiracy to expect any positive change.

One step at a time

Challenging preconceived notions are, well, a challenge. The harder you push to correct something wrong in someone's perception, the more fierce will be the resistance. In this way, it is more advantegous to accept this to be true and only challenge the smaller, more malleable blocks to observing objective reality and not the biggest ones. This article is going to advocate an approach for conspiracy theorists that suggests looking at the way people actually adjust to uncomfortable truths and use this reality to their advantage. Your journey has been a long and ardous path which undoubtedly included a number of dead ends and tricky moments. If your ultimate goal is to help others along the path, you would be best served to formulate a plan that facilitates this efficiently. Like the Taoist philosophy which sees 10,000 dishes to be done in your lifetime. Don't try to worry about the 8,500th dish. Start with the one in front of you, or in this case the one in front of the yet-to-be-aware person you are trying to communicate to. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the path to cleaning 10,000 dishes starts with cleaning dish number one. It is the easiest one to do, it leads to dish number two, and before you know it all of the dishes are almost clean.

An abridged list of conspiracy theories

What are the top conspiracy theories? This list will obviously be in the eyes of this writer, because the idea of collating an objective list of the top conspiracy theories would be a just a tad bit nuts. Having been in the world of conspiracy for 8 years I can say with some confidence that I won't exclude the most important ones. Without further ado, I give to you the highest ranking conspiracy theories.

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy- A conspiracy of bankers started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. It's about how to make and get money at the national level.

September 11th- This is a must have on the list. From LIHOP to MIHOP (let it happen on purpose or made it happen on purpose) the internet is replete and heck, wouldn't be complete without a good 911 theory.

Moon Landing Hoax- I'm pretty sure Fox made this one popular with a television show about it when I was a kid (2000ish). Theories range from we didn't go to the moon, to we got to the moon and sh#t our pants at the crazy alien stuff we discovered.

Fluoride conspiracy- A few governments are adding fluoride to the tap water to protect your teeth. Or is that all?

Global Warming- Is it generated by humans or is it not? Theorists claim it's a conspiracy.

Cannabis conspiracy- For over 80 years the US government has had a decidedly nasty attitude towards all things cannabis; even the non drug version of the plant, hemp. Is there negative attitude justified or is there more nefarious, conspiratorial reasons?

Monsanto (and by extension GMO) conspiracy- Basically, the story goes that Monsanto wants to own all the seeds and thus own the global food supply. For benevolent reasons, I'm sure.

chemtrails-Are they just condensation trails or is there something added to the fuel tank?

Aliens built the pyramids- This one looks at amazing engineering feats related to the pyramids at giza and suggests aliens from outer space built them, not BCE humans.

Aliens rule the world behind puppet humans- Self explanatory. Yes, David Icke's theory fits under here.

Vaccines- Is what they are putting into your body preventative or poison?

This list is by no means exhaustive but I tried to include the biggest game changers. Conspiracies involving lesser political events than 911 (i.e. 7/7 bombings, Wacco, etc) were excluded for obvious reasons. The list also avoids multiple conspiracies in one with the <insert industy here> industrial complex conspiracies. Almost all of the above could be considered part of the “new world order” conspiracies and therefore were left to be investigated individually. More on tackling the “New World Order” concept a little further down.

The ranking categories

Now comes the categories by which we rank our most important conspiracies. Five categories are given.

Momentum (MO)- A bit like the physics term, this refers to how well the subject in question is moving in the minds of genereal people and what direction. For instance, the conspiracy of government spying on citizens has significant positive momentum right now thanks to Edward Snowden (because this conspiracy has been blown wide open I have left it off the list). The conspiracy to make swill milk and sell it on the streets has a momentum of nil.

Amount of Solid Evidence (ASE)- How much of the evidence is subjective and reliant on a conspiracy perspective and how much is purely objective? To the degree that the evidence is the latter, subjects will get a high score. To the degree that its the former, it will get a low score.

Significance to every day life (SIG)- How much does this subject effect every day life for most people? The Moon Landing Hoax will have lower significance to every day life because it effects your historical perspective but it really doesn't change much when you wake up in the morning and your daily activities. Conspiracy origins from racism, bigotry, etc (RAC)- This is more of a simple test to see if the conspiracy in question possibly has ulterior (and backwards) motives. A good score means no racism detected, and indeed, it may reduce discrimmination by solving said conspiracy. A bad score means the proselytizing of this conspiracy exposes its origins in discrimminatory ideas or they produce more hateful ideas by their solution.

