About Color Therapy

The clothes we wear are like our second pair of skin, but unlike our real skin, we can change them any time we want to change the way others perceive us. That won’t be good enough if you feel empty or sad inside, but that’s why you have all the colors of the rainbow to make you feel better. Although color therapy is somewhat subjective, studies showed that colors do in fact affect our mood and the way we feel about ourselves. Most of us are color blind, especially men, who think of terra cotta, maroon, lust, carmine and auburn as simply – red colors. But on another, deeper level, we are all blind when it comes to seeing colors. Some believe we only see around a million colors, others suggest that the human eye can detect around seven millions of them. We see the light that comes from the sun as transparent, when in fact all colors known to our planet are gathered in even the smallest portion of light. The proof for this theory was once proved by Sir Isaac Newton when he did the famous experiment with the glass prism and the portion of light hitting on it, transforming into a rainbow. But you can see this phenomenon in every rainbow that appears on the sky. The only thing changed is a little factor, called water droplets and your perception on things.

“Black Sheep”

Black is not really a color, but the absence of all other colors. In some religious traditions, black items are used as a symbol of evil spirits, hidden forces and menace. According to some other religious philosophies, if you wear black, black magic can’t harm you. In ancient Egypt, this color represented the end and the beginning of all things. Teenagers often wear this color during their transition from kids to adults, as a way to “hide” from the world until they discover their true identity. In the fashion world, the black color it’s used for its slimming effect. Also because it radiates elegance and sophistication. This secretive, cold and mysterious shade can add power and charisma to your personality and appearance. Because it’s the color that hides all mysteries, feelings and insecurities, many people feel more comfortable wearing this color. As it radiates control and authority, you may win a lot of cases at work, but not be able to gain any friends. This is the most suitable color for business, where you need to exude prestige, dominance and prove your abilities. It is the best color to wear on an interview or a meeting, but avoid it when attending any social gatherings, because it may make you seem cold, intimidating and unapproachable. On a business meeting however, you will seem strong, formal, overpowering and dominant. Too much darkness can obviously make you negative in your outlook, depressed, sad and full of mood swings. It’s best to combine this color, especially because it looks good with any other lighter tint.

“White Flag”

The white color is also not a real color, but the manifestation of all colors. It doesn’t arouse the senses, it doesn’t make you feel anything special, but it does open your mind to newer horizons. It’s the white paper where you write your important notes, where you keep your personal memoir and your dreams. Your baby’s blanket and your wedding dress are also white. This color is a symbol of clarity, purity and innocence. It symbolizes pure, bright light, the beginning of the creation, whether it’s an idea, a truth or enlightenment. It represents wholeness and completion, because it has the ability to vibrate further to any other color. Wear this color when you want to exude innocence, equality, self-sufficiency and openness. It generates a surrendering atmosphere, where you can easily feel warm, taken care of and supported. That’s why doctors, dentists and other medical professionals wear white uniforms. Eastern medicine indicates that with this color you can easily clear the clutter, move obstacles and start afresh. With this color around you, you will feel easy to organize yourself, make plans and adjustments. You will feel patient, efficient, independent and neutral. Too much white décor can make you feel empty, cautious, sterile, isolated and boring, so avoid using white furniture in a white room.

“Green with Envy”

Green was the color of our planet hundreds of years ago. It symbolizes nature and the natural world. From a psychological point of view, this color creates equilibrium between the heart and the head, it indicates growth and promotes a healthy balance of our emotions. It restores and renews depleted energy and it is the color we search for when we need a sanctuary from our modern lives, like a park or a weekend hike in the mountains. In green surroundings, we will feel the affinity to nurture, love and support all living beings. If the color green was a man, it would be a social worker, a nurse, a good listener and a great neighbor. In the 15th century, this color was used for the bride gown, because it symbolized fertility. Today, many waiting rooms and hospitals are painted green, because this color arouses feelings of vitality, growth, rejuvenation and healing. If you have an informational website, make it greener because it helps the readers stay focused, by improving their reading abilities. As it represents stability, endurance, practicality and abundance, it can help you choose a right decision, make a good judgment and stay confident in times of adversity. If you are overexposed to green colors, you may feel envious, selfish, possessive, overcautious and materialistic. Light green shades make you more playful, youthful and hopeful. Dark green colors are connected to money, greed, creative energy and assertiveness in gaining abundance. To cancel out the negative influence of this color you can combine it with white, blue or yellow.

“Feeling Blue?”

If the color blue is your favorite, then you must be very calm, reserved and collected. You never make a big fuss about anything small and you like your inner confidence and serenity. Like water, the color blue symbolizes a steady flow. It symbolizes strength, depth and security. In times of confrontation and uncertainty, this color can add dependability, wisdom, responsibility and solid communication. Medically speaking, the blue hues reduce fear, tension and anxiety, because its therapeutic properties calm the mind from worries. It can make you feel the connection between your mind, spirit and your body, because blue is peaceful and calm. On a metaphysical level, it connects you with the sky and the depths of the sea. If we want to personify the blue color it will be a teacher, a priest, a public speaker or Gandhi. Most banks, insurance companies and other corporate businesses use blue hues in their offices, because it promotes both, productiveness in the working environment, and loyalty, perseverance and trust in the customer. It also reminds of purity and clarity, which is why it should be used in advertising male and female medical products and equipment. Too much blue can promote boredom, aloofness, sadness and depression, and make you untrusting, difficult, rigid and demanding. Dark blue colors are used in religious organizations, law firms and political groups for displaying integrity and honesty, but avoided in all businesses connected to food, because it’s the last color that stimulates appetite.

