Accepting the Darkness Within

Really living means utter immersion in the colour of life..and not just the pretty pastel colours but also the complete and utter blackness that is also part of the human heart. In any image, the shadows provide the definition. Without the depth created by the darker, murkier colours, the image and composition just become bland and formless.

Of light and dark…both beautiful, both necessary to creating the intricate pattern that is a human story.


I know you
For all that I may stand before society
Neat, nice and oh so predictable.
Apparently incapable of artistry,
and leaving barely a ripple in my wake.
I know that you see me
You who have seen my skin gleam
in the light of the full moon,
You have heard my heathen cries.
You bear witness to my dark desires
and only You can know the throbbing,
aching need that has driven me to your feet
Only You truly see the base creature I am become..
I hurl myself wildly into your acceptance
A madwoman, lost to all but the moment.
I feel your dark and brooding power
coursing through my veins
and your fire bursts deep in my belly
Consumming me, Destroying me
I am no longer my own
I give myself to your might
unable to hold back
Tossed about by wave after wave
until finally I am left breathless and complete
The stillness a relief and a loss.......
I know you...
and we will meet again the darkness



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