Eye opening ability (EYE)- How well does the success of proving said conspiracy open the eyes of the public to other pressing questions? Proving the Mafia is back at it again but now on Wall Street will probably get more eye rolls than any further stimulus for research and thus would get a low score here. Discovering that Barack Obama was an alien (just supposing here) would have very large eye opening abililty.

Blowback (BB)-This is crucial to consider when the goal of an agent of change is to expose all conspiracies. If the biggest, most important of all conspiracies were unleased in full truth, what is the consequences of this happening? In other words, what do we expect the conspiratores in question to do in response to be revealed? Some may find this one very limiting but I think it is strategic. A high BB score means the perceived blowback will be minimal (i.e. its a good thing and gets a high grade). A low score means the blowback is expected to be intense. Imagine if David Icke is exactly right about reptilian aliens running the planet AND it was conclusively proven? Can you say extraterrestrial war?

The conspiracies by rank

Cannabis conspiracy- AVERAGE 9.16/10 … MO: 9/10… ASE: 10/10 … SIG- 8/10 … RAC- 10/10 … EYE- 9/10 … BB- 9/10 …

fluoride conspiracy- AVERAGE 8.5/10 … MO-9/10 … ASE-10/10 … SIG-8/10 … RAC-9/10 … EYE- 9/10 … BB- 6/10

911 - AVERAGE 7.83/10 … MO- 7/10 … ASE- 8/10 … SIG-10/10 … RAC- 9/10 … EYE-10/10 … BB-3/10

Aliens built the pyramids- AVERAGE 7.25/10 MO-8.5/10 ASE- 5/10 SIG-10/10 RAC-5/10 EYE-10/10 BB-5/10

Federal Reserve Conspiracy- AVERAGE 7.16/10 … MO- 8.5/10 … ASE- 9.5/10 … SIG- 9/10 … RAC- 6/10 … EYE- 8/10 … BB- 2/10

Monsanto, GMO and the global food supply- AVERAGE 6.92/10 … MO-7/10 … ASE-7/10 … SIG-9.5/10 … RAC-6/10 … EYE- 9/10 … BB- 3/10 …

Vaccines- AVERAGE 6.66/10 … MO- 8/10 … ASE- 6/10 … SIG- 9/10 … RAC-3/10 … EYE- 7/10 … BB- 7/10

Chemtrails- AVERAGE 6/10 … MO-6/10 … ASE-4/10 … SIG-7/10 … RAC-5/10 … EYE-6/10 … BB-8/10

Aliens run the world- AVERAGE 5.33/10 … MO-3/10 … ASE-1/10 … SIG-10/10 … RAC-7/10 … EYE- 10/10 … BB-1/10

Global Warming - AVERAGE 5.33/10 … MO-6 … ASE-2 … SIG-4 … RAC-5 … EYE-9 … BB-6

Moon Landing Hoax- AVERAGE 4.83/10 … MO- 2/10 … ASE- 2/10 … SIG- 4/10 … RAC- 5/10 … EYE- 9/10 … BB- 6/10

Global Warming is a conspiracy

MO- There has been multiple peaks for global warming skeptics, usually revolving around gaffes and blunders on the Global Warming side (see Climategate 1) and others). The momentum tends to be short lived.

ASE-To the extent that the conspiracy plans a solution of taxing people for carbon use, that is all but fact now. To the extent that global warming isn't happening, there is hardly any evidence and its all highly controversial.

SIG-To the degree that carbon taxes could be debilitating, this could have heavy significance for people. Currently, there is no carbon tax, so an unveiling of this conspiracy isn't all that significant to everyday life. Environmentally conscious people will continue to do environmentally conscious things, and people who don't care about the planet will continue to not care about the planet.

RAC-There is no racial discrimmination to allievate in the conspiracy.

EYE-There is significant opportunity to open some eyes should this conspiracy be unveiled. The scientific credibility would be shot and other taboo subjects of science would immediately be in the sights of those recently sparked into awareness. Expect abiotic oil, growing earth, holographic universe, and other fringe science theories to begin receiving a second look.

