Adjusting Accordingly

ONE WHO FIRMLY believes that “man proposes, but God disposes,” Douglas B. Ipulan (“Doug” or “Dong” to friends) is the prototype of “the guy next door.”

In looks and in character, he naturally impresses people as a “harmless” person: profuse with his smiles, whisperingly soft when he talks, gentle when he moves. But knowing him a little more, one finds out that Dong is, after all, a live wire of many interesting ideas worthwhile to learn from.

Dong takes a sip of ekenhai, a bitter-tasting but blood-normalizing herb which he has been taking for quite a time, hand-in-hand with his successful anti-smoking scheme. We'll concentrate on his ideas and outlook about things in general. Here are some excerpts of the conversation:

QUESTION: How are things with your department these days?

DONG: Well enough, because we've been doing most of our work according to schedule. We're also dealing with people from outside and good relations are one of our utmost considerations. In our work, we may lose money by oversight.

Q. There are pressures on your work too, we presume.

A. Oh, sometimes you'd get indigestion in catching up! But we always take time; as you know, there's time for everything.

Q. And the people in the department, how are they getting along with their work and with you?

A. Being intelligent and well-educated, they emphasize on the quality of our service. With me, there's no problem. My rule in dealing with people is just to adjust accordingly, to suit my approaches to different personalities. We have to understand people according to their moods, like on Mondays. (He smiles profusely).

Q. Why on Mondays?

A. No, no, don't take me seriously. Some people have Monday blues, you know. (Laughter)

Q. You're 15 years with the Company, how do you evaluate your stay in Del Monte?

A. In Del Monte, if you've demonstrated your abilities and potentials, there is professional growth and development. Other companies have beautiful positions but the take-home pay is neglected. With our rates and benefits, it's different here.

Q. Having grown up, lived and worked in Cagayan before, how do you find life here in Manila?

A. In Manila, life is hectic. People want to get even with everyone but as I've said, my philosophy is always to adjust accordingly. After all, whatever we like to do or wish to be, we only propose. God disposes. Taking things here just easy, I play chess and if not, I go to Jai Alai not much to bet and win but simply for the thrill of the game. You see, a nephew of my neighbor is a pelotari and I like to watch him play. And another relaxing effect it gives me is I can releases my stresses there. With students, pickpocketers, tourists, decent men and gangsters all over, you can shout to the top of your voice and experience good relief afterwards.

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