Again, The Meaning Of Christmas

Again, the meaning of Christmas TO MANY PEOPLE, when houses are adorned with multi-colored lanterns and Christmas trees, and when carolers go from house to house, then it is Christmas.

Christmas, however, is not only the hanging of lanterns at night and putting up Christmas trees, nor singing Christmas songs. More than these, it connotes human reform towards true love and tolerance. Love can do many good things. With love and tolerance, there prevails true brotherhood, cooperation, understanding and unity among the peoples of the world.

Christmas should, therefore, be an occasion for re-examination of oneself, for bringing about a new outlook in life, steeped in the hope that peace and concord can only be possible if we love our fellowmen - either Christian or Muslim, for both have vital interests common to them: the religious orientation in life.

With Christmas and its immortal message of “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men,” why can't we let peace reign over us and let its spirit chime melodiously over our limitless sky? Hatred, incongruity, and misunderstanding among mankind are the roots for the absence of peace in our world today. Hence, Christmas is for world peace.

This Season, as we turn our eyes to Christ, it behooves us to center our minds and hearts upon things of eternal values. If we could love and tolerate in the midst of hate, and if we could forgive in the midst of vindictiveness, then truly, the Christmas message this year shall have found a room in our hearts and perhaps only then can the eternal significance of the yuletide season - JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD IS COME - be realized.

What can I give Thee, Lord?

Handicapped as I am, what can I gave Thee, Lord? If I were an innkeeper I would give Thee room; If I were a tailor I would give Thee clothes of warmth If I were a rich man I would exchange your crib of straw for a crib of gold. Poor laborer as I am, what can I give Thee, Lord? My heart? my soul? my entire self? Myself - this is my gift for Thy gift of Self - Love for love for my fellowmen, for this day and forever.

On Christmas Day

The chilly wind of December dawn, the immortal tune of the Christmas song, the luminous lantern that glitters at night, reminds the coming of the greatest feast - the day when Jesus Christ was born.

The noisy children in the street with hoarsened voices they sing aloud “joy to the world the lord is come, let earth receive Him king, let every … “ but suddenly interrupted by a gluttonous voice “I’m sorry, no coins for tonight.”

The chiming bells resound to arouse of chilly nerves who still in doze trudging churchward to bend our knees to greet our king who is born of Mary in a little town of Bethlehem.

Where carolers swarm from house to house strumming their song with hearts delight of sweetheart strolling side by side adds more merriment and joys to their heart.

In homes there's native foods for your delight puto maya, suman, bibingka, biko and binignit. Enlivened with coffee or viscuous chocolate, your humanly desire will surely satisfy.

The Christmas trees are and gay and bright with frills and festoons alive with lights of children hanging their garbling socks for Santa Claus is coming to share them gift.

The spirit of Christmas is just and fair where rich and poor will share alike. Behold, we praises sing to God the King and peace to man on earth!

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