BB- What would happen if this conspiracy was real and it was unveiled? The blowback would be minimal, actually, because the way science operates is through studies and experimentation. Even if a small cadre of scientists cooked this all up in the first place, there would years, if not decades, of further research trying to demonstrate anthropogenic global warming. Just because Ernst Haeckel exaggerated some drawing of embryos, it does not follow that all of evolution is bunk. 2)


MO: 9/10 Multiple states in the United States have now legalized recreational consumption of cannabis in defiance of federal law. Spain has decriminalized all drugs and people are not noticing doomsday effects that the naysayers were predicting. Uruguay has legalized the drug in defiance of a UN agreement. The fact that it is not acceptable, popular, and even profitable to support cannabis legalization (or its half brother, decriminalization) in the face of national government opposition is telling to say the least. This one doesn't get a 10/10 because California's failed prop 19 and the city of Amsterdam's semi reversal on cannabis use.

ASE: 10/10 Fact: The United States grew hemp abudantly since its inception onward towards the 20th century. At one point it was legal to pay your taxes in cannabis hemp. 3)

Fact: Cannabis hemp is a viable alternative to paper, plastic, and even concrete products. In a civilized society it would only make sense to transition from cutting down 100 year old organisms in favor of actual crops that take around a year to cultivate for use. 4)

Fact: Cannabis use has not proven to be any more harmful than basic foods sold at grocery stores. It is NEVER happened that someone died from an overdose of cannabis. 5)

Fact: The FDA has ignored the lack of medical injury and increasing abundance of evidence for positive medicinal use. Cannabis remains the highest scheduling of drugs, schedule 1, which means the drug has no medicinal value. This is the most glaring hypocrisy of this conspiracy against cannabis. 6)

SIG- 10/10 The United States jails the most people in the world per capita for drug offenses. 7) Releasing nonviolent cannabis prison inmates would drammatically help solve family deterioration caused by the jailing of a non crime in the first place. It would go a long way towards healing wounds between peaceful families that have been torn apart by unfair government laws.

Americans would be able to self medicate with a safe substance (as is their right). They would also be able to benefit commercially from a variety of new business options; growing marijuana and hemp, its distribution, sales, accessories, and the huge variety of ecologically beneficial promises of hemp could be an economic boom.

RAC- The congressional record shows that the testimony used by Henry Anslinger and other to make cannabis illegal derived from racist motivations 8).

More latinos and blacks are arrested for marijuana possession then whites despite the fact that more whites appear to use cannabis. 9)

The drug war is racist on all fronts, but especially so on the cannabis plant. Reversing a racist law, both in its inception and its current application over 70 years later, gets a 10/10 here.

EYE- 9/10 Because the conversation about drugs has been so abused (to use an ironic term) by adults in teaching our children, I think every child and adult who believes that “drugs are bad” will have a serious eye opening event if the conspiracy against cannabis is proven and successfully reversed. They might begin asking, “What else has been told to me that is a lie?”

BB- 9/10 The biggest blowback will probably be socially within conservative religious groups who continue to discrimminate against canabis users. This is minimal and would likely diminish as each growing child sees there is no reason to discrimminate against cananbis users until they give you a reason to do so (e.g. you can discrimminate against a taxi driver if you detect he is high as a kite because it directly effects the service he is providing)

Federal Reserve Conspiracy

MO- 8.5/10 The Ron Paul movement, loved by some and hated by others, has accomplished at least one thing; extreme skepticism of the federal reserve system by many Americans. The 2008 crisis and Quantitative Easing 1, 2, 3, and more suggests significant positive momentum here.

ASE- 9.5/10 Fact: The Federal Reserve was created by private bankers in 1913 and it is not the government, although it deceptively names itself to fool the masses

Fact: The Federal Reserve has usurped an all important ability, the ability to create money. The constitution delegates that right to the government and the government passed it on to private bankers. Much of the money created in this world comes from your local bank's ability to “loan” money it doesn't have. It can do so because others have deposited in the bank and their books suggest an asset. They don't loan the depositors money, but because of fractional reserve lending, they can lend money they don't have, i.e. create money.

