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Today, even a good paycheck is still not enough to get rid of the Monday blues. There are many people who dread their jobs. The intriguing thing is, many of these people love their careers, but are just dissatisfied with their job. If you are looking for an administrative job, you have an excellent chance of establishing an exciting career.

Most people perceive the job of an administrator as being plain and boring. However, if you combine your clerical, secretarial and management skills with a pleasant personality, you have a high probability of landing a great opportunity with a well know employer. Most employers seeking to hire the best administrators are looking for people with a wide range of skills. Proficiency in handling computers is a must as well as other skills like writing letters and creating spreadsheets. Notably, you might not be required to have a very high level of skills but this will depend on the job specifications given by the employer.

Well paying administrative careers usually require some level of accounting knowledge. There are many administrative job opportunities that need people who can handle sales and purchases of office supplies and petty cash. This accounting knowledge can be very basic but is indeed very helpful.

Basic secretarial skills are an added advantage. If you have good telephone etiquette and you can handle emails, fax and copy machines well, you will make a great administrative assistant. Exciting opportunities also await those people with great interpersonal skills since you might be required to usher visitors to the boss's office once in a while.

Today, in a bid to cut costs, most organizations are merging several job descriptions and referring to the position as that of an administrator. For instance, administrative jobs now require a high level of managerial skills. The administrator may be required to handle office staff of all levels.

Now the level of education needed to start an administrative career can be as basic as a high school graduate. However, you might need to undergo additional training in order to climb the career ladder. Remember, the most exciting administrative opportunities are offered to those people who have not only shown proficiency in their work, but those people who also have at least a college diploma. The best thing about working as an administrator is the fact that his/her services are needed in different types of organizations. From hospitals to legal firms and manufacturing companies, almost every institution needs an administrator. This means, you can enjoy a high paying career in one of the professions that pay really well.

Entering into the corporate world as an administrator obviously has its challenges. The main challenge in this career is influencing others, some of whom, you have no authority over. This can be quite difficult, but can be tackled when you attain the skills to gain the respect and understanding of others. As you acquire more skills and experience in an administrative job, aim at becoming the best administrator by demonstrating great managerial and administrative skills.


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