“Red Passion”

In ancient times, the red color was considered magical, magnificent and very rare. It was the war color of the Greeks and the color that painted Jesus’s crucifixion. It promotes extremes in love, anger and abhorrence. The color of passion, seduction, danger and violence. It stimulates our basic drives, our life force, the need to lead and defeat. If you lack will power or you are shy, this color can make you more assertive and self-assured. Red is the color that steers energy and improves the circulation. Unlike blue hues, which calm the system down, lower the heart rate and blood pressure, red tones do the opposite. They are most commonly used in restaurants as they can be great stimuli for appetite, for the reason that they raise the motivation and enthusiasm. You may notice the “Order now” bar at many websites inscribed with red letters, because this color encourages the buyers to make a purchase. You can use this attention grabbing color to point your customers in any direction you want. Most strip bars, sex shops and brothels are abundant with red drapes, carpets and wall decorations because this color stimulates the sexual drive and energy. Dyeing your entire house red is not a very good idea. You may develop a healthy appetite for sex and food, but soon you may also become irritated, upset and cranky. As the most intense color, it can be handy in offices where a lot of negotiations and confrontations take place. The negative side of this color is that it may highlight traits like rudeness, ruthlessness, intolerant, domineering and rebellious features in the individual.

“Yellow Journalism”

The color yellow is connected to the left, logical side of our brain. It stimulates original thinking, happiness and cheerfulness. When you need to make analytical decisions or think of new ways to change a status quo, any yellow hue will arouse the intellectual in you. The brightness of the sun makes us all more optimistic, lively and inspired. If this color was embodied, it would bear resemblance to a thinker, instead of a dreamer, an inventor instead of producer, and someone who discovers new things. Yellow surroundings are the best comforter when you need your spirit uplifted and your negativity altered. This color is the color of writers, journalists, researchers and any other profession that requires relentless analysis, written communication, and decisive and methodical inquiry. It is a great color to paint study rooms, book nooks, exam rooms and libraries, since it improves the focus and information recollection. If your rooms are painted yellow, you might tend to be overly critical, towards yourself and others. You also may spend too much time thinking about your problems, your past and the future. If you have too much emotional happenings going on in your life, this color may be a bit too much to handle. For one, it’s not a very emotional color, and two - it resembles your ego and your self-worth. You may become stressed, wired and tense. This color is very vibrant and eye-catching, but even so, it may stir some negative feelings if your emotional state is somewhat imbalanced. If you look at this color, you will notice it vibrates constantly, symbolizing change and motion. But if you are stuck in a middle of a situation and you are afraid of change, it can arouse feelings of cowardice, spitefulness, coldness and egoism.

"Tickled pink"

As a combination of white and red, the color pink combines the finest traits of both colors. Together they make a symbol for unconditional love, nourishment and understanding. It will steer your physical passion into intimate, romantic and affectionate feelings, replacing the need to have control and power into gentle, caring love. In a room painted pink you will feel empathy, sensitivity and tenderness. It may inspire you to do something good for someone and change the world to make it a better place. Regardless of the color of our skin, we all have pink parts, a fact which brings us closer and makes us all equal, on a philosophical level. Nursery rooms, baby rooms and charity organizations use pastel pink hues to promote elevated feelings of, warmth, hope and compassion. In some prisons, this color is used because it creates a nonthreatening atmosphere of acceptance, relaxation and calmness, but also because it helps in neutralizing aggressive behavior and disorders. With this color you can enhance your feminine, tender side, leave the impression that you are innocent, sweet and inexperienced. Too much of this color can make you needy, naïve, with unrealistic views, attitude and expectations.

Colors and Their Meaning in Different Cultures

In the western part of the world, as well as Japan, the color white is a symbol of purity and that is why wedding dresses are made out of white materials. In the East, this color is worn at funerals, where a traditional Chinese family might refuse to give away the newlywed if they wear white. In India, the color white is the only color a widow is acceptable to wear. In the West, we wear black at funerals and when we are mourning, in India this color is considered evil and a sign of poverty. In Japan black is considered very mysterious and representative of the feminine energy, while in China young boys wear mostly black. In the pagan traditions, the Green Man is an emblem of fertility. If you ever see a Chinese man wearing a green hat, it’s a sign that his wife was caught cheating. In Israel this color is considered a bad omen, while in Ireland it’s a good luck color. More than 50 percent of all world flags have blue in them and around 77 have red. To this day, the Egyptian belief that blue eyes can ward off the evil eye still exist in Greece. This is the traditional mourning color in Korea and Iran. We connect Valentine’s Day with the color red, while in India the brides usually wear red dresses on their wedding days, and single women avoid wearing red clothes outside of ceremonies. In Russia, this color is also used in wedding ceremonies, where red means beautiful. Although we dress baby boys in blue and baby girls in pink, in Belgium young parents dress their babies the other way around. In ancient Egypt, the crafty but primitive painters, historians and writers didn’t use words, so they depicted the color pink with a flamingo. Today we know that the word pink comes from the flower pinken, which has a pink hue.


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