SIG- 9/10 The Bank of North Dakota is a counter example to the FED. The bank is owned by the state and uses its ability to create money to help its citizens, not to profit excessively into private accounts. This significance of an economy that is focused on benefiting the population and not profiting from it is enormous, although this does not get a 10/10 because it is duly recognized here that power corrupts. The creation of money is indescribably powerful and even shiny alternatives to the FED will have a difficult time fighting off the pull of power.

RAC- 6/10 How racist is the FED? Not much. Let's suppose if taken into consideration that the FED is taking a risk with all of its bailouts and bond purchases, there is a risk of inflation. Inflation harms the poorest the most because basic goods rise in price faster than their income does. The poorest in the US tend to be more minority than not. In this indirect way, it is racist. Not enough to merit any sort of high score.

EYE- 8/10 The proof that money and power corrupts will be the ultimate in “duh!” moments should this conspiracy be conclusively proven. There will be plenty of open minds as to the purpose and function of currency and this has potentially grand rammifications on society at large (see the Bitcoin and crypto currency movement)

BB- 2/10 The proving of the Federal Reserve conspiracy, i.e. bankers operate for profit and against the best interests of the country and the common man, would presumably be catastrophic. Expect extreme financial chaos and difficulties. Things are some of the most powerful people in the world, and now the world wants to crucify them? Get ready for battle.


MO- 7/10 The top moments of the 911 conspiracy movement's push occurred in 2005-2008 following the success of Loose Change and its susequent sequels. The movement stalled as promised about Loose Change Final Cut appearing in movie theaters nationwide never materialized (although the film makers were sincere in their effort sofar as I can tell). Notice that Jason Bermas, one of the Loose Change creators, is still very busy as an activist and movie maker. However his focus is now broader and his aim is to try and end government malfesance in general, not just crimes commited on 911. This is a theme within the movement has many have put 911 truth on the back burner to focus on more pressing issues. The further time goes by, the further this momentum decreases. This gets 7/10 instead of lower because recent polls do suggest more Americans than ever are willing to consider the possibility of a cover up 10)

ASE- 8/10 Almost all “facts” for 911 conspiracies are way more interesting when taken in as a whole. There is barely a “smoking gun” of 911 but there are bullet casings scattered all over the place. Again, it depends on one's perspective, but the FACT is that WTC 7 fell symmetrically within 7 seconds all the way to the ground supposedly because of assemtrical damage caused by the collapse of WTC 1 and 2.

Another inconvenient FACT is that the 911 commission never mentioned one word about the collapse of this 47 story building. The media barely covered this news to the extent that in 2011, 85% of New Yorkers could not name the 3rd felled building by its number or moniker, and 33% of New Yorkers failed to realize that more than 2 building collapsed completely (without official demolition) 11). Let's be real here, the first time this author learned that a 3rd building collapsed was in 2005. This author also knows various people who had a similar experience.

FACT: A demoliton expert, Danny Jowenko, was asked to see footage of WTC 7s collapse but was not informed about any of the details. He professed to not know about the building's collapse at all. His unbiased opinion by merely looking at the video recording of WTC 7s fall is unequivocal: he says it's a controlled demolition. 12) However, there are controlled demolition experts coming to the side of the government version of event as well. Such is the case with a lot of 911 evidence.

Indeed, take a look at the skeptic's websites regarding WTC 7 13). They think its a slam dunk case NOT for a conspiracy. This article could be overrun with facts of this nature and therefore gets an 8/10, because in this author's opinion, there are significant gaps in the offical story but clearly not a bullet proof counter story.

SIG-10/10 There is massive significance to American lives should this conspiracy unfold and be discovered as true. 911 was the worst American war catastrophe on American soil since the Civil War. To learn that the government facilitated its occurrance would send shock waves through the minds of the comman people. Heads would roll.

RAC- 9/10 All people have the right to self defense. But if someone burns your house down and you respond by burning 30 houses down, you are more than overdoing it. You have done worse than the original perpetrator and killed numerous innocent people. This is the situation of American foreign policy, who has waged war against countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, (almost) Syria, and (really want to attack) Iran. Conservative death tolls in Iraq are 100,000. Liberal death totals go over a million. A middle of the road approach might expect 200,000-300,000 Iraqi's dead. 250,000 vs 3,000 dead from 911 is not a good ratio.

Considering this, there is unneccesary racial profiling on Muslim Americans and indeed, the story of Anwar awlaki is proof positive of how a moderate Muslim in America became so fed up with religious bigotry that he became radicalized and eventually the first US citizen to be purposely killed by Obama's drone strikes.

While the Muslim population is quite small in the US, there are more than 1 billion Muslims around the world who would appreciate the cessation of profiling for having a beard and Muslim garb.

EYE-10/10 Nothing needs to be said here. If people acting within government powers were found guilty in the act of 911, all sacred cows will be seen in a new light.

BB-3/10 Blowback here certainly will happen, but to what extent? Numerous foreign (and a few US) government officials openly question the official story (see George McGovern, Paul Craig Roberts, Andreas Von Beulow, to name a few). Anecdotally, this author is a world traveler and can say with compunction that more non-Americans believe 911 was an inside job than Americans themselves. To the degree that the people outside of the United States support the prosecution and reconstruction after the conspiracy has been outed, the blow back will be minimized. All criminal syndicates set up means in the beginning to create fall men and ways to mitigate risk. A few scapegoats would probably be sacrificed (Bush, Cheney, and those temporarily in power) while those who exert influence behind the scenes would be much harder to pin down. If those are exposed, expect much more blowback. If someone is willing to kill 3,000 people in the most sophisticated false flag event, how would they react to being caught? Probably depends on how well you “catch” them or their henchmen.

However, deconstructing the world's largest superpower and its geopolitical plan in the middle east must induce a heavy counter punch. The UN might levy a few resolutions and reparations for damages caused by this political manipulation.

Moon Landing Hoax

MO- 2/10 The cable channel Fox released a intentionally confrontational documentary challenging that the Moon Landings were faked 14). While it was envigorating for this author, a 14 year old at the time, the documentary made quite a few dubious claims and paved the way for September 11th conspiracy thoeries to be “as stupid as that Moon Landing hoax”. Very liitle momentum has been found since that peak, although conspiracies about NASA and other space activities abound.

ASE- 2/10 Not much to be said here. Very little evidence to convince an inquiring mind that the moon landing didn't happen. A lot more interesting evidence that crazy things are happening in space 15), they don't fall under this conspiracy.

SIG- 4/10 What would happen to someone's day to day life should this conspiracy theory be realized as true? A few people with telescope sets might look at the the moon again in wonder. People will read the newspaper to find out what really happened, and a book (or two or three) will be written that make the NYT bestseller list. Otherwise, not much changes.

RAC- 5/10 The Moon Landing Hoax does not address any discrimminatory actions, so it gets a median 5/10.

EYE- 9/10 There would be a multi generational ripple effect where all of those who were caught saying how stupid this conspiracy theory was have to do an about face and admit the truth. It would probably become a critical thinking tool, as a modern addendum to the flat earth concept. Culture will inculcate things to your brain. Always think for yourself, or be like those people who actually believed that the US went to the moon. (or something like that).

BB- 6/10 NASA would hit the roof and probably challenge any so called legitimate proof for years. If anything, they would scramble to send another man on the moon. That isn't really a bad blowback.


MO- 8/10 The peak of the vaccine conspiracy theory probably didn't occur exactly when Andrew Wakefield was under fire for his (possibly) fraudulent research. However, it set the stage and the movement felt a minor bit of momentum easing when thimerisol was removed from flu vaccines, a minor victory. However, the amount of vaccines continue to increase.

ASE- 6.67/10 The vaccine debate is the most hotly contested in the scientific world. To be honest, it is hardly well studied by this author and thus the 6.67/10 comes from taking an average of the other 5 parameters. Therefore, the inability to provide a worthwile metric on an Amount of Solid Evidence does not sway this conspiracy rating too high or too low.

It can be said that while a polarized argument of NO VACCINES probably would score a 1, 2, or 3/10 in that there might be evidence for its case but it is not “solid”. A more nuanced argument of LESS VACCINES can reasonably be placed in the middle of the scoring range. It is a fact that vaccination numbers have increased over 350% since 1983 in the United States 16)

SIG- 7/10 Millions of newly christened parents would initiate one of the largest and more vicious tort cases of medical history if vaccines were conclusively shown to be a profit vehicle and not necesarily for one's health. Everyone who was vaccinated at normal levels would wonder what they could do to minimize health risk. A new kind of drug dealer would probably arise, offering now illegal vaccinations to those who still don't buy the newly released evidence. For most adults, however, they would follow the news with a bag of popcorn, enjoy the spectacle, and not do anything else.

RAC-5/10 There are two arguments to consider here. One is that black and latino genetics have proven (from fluoride studies) to be more suspectible to heavy metal toxicity, especially when there are combinations of metals 17).

There is cause for concern that other metal accumulations that might mix with vaccines could be more detrimental to people of minority descent. On the other hand, even if it is too many vaccines which is causing problems, some vaccines are in fact helping the poor fight off deadly diseases, and minorities make up a larger percentage of the poor population. Because of this, a 5/10 is given.

EYE- 7/10 Should this be proven true in some form that vaccines are more about money/control/messing with your genetics and not your future health, there would be a lot of people who realize how much more vigilant they must be to safeguard their health. It would also expose for those who didn't already know that corruption is everywhere and constant vigilance is indeed a prerequisite to actual liberty.

BB- 3/10 With companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Pfizer all raking in revenues of over $50 billion annually, there is simply too much money to be made to expect a conspiracy such as this to go over smoothly. 18) 19) 20). And these companies round out the bottom of the top five vaccine companies 21). Expect high levels of blowback.

Aliens built the pyramids

MO-8.5/10 The hit documentary The Revelation of the Pyramids has become quite popular, purportedly a Top 10 of documentaries out there currently 22).

They utilize a wide range of professionals, from engineers, geologists, mathematicians, and architects to comment on the construction of the pyramids. However, the film does posit that there could have been an advanced human civilization that did it, it and most others jump to the conclusion that it is aliens.

ASE- 5/10 The evidence for alien construction all stems from the argument that advanced tools were needed to make the various cuts, lifting of heavy weights, awesome porportionality, etc. This further supposes that ancient humanity could not have had the tools to do this. While there is immensely strong evidence for highly advanced tool usage to build the pyramids, it does not follow that beings from another planet necessarily did it.

SIG-10/10 Um, this will floor almost everyone the moment this conspiracy is “proved”. Even though it may not have significance on their daily schedule, everyone and their brother will talk about this ad nauseum. There will be no avoiding it, and everyone will be talking about when the aliens will come back.

RAC-5/10 No discrimmination is reversed with the outing of this conspiracy.

EYE-10/10 Proof of aliens would be on par with the realization that the sun was the center of a thing called the solar system (and Bruno's realization that the stars in the sky were likely other suns). Except with this revelation, the thing being revealed is potentially very alive and capable of communication. That prospect, and the realization that we are most definitely not alone, would open up an eye or two.

BB-5/10 Blowback here all depends on whether the aliens who supposedly built the pyramids were still around and watching/interacting with us. If they aren't, there would be little blow back. If they are, there could be unimaginable blowback from this discovery.

Aliens run the world

MO- This theory is mainly pushed by David Icke. While Icke is a solid researcher in some other areas, he has boldly stated this “truth” to any microphone within a two mile radius of his mouth. The echo of the audience's laughter is deafening. There is not much momentum here.

ASE- David Icke uses confidential sources as an explanation for this phenomena. In other words, someone important that he can't tell you about told him this is so. But we can't see it for ourselves. If someone tells you they have a secret explanation for how something works, but you cannot investigate that mechanism at all, that is a problem in terms of evidence.

SIG- The significant factor here is whether or not there would be immediate blowback from the revelation. One would suspect that if we are assuming for sake of argument that it is real, there would be blowback and therefore the significance to everday life would be catastrophic. Hard to guess what would exactly happen but it would be swift and profound.

RAC- Nothing to comment on here.

EYE- Quite obviously, this would be a momentus moment for humanity. To say eye opening would be an understatement.

BB- If aliens run the world, and they run it secretly, it seems likely that they want it a secret for malevolent reasons and not benevolent ones. If they have the power to run the world without anyone knowing about it and then they are caught, don't even bother running for the hills. The shit will officially hit the fan and everybody is screwed.

Monsanto food conspiracy

MO- Australia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland have banned some or all GM crops (or parts of their country has done so) 23). Only a few counties in the US have successfully banned GMOs, the most noticeable failure being a mere labelling campaign, prop 19, in california that did not pass.

ASE- Evidence is mostly anectodal as parents are noticing their kids react to very specific foods. When they switch from GMO crop to organic the reaction diminishes or disappears. 24)

Scientific evidence is almost completely on animals and not humans. Monsanto says they are not responsible for the safety of their food. 25).

The animal studies are sometimes good, like the Pusztai studies 26). Sometimes they are trash, like the Seralini Affair 27). Either way, the American media trashes good and bad research and has a bias towards GMO. Should there ever be a scare like the L-tryptophan scenario 28) but on a much larger scale, the results would be disastrous.

No one denies that once GMOs are introduced into the wild, there is no going back. They will be present in the wild forever. This would be particularly problematic should the health damage be slowly accumulating and the population has fully converted to the GM crop and abandoned the original genetic version. This is interesting theoretical evidence to not use GMOs so glibly. Hardly solid evidence, however.

SIG Everyone eats food. The increasing prevalence of gmos in food and, for sake of argument let's say conspiracy concerns about GMOs are true, this becomes very significant to the average person. Will grocery store shelves become semi empty as most processed foods contain corn, canola, or soy, all genetically modified foods? Will farms producing GMOs not be allowed to sell their crops? Will their be “crop shortages” because of this?

Because the immediate adverse reaction to GMOs is quite unusual, the likely “outing” of this conspiracy would be conclusive proof of long term damage, a la cigarettes and alcohol and others. Longterm GMOs eaters who can prove damage done by these crops will probably organize into a massive legal tort against Monsanto et al.

RAC- Not a strong correlation betweent solving the GMO conspiracy and any discrimmination against minority groups.

EYE- If the conspiracy were fully unveiled and the people realized that a corporate was scheming to control the global food supply, and not to feed the world, their eyes would be opened to the need for constant vigilance in a life of liberty.

BB- What would happen if the corporation responsible for the conspiracy to control the global food supply for nefarious reasons was outed? Probably some good blowback in that the public would rightly chase those executives through the streets. There would probably be a sneakier form a blowback in that GMOs become non profit projects only in an attempt to eliminate the profit incentive. This wouldn't solve the theoretical problem of GMOs contaminating the genetic supplies found in nature permanently.

Pharmaceutical conspiracy

MO- A unique and delicate truce is forming between Naturopathic and Medical doctors, wherein they see standard medical treatment (aided mostly by pharmaceutical drugs) is great for emergency problems and naturally based medicine for chronic and minor health concerns. The concern for antibiotic overuse is rising but there is little movement to change that dilemma.

ASE- Nearly 3/4th of Americans take prescription drugs 29). Despite this fact that 70% of us are under the treatment of drugs, we remain one of the sickest industrial nations 30)

Antibiotic overuse has reached crisis status 31)

Drugs, as a rule, alleviate symptoms and do not cure the source of the condition. If your blood pressure is high, it finds mechanical ways to lower your blood pressure. Why is your blood pressure high? The drugs do not address that.

The thing that holds this score back is that a) when emergencies happen everyone flies to western medicine for help and b) some diseases don't mushroom out of control by supressing the symptom. Diflucan, for instance, is effective for stopping yeast infections. Would it be better to stop yeast infections from the source (which is usually a course or antibiotics)? Yes, but bombing the shit out of them with drugs can work sometimes, too.

SIG- If Americans found out a better way of treating themselves, they could stop some damaging or not helpful drugs and switch to a more fruitful plan. Some drugs would still be warranted for use and it would probably be a nightmare finding out which ones suck the most. There is a significant chance that people continue taking their medicines anyway because they are comfortable with them.

RAC- There is a discrimmination against all who use the Earth and its natural products for medicine which tends to be indigenous populations and pagans. Pharmaceutical companies are running through the jungles looking for more plants to copy their medicinal properties. Unveiling this conspiracy, should it be true, would level the playing field so people at least have a choice between the Newtonian mechanics of pharmaceuticals and natural remedies.

EYE- As was said earlier, some people approve of the western culture's “Shock and Awe” approach to medicine. The concept of natural remedies as opposed to drugs has been within the awareness of most people above the age of 13. Proof of a conspiracy might open eyes of those who forget that power corrupts, and the pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest profit makers there is.

BB- Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, GSK, all of these make billions in profit annually. Just as the environmental movement feels like it is pushing a boulder when it butt's heads with Big Oil, natural therapists are exerting serious effort to move inches. Once the boulder is dislodged, expect some powerful blowback at not wanting to be moved.


MO- There are continual battles in scattered cities across the US to end fluoridation. 97% of Europe does not fluoridate their water supply 32).

The CDC has lowered the accepted levels of Fluoride to their lowest levels yet, making it almost pointless to even put it in the water in some places due to natural deposits existing in some water supplies. 33)

ASE- The FDA classifies the addition of fluoride as a drug. This is the only drug that is admitted to people on a mass scale without consideration to dose 34).

About half of the fluoride that is ingested is excreted through the urine, the rest is accumulated in the bones and the brain 35).

The United States has seen nearly half of its young teen population show dental fluorosis, a sign of too much fluoride. 36)

This and much, much more falls on the side of solid evidence.

SIG- If, indeed fluoride in the water was causing damage to the body, 70% of public water is fluoridated in the United States. All but the wealthiest drink tap water or brita filtered water, which does not remove fluoride. This effects just about everyone, including the uber rich, because restaurants and store bought food is usually contanimated with fluoridated water.

RAC- Fluoride has been found to adversely affect blacks and latinos more than whites. The goverment knows of this data but ignores it. Not only that, the combination of fluoride and lead, found in old pipes, makes the health effect even worse. 37)

Solving this conspiracy would go a long way towards a public health system that does not discrimminate against minority populations.

EYE- This is ironic in that fluoride is believed to accumulate in the pineal gland, which is a primitive third eye found in the center of the brain. Fluoride disrupts part of the function as it accumulates, so your third eye would literally improve its function by removing fluoride from the water. So yeah, it's eye opening. <;)

BB- The aluminum industry is blamed because fluoride comes out as a waste product from their production. Thus far I have not met a person who can name big companies in the aluminum industry. Perhaps if the whole world fluoridated their water, there would be bigger blowback, but with the norm already being sans fluoride, I do not see much blowback potential here.

What should we focus on? Cannabis, fluoride, and September 11th

What happens now? This investigation shows that the following three conspiracies would be the most advantageous to press onto the public as they have a number of factors on their side. They have momentum, solid evidence, and they even reverse racial discrimmination, something that the progress of history is always working to resolve.

Are they the most important theories to unveil? No, they probably aren't in terms of magnitude. September 11th could be considered highly important in terms of magnitude, but it honestly has a time clock attached to it. The longer time goes by, the more 911 becomes like the JFK assassination, a theory with less and less relevance to current times. But for a believer in something like 911, perhaps they should shift focus onto the cannabis or fluoride conspiracies (if of course they actually find them to be true)?

Notice a few things from this data set. Despite using six different categories for ranking, the conspiracies who rated the lowest Amount of Solid Evidence ended up on the bottom of the list. Likewise, the conspiracies with the top ranking for Amount of Solid Evidence gravitated towards the top of the list. One might fear that by not going with your personal favorite conspiracy that you would end up with a poorly thought out conspiracy, but that is not the case. Also of notice is that, at least in this author's mind, you might of thought your conspiracy of choice was the most important to solve “just because”. My most important conspiracy is September 11th, but after considering these important categories and taking them as a average, I can see that it may be in my best interest to focus my energies on the Cannabis Conspiracy and the Fluoride conspiracy first. They have the highest likelihood of success, and should success be achieved, the door opens wider for heavier subjects like 911.

The New World Order

The most interesting thing about believers in a significant number of conspiracies is that they all generally believe in some type of New World Order meta conspiracy, so that the criminals in the cannabis consipracy are ultimately connected in some way in other conspiracies. If this is the case, and the criminals behind the scenes are largely the same, then this course of action to follow makes the most sense. Taking into consideration the above factors, you can ping down conspiracies one by one, and all the while garner rising public support for this increasing realization that conspiracies exist and need to be outed for a more whole society. The same criminals are more or less damaged as those in the NWO conspiracies, and you can attack the heart of it from the ground up.

How many will read this article, believe in the NWO conspiracy, and strategically alter their activities so as to best accomplish their end goal? That, my friends, is entirely up to you.


see under heading “protecting special interests”

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